Jail Diversion Program Orange CountyBroadway Treatment Center offers drug diversion programs as an alternative to incarceration for drug-related offenses. Drug diversion, or alternative sentencing, is a type of addiction treatment program designed specifically for drug and alcohol offenders who have committed non-violent crimes. We are one of the area’s leaders in drug diversion programs and are in compliance with America’s judicial system.

We are a premier addiction treatment center located in southern California. Our team provides a multidisciplinary approach to addiction recovery, including drug diversion programs. We have been accredited by the Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) for our addiction treatment programs, specifically in the area of behavioral health care services. We have achieved the Gold Seal of Approval for the highest quality services available. This is proof that our team provides safe, effective addiction treatment to our clients.

95% of incarcerated addicts will return to substance abuseJail diversion, commonly referred to as drug diversion, is an alternative sentencing option for people charged with a drug offense. This means that instead of spending time in jail, the offender is required to attend an addiction treatment facility. Here they follow the requirements and terms made by the judge presiding over their case. Our drug diversion program is far more effective than incarceration for many different reasons; for one, this puts less strain on the nation’s resources, and second; these programs allow addicted individuals to get the treatment they need. The American government has only recently started viewing addiction differently. In the past, our nation has taken a “war on drugs” stance toward addiction. This viewpoint paints people suffering from addiction to criminals. Thankfully, the government has started thinking of addiction as the disease it is.


Broadway Treatment Center is able to accept drug diversion clients from all over the nation. Many drug courts have their own set of rules and our intake specialists are more than happy to help you navigate those terms.


Court Ordered Rehab Vs. JailOften, individuals believe that court-ordered rehabilitation is only a slightly better option than going to jail. This is simply not the case. Broadway Treatment Center is a high quality, professional, and nationally accredited addiction treatment facility that accepts many drug diversion participants. We partner with judicial systems across the nation and have specific treatment programs for individuals participating in alternative sentencing options. We offer a wide variety of treatment options to help people overcome their addiction. Our professionally trained and certified staff provide a compassionate and familial atmosphere where the comfort and safety of our clients is a top priority. Our intake coordinators work with each individual client to set up a treatment plan that will fit their unique needs.


If you have questions about our treatment programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if we aren’t able to help, we can refer you to someone who can.