Combating the Dark Times

By Eric Robert Hunter   “ In my dark times, I’ll be going back to the street. Promising everything I do not mean. In my dark times, baby, this is

Trust the Process

By Eric Robert Hunter   Bring me fortune. Bring me fame. Even bring me a little pain. But ask me to trust? Now “Houston, we have a problem.” With three

Fear not, the tables with the turkeys: Using the holidays to nurture sobriety

By David Heitz   When asked what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, if you’re sober, your sobriety no doubt will top the list. While warnings abound this time of year

Life After Treatment

By Cody McNab      After treatment, as an addict, it may be difficult for us to transition back into the community. Many of us have never had responsibilities. While


Top 10 Most Addictive Drugs

By David Heitz   When talking about addiction, it is extremely important to remember that everyone is different. It gets to the very heart of an important truth: There is

Recovery allows new you to be more interesting, have more fun than old you

  By David Heitz   It long has been said that every recovery plan needs to have a component of group support, such as a 12-step program or one of


Life After Heroin

I sometimes reminisce on the days when I was getting loaded. I would observe pedestrians passing by living daily lives, and doing normal things. I would always think to myself,

How Animal-Assisted Therapy Can Aid in Substance Abuse

  Written by Lucy Windham   Substance abuse affects men and women from all walks of life and social strata. According to the California Department of Public Health, about 11

maintaining sobriety article

Maintaining Sobriety: Ways to Stay Sober After Detox

Most addicts will tell you that breaking free from addiction is not a one-step process: it is a daily decision and often requires incredible vigilance for a long period of

Are you trying to bump or booze your way to a thinner you?

  By David Heitz   It happens everywhere, but certainly more so in Southern California: People wind up addicted to drugs or alcohol in what began as a quest to