Broadway Treatment Center offers a wide variety of unique addiction treatment services

Broadway Treatment Center offers unique and individualized addiction treatment services and therapies. Broadway’s highly-respected program is fully equipped to address the unique challenges that drug and alcohol addiction treatment brings to you or your loved one. We are the leading provider of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment in Orange County. We received the Gold Seal of Approval® for high-quality services from the Joint Commission; this certification is a symbol of excellence that denotes our assurances of safe and effective treatment.

Broadway’s caring staff believe there is more than one way to provide addiction recovery services. Our professional staff are constantly evaluating and updating our treatment programs based on our clients’ feedback and the newest scientific research on addiction therapies. In our programs, you become a part of our treatment family; we listen to your requests and together we create a distinct treatment plan with unique services to meet your personal recovery needs.

Personalized Approach to Addiction Therapy

Each of our clients is a unique individual, so our supportive staff work with him or her to create a personalized treatment plan that complements the client’s own strengths and weaknesses. Broadway offers a number of addiction group therapy activities that other rehab facilities do not offer. You or your loved one will be assessed by a clinician to identify the treatment modalities that focus on the positive aspects of your life, such as a pet, along with the identification of any triggers or weaknesses that could provoke a relapse. We provide a wide variety of programs that touch on all aspects of your life; we employ a blended-treatment approach that combines the best of traditional, contemporary, and alternative methodologies.

Our unique addiction services include the following program options…

Couples Addiction Treatment

At Broadway, we believe that couples who use together have a better chance of remaining sober when they seek recovery together. We specialize in treating couples who are struggling with addiction. While the industry standard has typically been to separate couples, our curriculum effectively treats both partners in the same facility. After an individualized rehab program, Broadway’s clinicians provide couples behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT focuses on changing behaviors and feelings, along with developing new thought processes to help couples build new routines and healthy behaviors. Our staff believe that couples should stay together during treatment, with this arrangement being their best chance at life-long sobriety.

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

For those of you who have a beloved pet, we can use your pet as an effective treatment method to help you heal and recover. For many people, their pet offers unconditional acceptance, which increases a person’s self-esteem. When you are interacting with a pet your body releases “feel good” hormones – you feel calm and you have a sense of peace. These same hormones also help to relieve depression and anxiety, which improves your physical and mental health. Because pets can generate feelings of reassurance, Broadway’s clinicians use your pet to help you address your substance abuse, along with any co-occurring mental health disorder you may have.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

When a person with a substance abuse disorder also has a mental health disorder such as depression, this is call a co-occurring disorder. Broadway is known for their dual-diagnosis addiction treatment plans, which benefit clients who are struggling with co-occurring disorders. Often, both disorders can exacerbate the other, with an addict self-medicating his or her mental health issues. Only a trained professional is able to treat an individual suffering from both conditions. Broadway’s certified and trained clinicians assess our clients for both of these conditions. Moreover, during treatment, they continue to support them throughout their dual-diagnosis addiction treatment program.

Jail / Drug Diversion Program

Individuals and families should consider jail as a last resort because research studies have shown that drug-diversion programs are far more effective for long-term sobriety than jail. Many courts offer an alternative sentencing programs, ordering a non-violent offender to an addiction treatment facility rather than jail. Broadway provides a multidisciplinary approach to addiction recovery as an alternative to incarceration for drug- and alcohol-related offenses. Broadway’s diversion program conforms with the nation’s judicial system; however, each state has different laws, to learn the rules contact one of our admission counselors, along with your lawyer or local drug court.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

In an effort to treat clients’ whole mind and body, Broadway offers a wide variety of cutting-edge addiction treatment therapies. These services include:

  • Matrix Model: This therapeutic model combines individual and group therapy, including 12-step involvement, social support, family education, and relapse prevention.
  • IV Vitamin Therapy: IV Vitamin Therapy provides the body with a powerful mix of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help individuals detox and recover sooner.
  • Replacement Therapy: After a physical, our physician may prescribe medication to curb the desire for a particular addictive substance.
  • My Brain Solutions: My Brain Solutions builds new brain habits and supports recovery by actively training the brain to be more resilient.
  • Surf Therapy: Located near the beach, we find that the challenge of learning to stand on a surf board shares a connection to many of the principles that we learn in recovery.
  • Art Therapy: Art Therapy engages all of the senses and encourages self-expression, thus increasing enjoyment in life without the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Yoga Therapy: Yoga calms the anxious mind, increases feeling of well-being, and aids in impulse control; it also restores strength, flexibility, and energy to the depleted body.
  • Trauma Therapy: Trauma Therapy helps identify and address any trauma our clients have experienced and learn how to cope with the past so that it doesn’t lead us back to substance abuse.
  • Recreational Activities: Broadway schedules a number of fun activities for current clients and alumni, including beach volleyball, swimming, hiking, surfing, and exercise classes.

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Effective Addiction Treatment for Everyone

We believe that all people are valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, sex, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or religion; furthermore, we do not discriminate based on disability, age, or marital status. We provide a welcoming, safe, and inclusive treatment program. Broadway’s compassionate staff accept all of our clients for who they are; we are LGBTQ friendly and accepting of all belief systems. We believe that treatment must be provided by caring, competent, and respectful staff. Finally, we are committed to the personal growth of every client by providing a course of treatment that is measurable, evidence-based, and addresses the client’s psychological, physical, and spiritual health.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Addiction Therapies

  • Can we request types of addiction therapy not listed on your website?
    Yes, we are always open to considering new therapies or services that can benefit our clients’ recovery. The best way to find out whether we offer a specific service is to speak with your admissions counselor when you sign up for treatment. Moreover, during your treatment our professional staff are constantly evaluating your treatment plan based on your progress and feedback. During your treatment sessions, you can discuss any revisions to your treatment services.
  • What is Addiction Replacement Therapy?
    During addiction replacement therapy, a physician can prescribe a medication to curb the desire for your addicted substance. During your initial evaluation, Broadway’s doctor will evaluate the type of substance and your level of addiction to determine whether this is the best treatment. They typically prescribe Suboxone or Subutex for opioid withdrawal; Subutex may also be prescribed for cocaine withdrawal. Benzodiazepines can be prescribed to reduce the symptoms of alcohol detoxification.
  • What is Diversion Therapy?
    Diversion therapy is the concept of replacing time spent using drugs or alcohol with time spent doing positive and healthy activities. Broadway staff strongly believe in this philosophy. Many times, when clients enter treatment they may wrongly believe that they will never have any fun without their substance of choice. These sober fun activities include surfing, yoga, art, cooking, healthy socializing, going to AA/NA meetings, etc. Even after treatment, we invite our clients to alumni events that include activities such as sober beach parties, guest speakers, day trips to amusement parks, hiking, etc. These activities provide our clients and alumni with a community of people in recovery who help each other.
  • Will my assigned therapist be specialized in therapy for drug addiction?
    Yes, all of our therapists and case managers are certified addiction counselors. Many of them have been in the clients’ shoes, and they are able to relate to our clients. In our programs, you will be able to speak openly and feel heard because our clinical staff understands where you are in your addiction recovery efforts. Broadway’s clinicians are trained in the Matrix Model, which is an effective substance abuse treatment modality. They are also trained to use My Brain Solutions, which is an evidence-based approach that trains the brain to be more resilient. Trauma and co-occurring disorders therapies are two additional focus areas for our clinicians. Finally, our skilled couples’ therapists use couple’s behavioral therapy (CBT) to assist couples in building new habits and routines.
  • What are some of the addiction group therapy activities?
    We believe it is important to offer a wide range of group activities and therapies to our clients so that they have the best possible care and long-term recovery success. Broadway’s addiction group therapy activities include classes, sharing, health and fitness, guest speakers, sober beach parties, beach volleyball, swimming, surfing, exercise and yoga classes, day trips to amusement parks, and hiking. You and your case manager can discuss the activities that will be the most beneficial for you as a part of your treatment and relapse plan.
  • What are the payment options for our unique addiction treatment services?
    Broadway Treatment Center participates with most major insurance companies. Our intake coordinator can verify your insurance benefits. As our unique services are included in our standard treatment programs, these services are paid for by your insurance. We sometimes take clients on a scholarship basis. Members of our local community have generously donated scholarships for people to attend treatment who otherwise could not afford it. Please contact us today to discuss your payment options.