Treatment Programs

Broadway Treatment Center is an Industry Leader in the Treatment of Addiction & Behavioral Health

  • Orange County Detox Program

    Broadway Treatment Center offers those who are just beginning their recovery a safe environment in which to detox from alcohol and drugs. In our withdrawal management program, individuals will be closely monitored by a knowledgeable staff member, who is trained to help addicts through the process of their detox.

  • Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

    If you or a loved one is in need of an addiction treatment center, Orange County is a wonderful place in which to begin one’s journey to recovery and Broadway Treatment Center’s inpatient drug and alcohol rehab offers a live-in facility with all the treatments and tools a recovering addict needs to achieve long-term sobriety.

  • Outpatient Rehab In Orange County

    Clients who have already completed the detox and residential programs are encouraged to participate in our outpatient program as a means of transitioning and re-acclimating into the community while continuing with the counseling, therapy, education, skills-building, and support network that we provide as part of our outpatient program.

  • Sober Living Orange County

    One solution that’s available for individuals who would prefer a slower transition back into the community is to use a sober living facility as a stepping stone between residential treatment and the post-treatment return home.

  • Sober Coaching

    There are a number of benefits to incorporating Orange County sober coaches into recovering addicts’ treatment plans. For those individuals who feel insecure and unsure of their sobriety, sober coaches can help individuals to be more accountable for their recovery, but also encourage addicts in recovery to identify and thrive in stable alcohol and drug-free environments.

  • Intervention Services

    For those individuals in need of intervention services in Orange County, Broadway Treatment Center has a proven record of being a great resource for the loved ones of addicts as they prepare for and stage interventions.

  • Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab

    Our Orange County intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers individuals who don’t require residential care inpatient-level addiction treatment. While continuing to live at home, clients in the Broadway Treatment Center intensive outpatient program will still receive treatment for up to five days a week.

  • Couples Drug Rehab

    Are you searching for information about a “couples rehab” or maybe you would like to know, can couples go to rehab together? The disease of addiction doesn’t discriminate. Both men and women of any age, race or ethnicity, religion, or region can become addicted to dangerous, mind-altering substances. And in fact, many people have fallen […]