What You Need To Know About Meth Withdrawal

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Meth Withdrawal

Recovering from long-term drug abuse, addiction, or dependency is one of the most difficult and painful processes … Continue reading

Social Media and Its Impact on Those Recovering from Addiction

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Social Media


In 2018, statistics were taken that showed that a majority of Americans use Facebook and YouTube, as … Continue reading

Understanding Addiction Science And How We Become Addicted

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If you are going through the turmoil of drug addiction, you may have found that many people do not actually … Continue reading

Impact Of Drug Addiction On Your Children

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There are many reasons to break your cycle of addiction. By deciding to stop using, you begin to prioritize your … Continue reading

Various Factors That Influence Drug Addiction

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Every year, a variety of factors combine to lead an astonishing number of people to drug addiction. Various things they … Continue reading

Finding A Job After Addiction Treatment

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One of the biggest worries that many individuals have after their drug treatment program is finding employment and moving … Continue reading

How to Talk About a Parent’s Addiction and Recovery

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One of the most difficult conversations a parent can have with their child is about drugs. It can be … Continue reading

How To Adjust When Your Teenager Returns From Addiction Treatment

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A family that has been without their son, daughter, brother, or sister as they underwent drug and alcohol treatmentContinue reading

Tawnya’s Recovery Story

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My Addiction

I started my car to roll down the window just enough to not let the rain soak my … Continue reading