Denial and Addiction — Intervention Orange County

Want to know how to engage an interventionist in the Orange County CA area?

Denial in its many forms, is frequently a major component of addiction, often prolonging and further complicating matters. It must be properly addressed before the recovery process can begin. In many cases, an intervention can be very effective in overcoming the denial associated with substance abuse and persuading an individual to enter treatment for their addiction. To speak with treatment facility in Orange County that offers intervention services call 1-714-443-8218


Denial manifests itself many ways – isolation, externalizing blame, playing the victim, feelings of anger, and fear. Pride and ego, two of the worst enemies of addiction, also come into play, as they give an individual a false sense of indestructibility which enables them to continue using drugs until one of several undesirable outcomes. Often, family members, loved ones, and coworkers, or some random circumstance, bear the brunt of the blame, when in all actuality, the addicted person is a product of their own negligent actions and poor decision making process, leading to a downward spiral.

An individual’s life at some point becomes unmanageable as a result of the addiction. A lack of willingness to confront the true nature of one’s own problems with drugs or alcohol, coupled with the inability to take action, produces feelings of helplessness, and perpetuates the destructive behavior. Breaking through these barriers, and committing to treatment is essential to begin the healing process. This is where an addiction professional known as an interventionist comes in. Interventionists play an essential role in getting an individual the treatment they need.

An Interventionist’s task is to assist the individual to identify their faulty thinking patterns and overcome the denial, the defense mechanism used by addicts which enables them to justify their continued destructive behavior. The intervention process is born out of love and concern. The intention is clear, the tone is hopeful and the resolve is unwavering. A properly orchestrated intervention can be one of the most effective means of convincing an otherwise unwilling subject to seek help. Upon successful completion of an intervention, immediate entry to an appropriate drug and alcohol treatment program is the desired outcome.

An intervention is a serious undertaking and it’s imperative that it be done effectively, safely and with confidentiality. No intervention should be attempted without consultation with an experienced drug counselor or interventionist. An experienced interventionist will begin the process by consulting with the family, as advanced arrangements must be made and expectations properly set to meet the end goal. An experienced Orange County Interventionist will explain all this to the family before the intervention takes place.

For a successful drug intervention in Orange County, the family must be prepared to set strong boundaries and not vacillate during the event. Much preparation is required for things to proceed down the desired path. The addict is assured that they are loved, and that the family and interventionist are willing to get them effective drug or alcohol treatment. It must be made clear however, that the family will no longer tolerate the destructive behavior. The drug addict or alcoholic is implored to accept the gift that is being offered and enter into a drug or alcohol detox and treatment program.

There are many treatment centers that offer tailored programs for everyone. There are rehabs that allow couples, so they can comfort each other during recovery. There are also rehabs that allow pets, and even ones that allow cell phones and laptops. To discover more treatment options for you or someone you love please contact us now 1-714-443-8218

Intervention at its best can be a very painful, eye-opening experience, which illuminates the true nature of the addicted mind. Are you looking for information on Orange County intervention services? Our Orange County intervention services will work with you to develop an intervention plan to help your loved one enter treatment, and begin the process of recovery. To speak with one of the best intervention specialists Orange County has to offer CALL NOW – 1-714-443-8218