Pet Friendly Drug Rehab

Addiction to alcohol or drugs doesn’t happen overnight. The disease develops as a confluence of different factors, which can be biological or genetic, environmental, social, or developmental in nature. However, a person could not become addicted if he or she didn’t begin abusing alcohol or drugs. More often than not, an individual will begin habitually abusing alcohol or
drugs after having experienced and enjoyed the intoxication one experiences after consuming too much alcohol or drugs. The individual begins trying to achieve that same level of intoxication again and again Pet Friendly Drug Rehabbut finds that it requires larger and larger amounts of alcohol or drugs to achieve the desired effects.

Meanwhile, the body adapts to the continuous, high level of chemical substances in the body, even coming to rely on one’s substance abuse for natural processes. The result is an individual’s development of chemical dependency, which means that he or she will experience withdrawal symptoms mere hours after one’s last dose of alcohol or drugs. The effects that result from living in active addiction are numerous, diverse, and oftentimes profound. Oftentimes one associates alcohol or drug addiction with the physical health effects, including the severe weakening of the immune system and the risk of contracting diseases from others. However, in a number of cases the mental, emotional, and even spiritual effects have much worse implications. Developing an addiction to alcohol or drugs coincides with a complete transformation. Individuals are not only unhealthy physically, but they also become emotionally withdrawn from their loved ones, feel desperate or anxious most of the time, and may even resort to criminal behavior in order to sustain their unsustainable drug habits.

For an addict with dependents or pets, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide an adequate level of care for them and even oneself. Fortunately, addiction recovery programs such as those offered at Broadway Treatment Center afford individuals who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction with a safe, state-of-the-art environment, comfortable accommodations, effective and evidence-based programming offered by trained professionals, and they can even bring their animal companions as Broadway Treatment Center is a pet-friendly addiction treatment facility.

Can Pets Aid in the Recovery Process?

There are many different supplemental and complementary treatments in which one can participate as part of the recovery process; however, only a select few involve animals or pets. For the animal lovers among us, animals can be quite helpful in a therapeutic capacity, even when in a treatment program for addiction.

People with pets —whether dogs, cats, hamsters, iguanas, or some other type of critter — develop very deep attachments with their animals for many reasons. pet-friendlyPets love unconditionally, making the relationship between pet and owner a great source of comfort and reassurance when overcoming an affliction like alcohol or drug addiction. People can spend extended time with pets in a way that isn’t typically possible with most other people, which is a large part of the reason why family members can accompany clients as they complete an addiction recovery program. Additionally, while an individual’s family members, friends, and other loved ones might have conflicted feelings about his or her addiction, perhaps even harboring resentments or feeling disappointed, one’s pet won’t hold his or her addiction against him or her. As such, this unconditional acceptance is another asset during the recovery process.

Recovery can be a very intense journey that might even feel lonely at times. Having a pet accompany an individual to a pet-friendly rehab like Broadway Treatment Center means having a devoted companion at the ready, offering a client an important outlet for destressing, unloading his or her frustrations or feelings of loneliness, and having fun with one’s animal friend. Most pets have an exuberant nature and a similar effect on their owners, making them smile and even increasing serotonin levels in the brain with the wag of a tail or a lick to one’s cheek; this has a way of lifting one’s spirits during what can be, at times, an emotionally draining process. Moreover, bringing one’s pet to a pet-friendly treatment center helps a client to regain or re-establish a sense of responsibility as he or she must ensure that the pet has sufficient food and water, is kept clean, walked regularly, and so on. In effect, this encourages an individual in recovery to develop a new, productive routine as well as responsibility and

Broadway Treatment Center is a Pet-Friend Recovery Facility

pet-therapy-for-addictionWhen beginning a treatment program at Broadway Treatment Center, our clients are encouraged to bring their pets as having an unconditionally loving and devoted animal companion can prove to be a vital asset during the rehabilitation process. Not only is a pet great company, but having a pet as one’s side throughout treatment is reassuring, instills a sense of responsibility, and lifts an individual’s spirits while overcoming alcohol or drug addiction. If you or someone you love would like to learn more about Broadway Treatment Centers diverse treatments or our pet-friendly facilities, call us today at 714-443-8218. Our intake coordinators are available 24 hours for free consultations and assessments. Don’t wait—pick up the phone and begin the journey of healing and health.