Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Inpatient and outpatient alcohol treatment both aim for long-term sobriety, but each varies in the methods used to achieve this goal. Before choosing which one is the best for you, you’ll need to consider factors such as medical history and the severity and frequency of alcohol abuse. These will determine if you’ll need a residential treatment program, or if you can manage to attend rehab sessions weekly without staying at a facility.

As with most treatment centers, an admissions counselor will explain these factors to you and help you decide the right treatment program for you. If it has been identified during the consultation that your alcohol abuse is relatively new, you only need occasional therapy or support, or your living situation is considered favorable for recovery, then they will suggest that you participate in an intensive outpatient alcohol treatment.

If you’re looking for a rehabilitation facility offering an outpatient alcohol treatment in Orange County, California, Broadway Treatment Center is here to help. Our programs have been accredited by the Joint Commission and have received a Gold Seal of Approval ® as proof of our high-quality service to guarantee a lifelong sobriety from alcohol abuse.

Our intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is designed for clients who will benefit from a regular consultation and treatment with a clinician without having to stay within the center. It’s also recommended for those who have managed to accomplish our residential treatment program and prefers a transition period to an outpatient program.

The services you’ll need will be determined using an individualized assessment, and the results will be the basis for the personalized treatment program as devised by our professionals. Throughout the treatment program, licensed clinicians, nurses, and therapists are there to assist you as you receive daily counseling, individual or group therapies, and many other holistic activities that are tailored to suit your case.

Broadway Treatment Center maintains a low client-to-staff ratio to ensure that everyone receives the help they need whenever necessary. We believe that each client has the opportunity to overcome addiction, and our staff will be there to provide assistance and guidance throughout the whole process.

The path towards long-term recovery can be tough, and it might worsen without the right help. Here at Broadway Treatment Center, we will ensure that you receive all the help you’ll need in order to get back on track. Do not hesitate to reach out to our staff if you need more information about our treatment programs. Our center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide everything you’ll need towards the road to recovery.