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As an individual’s abuse of alcohol or drugs develops into active addiction, oftentimes his or her behavior and personality become so dramatically different from the person he or she had once been as to be almost unrecognizable.Intervention Services The loved ones of addicts tend to have a front-row seat, witnessing firsthand the extent of damage that occurs as a result of addiction. Not only do the family, friends, and colleagues have to witness an individual continue to spiral out of control, but many addicts often lie and even steal from their loved ones in order to support their alcoholism or drug addiction. An individual’s addiction ripples through the lives of just about every person he or she touches, causing momentous amounts of pain, anger, resentment, fear, and anxiety to those around them.

What is an Intervention?

Defined simply, an intervention is an appeal to an addict, an invitation for him or her to seek treatment for addiction to alcohol or drugs. Interventions are orchestrated, or “staged,” by the family, friends, colleagues, and other loved ones of an addict, often with the help of a professional intervention specialist or interventionist, You'll never be without supportduring which the addict is strategically and non-aggressively confronted with the extent to which his or her addiction has caused physical and emotional destruction to the addict and those he or she loves. While the addict is encouraged to accept the nature of his or her suffering and to receive treatment for addiction, the intervention also serves the purpose of helping the addict’s loved ones to accept and address the severity of the addiction from which the individual is suffering. This can make interventions as important for the family, friends, and other loved ones as for the actual addict.

How Can an Interventionist Help My Loved One?

It’s recommended those planning an intervention take advantage of the expertise of an interventionist, whose primary objective is for the addict to listen to what each participant has to say and accept treatment for addiction. An intervention is a delicate process that involves much preparation, from the decision to confront the addict through the execution of the intervention and beyond. Interventionists are a recommended component of any intervention, but are especially useful when the addict has insofar been resistant to accepting the nature of his or her condition as well as to any help that has been offered.Friends giving each other support during an intervention

In the planning stages, an interventionist can help loved ones to orchestrate a confrontation with the addict that’s non-threatening, sympathetic, and organized, all of which are incredibly important characteristics of a successful intervention. Additionally, intervention specialists can help loved ones in finding viable treatment programs to make available to the addict at the end of the intervention. Perhaps most importantly, interventionists educate loved ones on the most appropriate way to address the addict during an intervention, which is crucial as this is how a caring tone is set for the event.

During the intervention, the specialists provides support and guidance to both loved ones and the addict, facilitating and directing the confrontation while promoting effective, constructive communication. In the event that the addict is resistant, the intervention specialist is knowledgeable of ways in which the addict’s concerns can be addressed, providing reassurance that seeking treatment is the solution to the individual’s affliction and resultant hardships. Upon the success of an intervention, specialists provide direction to the family and friends of an addict concerning how to remain involved and supportive throughout the addict’s continued recovery efforts.

What are the Steps of an Intervention?

An intervention should begin by finding and consulting with an intervention specialist. Next, it’s important to assemble a team of five to eight individuals who are the closest to the addict and who will be present at the intervention. Additionally, it’s important to look into treatment options for the addict, choosing the addiction treatment program that meets the addict’s individual needs. Many times addicts have become accustomed to confrontation and can easily become argumentative; therefore, there should be some sort of consequences for the addict that have been agreed upon, which can be something like having to move out of his or her home if the addict refuses to participate in a treatment program. Providing a sort of ultimatum can often be the final push an addict needs to begin recovery.Man supporting his Friend during an intervention

It’s recommended to have a rehearsal before the addict is present as this will show you if any additional preparation needs to be made. When the time comes for the confrontation, make sure the addict is unaware of the planned intervention as the individual will be very unlikely to knowingly attend his or her own intervention. Once everyone has spoken, present the treatment option or options and explain the next steps for the addict, which usually begin with the addict being escorted to a detox or residential treatment program. When an intervention results in the decision to enter treatment, it’s crucial to be encouraging and offer continued support throughout the recovery process.

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