Couples Drug Rehab

Are you searching for information about a “couples rehab” or maybe you would like to know, can couples go to rehab together? The disease of addiction doesn’t discriminate. Both men and women of any age, race or ethnicity, religion, or region can become addicted to dangerous, mind-altering substances. And in fact, many people have fallen under the powerful thrall of alcohol and drugs. According to estimates, roughly ten percent of the American population over the age of 12 is currently couple-fightingsuffering from alcoholism or drug addiction; moreover, only about one in ten addicts receive the treatment they need to overcome chemical dependency, which is why addiction is such a huge concern to both citizens and public officials.

With virtually the entire demographic affected by addiction in some way, it’s important for individuals to become knowledgeable about addiction and recovery. For those currently suffering from addiction, there is a variety of treatment options available to address diverse recovery needs. The preferred method of recovery — also considered the most effective — is to enroll in an addiction treatment program at an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, which often offers a variety of supplemental and complementary treatments with which a patient can customize or personalize his or her recovery. As addiction also greatly affects an addict’s loved ones, including a spouse or significant other, couples’ addiction treatment is a viable option and a helpful treatment for many individuals. Entering into a couples inpatient rehab we allow the couple to treat their addiction together, supporting each other during a challenging time.

What Effects Can Addiction Have on a Couple’s Relationship?

Addiction is frequently referred to as the family disease because it affects not only the addict him or herself, but also the individuals with whom he or she is closest. When an individual who develops an addiction is in a romantic relationship, the effects of his or her addiction on the relationship are frequently catastrophic. In some cases, the substance abuse problem might bring about the end of the relationship. According to experts, couples in which an individual is abusing alcohol or drugs tend to be significantly unhappier than even couples who seek marriage counseling for reasons unrelated to substance abuse.using-couple Substance abuse problems between romantic partners often lead to dishonesty, which can lead to resentments and arguing, even becoming violent in some instances.

For the addict in the relationship, these arguments trigger what becomes a vicious cycle as the individual often copes with these arguments with more substance abuse, causing further arguments, ad infinitum. This becomes a downward spiral from which couples dealing with substance abuse have much difficulty overcoming. Moreover, the effects of substance abuse on a relationship are exponentially compounded when both parties are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. However, one’s spouse can be a valuable source of encouragement and support when in addiction recovery, which is why many want to attempt to salvage the damaged relationship if they possibly can. If both parties suffer from addiction and begin the process of recovery, it makes sense to begin the process as a couple while having one another for support.

Couples Drug Rehab Therapy & Treatment

Fortunately, Broadway Treatment Center offers addiction treatment for couples whose relationships have been tested and damaged by one or even both partners’ substance abuse. Located in Orange County, California, our couples’ addiction treatment program gives romantic partners the unique opportunity to overcome addiction together as a team rather than having to go through this intense and, at times, emotional process without having one another to lean on. The reason that couples should consider recovering together is because it helps to ensure that both parties reach the point in which one party’s addiction is no longer coming between happy-couplethem; alternately, if only one individual were to seek treatment, his or her recovery would be compromised or perhaps even impossible while the other party continues to abuse alcohol or drugs.

While also treating couples as a team, the Broadway Treatment Center Couples’ Recovery Program address each addict individually. This allows us to ensure that each patient’s specific recovery needs are met while also emphasizing the importance of restoring trust, understanding, and communication to the relationship. Much like couples who receive marriage counseling to address issues in their relationship, couples in the Broadway Treatment Center’s couples’ program will also receive couples’ counseling, which is dedicated to repairing the relationship. It’s our goal to help both parties achieve long-lasting sobriety and finish our couples’ addiction treatment program with their relationship having been restored to its former glory. Additionally, one of the greatest benefits of our very unique couples’ treatment program for substance abuse and addiction is that it allows each patient to bring his or her romantic partner along on this very important journey. By the end of the program, couples who have received our treatments will each have established mental, physical, and spiritual health, allowing them each to be the people that their partners love and deserve.

Relationship counseling for couples struggling with addiction is the process of counseling the parties of a partnership to recognize, and to better manage the differences and recurring patterns that place stress upon the relationship.  Couple’s therapy is a part of relationship counseling. It differs from other forms of relationship counseling because it only deals with those in a relationship as oppose to other family members or business associates. Couples behavioral therapy is best severed in multiple sessions and couples therapy may last an extended time for those in long term relationships. Couples therapy is more about seemingly insoluble issues with a relationship history, where dealing with how couples handle different emotions to solve those problems.

New technology and medicine to treat addiction is becoming available everyday. if you and your partner have tried to stay sober in the past and have failed, don’t give up. Contact our award wining facility and ask about new treatment options for addiction. Naltrexone is one of medication commonly used to treat opiate and alcohol addiction. Naltrexone should be implemented as a part of a complete treatment program, including behavioral therapies, counseling, lifestyle changes, and following some type of program. The drug is commonly used in a pill form, but is also offered as an implant to block drug or alcohol cravings.

Find Freedom from Addiction for You & Your Partner at Broadway Treatment Center

The journey from alcoholism or drug addiction to a state of lasting sobriety and abstinence is different for each individual. Fortunately, there is a variety of treatments and therapies available with which patients can personalize our comprehensive recovery curricula, ensuring that their specific needs are addressed while in treatment. For more information about the Broadway Treatment Center Couples’ Addiction Treatment Program or any of our other offerings, call us today at 714-443-8218. Our intake coordinators and recovery specialists are available 24 hours a day for free assessments and consultation. Your new life of health and happiness is just a phone call away. Read more about couples treatment and other treatment options by clicking the highlighted link.

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