Intervention help Orange CountyBroadway Treatment Center is accredited through the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. This certification is a mark of quality that reflects our commitment to providing safe and effective care to our clients and their family. We now provide professional family interventionists to help families get their loved ones the treatment they need.

An intervention is a crucial first step in starting the addiction recovery process. Typically, interventions are orchestrated by family members and executed by a certified interventionist. With a trained and certified intervention partner in place, we provide professional intervention services with a caring and compassionate touch. Our team is able to help anywhere in the country. Family members can take comfort in knowing their loved one’s intervention is being handled by a professionally trained team. Our team’s priority is implementing a strategic, non-confrontational discussion in the hopes that clients’ loved ones will willingly enter addiction treatment.


Orange County Drug InterventionAn intervention is an appeal to an addict to seek treatment for their addiction. The addicted individual’s family and friends typically initiate the intervention process. It is highly recommended that a professional intervention specialist be a significant part of the process. A properly organized intervention is the first step to getting an addicted individual the help they need and started on the healing process. During an intervention, the individual is confronted in a strategic and non-aggressive way. Typically, addicts are presented with the physical and emotional destruction their addiction has caused them and those they love. Our compassionate and thorough methods of organizing interventions have a high success rate of getting addicted individuals into high-quality treatment programs.


When the decision has been made to go ahead and plan an intervention for your loved one, you will start by contacting Broadway. One of our clinical staff members will provide an assessment, and connect you with a certified intervention specialist who will plan and execute the intervention. During the initial call with your interventionist, you will make arrangements for your loved one to enter a treatment facility upon the conclusion of the intervention. By taking care of insurance, securing a spot, and making travel arrangements, your loved one can immediately be on their way to recovery once the intervention has concluded.

Preparing for a Successful Intervention

After the initial call with your interventionist, they will contact you multiple times over the next several days leading up to the intervention date. There will be discussions about which family members to include, arrangements for the gathering and location, and preparation of a loose schedule. The intervention specialist will typically arrive the day before the intervention is set to take place. A pre-meeting will be held the night before, and all participants will be asked to talk about how the loved one’s addiction has impacted them. It is important that everyone involved come together and be firm in their commitment to helping their loved one.

Role of the Interventionist

The intervention specialist is an essential part of having a successful intervention ending in your loved one attending a treatment program. Out interventionists are nationally certified and have been trained on how to effectively communicate with an addicted individual. They have been taught how to react correctly and calmly in any number of unexpected situations that can happen while confronting an addict. On top of this, they have the experience needed to expertly plan and execute an intervention including many people whose emotions are running high. Our team is able to successfully achieve this and possesses the knowledge to resolve any conflicts, and/or soothe erratic behavior that can arise during the process.

Role of the Family

The role of loved ones is also an essential part of a successful intervention. The addicted individual needs to feel the support, compassion, and love that their friends and family have for them. In the family’s unified commitment to help the individual, it is critical that all ulterior motives be gone and a confrontational tone be the last resort. It is important for loved ones to share their feelings by being truthful but delivered with a caring approach. The addicted individual cannot feel attacked or ganged up on, this will be counterproductive and cause them to become defensive and want to lash out.

Crisis Intervention Techniques

Due to the sensitive nature of drug addiction and an addicted individual’s mindset, it is important to have a professional interventionist who is trained in crisis intervention. There are some interventions that require a team of intervention specialists. Many times, an addicted individual will become defensive, especially while under the influence and are unable to think rationally. Behaviors can be erratic and the interventionist is trained to diffuse any type of conflict that should come about. Many times, these reactions arise out of denial. An interventionist is trained to help chip away at this wall of denial and breakthrough the addicted individual’s resistance.


If you have questions about our treatment programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if we aren’t able to help, we can refer you to someone who can.