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Broadway Treatment Center offers a unique, pet-friendly treatment program that utilizes the benefits of animals when treating drug and alcohol addiction. Broadway is the leading provider of drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation in Orange County; it has received the Gold Seal of Approval® for high-quality services from the Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO).

You probably think of your pet as a part of the family, you may refer to them as your best friend or call them your “fur baby.” Your beloved pet accompanies you to many activities, as spending time with your pet brings you joy. The thought of leaving your best friend at home while you attend rehab is troubling; you may have resisted entering treatment because of this. Do not fear, you can bring your furry friend to Broadway Treatment Center. Our caring and trained professionals can include your pet as an effective treatment method as a part of your individualized treatment plan to help you heal and recover.

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Benefits of bringing your pet to rehab

Beloved pets can help you to recover from your addiction and can help you to stay healthy and sober. In pet therapy, a pet is used clinically and therapeutically to improve patients’ physical and mental health.  During treatment, your companion can uplift your spirits and bring you emotional support, as rehab can be an emotionally draining process. Bringing your pet with you lessens your anxiety and worry about who will take care of your family member when you are gone. Additionally, while you are in rehab, a pet increases your accountability, as you are responsible for his or her care. This responsibility also encourages you to develop a new routine, which builds a foundation for your own self-care that will aid you in your future recovery efforts.

Spending time with your pet has been proven to…

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Increase Self-esteem and Acceptance

For many people, their pet offers unconditional acceptance, as furry friends are not critical and they provide them with a sense of well-being. A recent review of a number of studies on human interactions with animals has found that pets can have a positive effect on your interpersonal relationships with others; they also boost your self-esteem. Moreover, you may find that you trust others more and others may find you more trustworthy when you are interacting with your fur baby.

Increase comfort and physical health

Holding, petting, and talking to your beloved pet can bring you comfort and relieve stress. When you interact with your dog, your body releases the “feel good” hormones serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin. Conversely, your body decreases the release of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can aid in the reduction of your blood pressure and heart rate. Finally, some studies have found that pets help in pain management, which is especially beneficial for someone who is overcoming an addiction to pain medication.

Reduce negative emotions and loneliness

Interacting with a pet can have a positive effect on a person’s mental health. Many addicts struggle with negative emotions, and pets can help replace those negative feelings with feelings of self-acceptance and generate empathy towards others. These positive feelings can help to facilitate social interactions with others and lessen your loneliness.

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Impact of pets on Co-Occurring Disorders

When a person with a substance abuse disorder also has a mental health disorder, this is called a co-occurring disorder. Researchers have found a definite decrease in depression and loneliness after people have interacted with a pet. Many people report less fear and anxiety after interacting with their beloved companion. It has been proven that just being with an animal can improve your disposition and mood.

When you are interacting with a pet your body releases the “feel good” hormones. Think about how you feel when you brush and groom your cat or dog – you feel calm and you have a sense of peace. These same hormones also help to relieve depression and anxiety. The sense of loneliness and shame that you may feel about your addiction can be relieved by interacting with your furry friend. Broadway’s clinicians can involve your pet to help you address your substance abuse, along with any co-occurring disorder you may have.

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