Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Getting sober by yourself isn’t only incredibly difficult, but also potentially dangerous when done without supervision. Doing so can result in relapse and even death. Substance abuse is a monster that’s difficult to slay, and it’s a big reason why substance abuse treatment should be undertaken with professional help.

For many cases of substance abuse, the most conducive method is through inpatient substance abuse treatment. It can provide round-the-clock medical attention, as well as emotional support and supervision that can help with the process of overcoming and staying away from substance abuse.

Knowing which type of inpatient substance abuse treatment is right for your case is crucial to tackling your particular issue and helping you kick addiction once and for all.

What is Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment?

Inpatient substance abuse treatment involves patients staying in a treatment center on a full-time basis for a significant period of time. This is done for two major reasons—to be in an environment where substances are inaccessible and to facilitate immediate and sustained care and support 24 hours a day.

Inside the treatment center, the patient undergoes a long term inpatient substance abuse treatment program that involves being given an assigned room, following a daily schedule, going to therapy sessions, partaking in other activities like art therapy and physical exercise, and so on. The particulars of an inpatient treatment program depends on specific facilities and length of stay.

How to Choose an Inpatient Treatment Center

First off, a good inpatient treatment center must have credentials to back them up. They should be staffed by licensed medical professionals who specialize in substance abuse treatment and mental health.

Every individual’s substance abuse case and recovery needs are different. That’s why inpatient substance abuse treatment programs tend to have a variety of methods, each meant to treat various aspects of substance abuse. Some treatment centers may have one-size-fits-all treatment programs, while others may have tailored treatment programs for each patient.

Finding a treatment center that can help with your specific addiction and its accompanying conditions may seem daunting, but experienced medical professionals who specialize in addiction treatment can help in locating a facility that can best help.

Most treatment centers have group and individual counseling, as well as many different types of traditional and non-traditional treatment methods. They can help understand which ones work best for the patient. Perhaps medication works well for them, or more holistic therapies such as art, music, yoga, or even animal therapy are better.

The treatment center must also have an aftercare and sober living program. Recovery is far from over even after leaving the treatment center. After all, substance abuse is a lifelong battle, and the patient should get all the help they can get.
An aftercare program involves guidance and planning for life after inpatient treatment in order to maintain sobriety. Also, the treatment center should provide variety in payment options, so you can choose to use your insurance or avail other financing options if you’re uninsured.

Do You Need Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment?

Upon understanding the severity of the substance abuse case, it may be recommended for the patient to undergo inpatient substance abuse treatment. They may also take it upon themselves to enter a treatment center voluntarily upon realization of their condition and their need for help.

Their friends or loved ones may also stage an intervention, wherein they convince the patient to be admitted, or even forcibly admit them into a treatment center. Whichever way they end up in a treatment center, their recovery will then be managed by the facility.

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