Leading Court Ordered Drug Diversion Addiction Treatment Program in Orange County

Broadway Treatment Center is one of the premier addiction treatment centers in Southern California. They provide a multidisciplinary approach to addiction recovery and this includes a well-known drug diversion program. Broadway has been accredited by the Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) for their addiction treatment programs. Specifically in the area of their behavioral health care services. Broadway has achieved the Gold Seal of Approval for high quality services. This ensures that Broadway is providing safe and effective services to their clients.

Broadway Treatment Center offers a Drug Diversion program as an alternative to incarceration for drug related offenses. Drug diversion, or alternative sentencing, is an addiction treatment program designed specifically for drug and alcohol offenders who have crimes of a non-violent nature. Broadway is one of the area leaders in providing a Drug Diversion program that is in compliance with the nation’s judicial system.

Jail Diversion, or Drug Diversion, is an alternative sentencing option for people who have been charged with a drug offense. This means instead of spending time in jail the offender would be mandated to attend an addiction treatment facility. Here they would follow the requirements and terms made by the judge who presided over their case. Broadway’s Drug Diversion program is far more effective then incarceration for many different reasons; the two biggest being less strain on the nation’s economic resources and allowing addicted individuals to get the treatment they need. The U.S. government has started to view drug and alcohol addiction differently in the last decade. Traditionally our nation took a “war on drugs” approach when it came to addiction. This viewpoint painted people who suffered from addiction as criminals. Recently the nation’s outlook on addiction has changed and we understand that addiction is a disease that people suffer from.

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Drug diversion is a program in which an alternative sentence is given in lieu of an offender serving jail time. This program is designed specific to those offenders with drug or alcohol related offenses with a non-violent nature. Many times eligibility for a Drug Diversion program is determined by the judge. Clients will often times request an alternative sentence for their crimes so they can seek help for their addiction and treat the root of the problem. The drug court judge will make the final decision based on the facts of the case and the offender’s circumstances. Those who qualify are mandated to attend an addiction treatment center for a designated amount of time as an alternative to serving time in jail. Broadway Treatment Center is able to accept drug diversion clients from all over the nation. Many drug courts do have their own set of rules and our intake specialist would be more than happy to help you navigate those terms.

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Court Ordered Rehab Vs. Jail

Many times individuals believe that court ordered rehabilitation, or a Drug Diversion program, is only slightly better than going to jail. This is simply not the case. Broadway Treatment Center is a high quality, professional, and nationally accredited addiction treatment facility that accepts many Drug Diversion participants. Broadway partners with many judicial systems and has a specific addiction treatment program for those individuals who are participating in an alternative sentencing option. Broadway offers a wide variety of treatment options to help many individuals overcome their addiction. Their professionally trained and certified staff members provide a compassionate and familial atmosphere where the comfort and safety of their clients is a top priority. Broadway truly offers something for everyone. They offer many alternative therapies and unique approaches to addiction treatment. An intake coordinator will work with each individual client to set up a treatment plan that will fit their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Diversion

  • Is Drug Diversion possible for both Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Charges?
    Yes, many times each case that is presented in drug court is handled individually. This means that the judge will consider all the circumstances of the case and the history of the individual before making a ruling. This could mean that both misdemeanor and felony charges could qualify. Each state does carry different rules and regulations about what offenses are eligible. One of our intake specialists would be happy to go over your circumstances with you to determine eligibility.
  • Can Broadway Accommodate Special Requirements made by the Drug Court Judge?
    A candidate for a Drug Diversion program will have their case presented in drug court and a judge will make the final decision on their sentencing terms. Broadway can accommodate most, if not all, of the special requirements and conditions of an individual’s sentence. Please give us a call to discuss your situation and our intake specialist can help walk you through our Drug Diversion program and discuss the ways we can accommodate you.
  • How long does Broadway’s Drug Diversion Program Last?
    Our Drug Diversion program length will vary by each individual case. When a judge grants an alternative sentence he or she will attach guidelines and requirements along with it. Our treatment program through the Drug Diversion program will last as long as it needs to fulfill the sentencing requirements. Broadway will be a partner to our clients and make sure that their requirements are met.
  • Does Broadway’s Jail Diversion program require a drug charge?
    Many times the offenders who are granted an alternative sentencing program are people who have been charged with a drug or alcohol related crime. Typically these crimes are non-violent in nature, but that is not always the case. If you have been involved in a crime while under the influence but do not have a drug charge it is always a good idea to talk with the courts and your parole officer to see if there is a way to make a Drug Diversion program happen. Our intake specialists can also help you to navigate this, just give us a call.
  • Can I be moved to a Drug Diversion program if I was already sentenced?
    Typically if an individual has already been sentenced it becomes a little more challenging to get the judge to resentence or defer jail time. That does not mean it cannot be done. Judges hold a lot of power and do have the capability to resentence a case if they are presented with enough evidence of why a Drug Diversion program would be the best choice. Please speak with the court or the parole officer to see if there is anything that can be done.
  • Why should jail or prison be your last resort?
    Statistics prove that Drug Diversion is a far more effective approach to treating addiction then jail time. Jail can be a terrifying place. That is somewhere that no one would like to end up, and very few would like to see a loved one there. There may be some that feel that jail is the only place their loved one will hit rock bottom but that does not have to be the case. Through a Drug Diversion program there is hope; in a safe environment that is staffed with professionals who can guide individuals to long lasting sobriety.
  • What are the payment options for our Drug Diversion Program
    Broadway Treatment Center participates with most major insurance companies. Our intake coordinator can verify your insurance benefits. We occasionally take clients on a scholarship basis. Members of our local community have generously donated scholarships for people to attend treatment that otherwise could not afford it. Please contact us today to discuss your options.