All about Drug Cocaine

If we hear about cocaine addiction, one of the things that may come to our mind is the people who chose to be in the dark side of life, away from the better opportunities of tomorrow and chances of being with their loved ones. Yes, addicts tend to waste their time and they fail to experience living their life to the fullest.

There are lots of better and purposeful things an individual can do rather than letting himself/herself be in the midst of cocaine addiction. If only cocaine addicts realize the bad effects of cocaine to their physical, mental and whole being, they will never end up wasting every single moment of their life unimportant things.

As everyone knows, cocaine is an illegal drug which is a powerful stimulant made from coca plant leaves that will keep you wired. This will poses risks even at your very first use and its common health effects are seizures, cardiac arrest as well as increased blood pressure and heart rate. So, who would love to have these health risks?

Sadly, having a family member engaging in cocaine addiction will lead you into frustration on why things have to fall in this kind of situation. You would surely be unhappy seeing your loved one drowning into addiction. Of course you wanted your loved ones to get out of that situation for him/her to get new hopes in continuing his/her life and for you to do that, you will need to know more about cocaine addiction.

What does addiction to cocaine look like?

Cocaine is a highly dangerous drugs that is also called blow or coke and is also found in both crack rock and powdered form. Crack cocaine can be consumed through heating the rock at the pipe then inhaling its smoke while the powdered cocaine can be used by liquefying the powder then injecting it or snorting it. Its result varies on the method it is consumed.

Though the addict will experience being high, it would be just for a short moment but it will cause him/her to abuse it in a crash and binge patterns. During the first use, the user will have a pleasurable rush of feelings then afterwards, the good feelings will be dispelled, leaving him/her feeling exhausted and depressed. Then, in order for the users to avoid the negative symptoms of the crash, they will think about taking more cocaine.

Changes from the structure and the function of one’s the levels of neurotransmitter dopamine. Our brain has a natural dopamine which helps us brain is the cause of cocaine addiction. Cocaine greatly affects the user’s central nervous system and it can increase have balance and right judgment in a certain situation and as the drug prevents the natural process in producing dopamine which disables it in recycling back into our brain cells, as a result, people who abuse cocaine will not be able to control his/her judgment. Addicts are lacking the ability of having a proper judgment around them, making them overreact on something usual or normal. They tend to overthink of a situation that will make them do unnecessary actions that may cause harm to others. With this, treatment is needed for them to get their brain function back to normal.

Sad to know, it was estimated that each month, about 1.9 million people uses cocaine. This is an indication that more and more people badly need help in order for them to bring back the beautiful life they once had.

What causes cocaine addiction?

If you do wanted to help your loved ones to overcome his/her cocaine addiction, you must realize the factors that can trigger them to use cocaine. By doing so, you will be able to determine in what ways you can help him/her throughout the process in going back to having a normal life. Also, it will help you on how you are going to deal with the situation and learn the best solutions to take.

Genetic. Several researches have shown that if one’s relative is addicted to drugs, then they are also likely to develop an addiction to it as well and this usually happens with first degree relatives like parents.

Biological. It was also noted that cocaine addiction can also be caused by the changes in the function and structure of the brain. This is usually happens if an individual is having low dopamine level and he/she may use cocaine in order for him/her to maintain pleasurable feelings.

Environmental. There is a great chance for an individual to use cocaine if he/she has an unstable or messy home environment. If someone has conflicting relations with his/her family or has a serious family problem, they think that taking cocaine will be their best solution. People treat cocaine as their best solution to get out of the situation they are in. They think that using this drug could solve or eliminate their problem without knowing that this will lead to another form of problem.

Traumatic events. Death of loved ones, child abuse and any other traumatic accidents or vents can give an idea to someone to use cocaine. This type of people who experienced such events are more likely to develop cocaine addiction for the reason that wanted to forget or escape their past and they will rely on cocaine for they know that it will give them pleasurable feelings.

Yes, it is a bad thing to abuse cocaine for it will lead you nowhere. Cocaine addiction will only ruin your life. Though we cannot fully put the blame on others why they ended up being an addict for they have reasons for doing so, still, it is not an excuse for them to destroy their lives. If they do have problems, there are lots of things that can help them solve the conflicts instead of considering cocaine as the alternative solution to it.

What are the treatments for cocaine addiction?

Discovering facts about cocaine addiction may give you a terrifying look on it but if you are really into helping your loved ones to overcome his/her life challenge, you must be able to know what are the help you can seek for them. Yes, there is still hope that awaits the addicts for them to start a new life, where they can expect a better outlook in life. With proper medications and therapies, patients can successfully control their cocaine addiction and slowly, turn their back from this nightmare.

Medication. Though there are still no approved medicines by the government in treating cocaine addiction, there are some drugs that are being tested by the researchers that can contribute in the treatment which includes modanifil, disulfiram and lorcaserin. Modanifil is used in treating narcolepsy which is a disorder with uncontrollable episodes of deep sleeps. Disulfiram is used in treating alcoholism while Iorcaserin is used in treating obesity.

Behavioral therapy. Another best way of treating cocaine addiction is through behavioral therapy which includes the cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational incentives or contingency management and therapeutic communities. Through motivational incentive or contingency management, patients will be provided with rewards for them to keep themselves substance free.

Also, in therapeutic communities, patients are brought to drug-free residences where people will teach others how to recover from cocaine addiction. Through rehabilitation, the chances of cocaine addiction recovery increases. This s also called the inpatient treatment which is considered to be one of the best ways in controlling addiction. Rehab centers have this program which provides the patients the environment that will greatly help them in refusing the use of cocaine. This rehab program will help the patients in recovering through educating them in having a healthy lifestyle without the dependence to cocaine. Mental health counselling, supportive group and the 12-step program are the typical programs included in the inpatient program. Rehab centers are best for treating withdrawal symptoms and supervising the cocaine detox.

Also, if a recovering patient is already clean, he/she must be provided with a support system within the rehab center for continuous recovery. He/she must participate in the activities intended for the support group where they will be able to help each other and also, it will prevent relapses. This support group are all related to the similar situation which is a good way for fast recovery. Here, they will be able to share their thoughts, experiences and any other related topics that will help them understand better the importance of continuing their treatment. Also, in a rehab facility, patients will be able to discover new things through learning the negative effects of cocaine to his/he physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual aspect of life. It is important for the patients to learn more about their situation for them to do the necessary actions to take. Knowing that the patient has the willingness to recover, it will create a better view of faster recovery. So, the support system, especially the support from the family will be their best foundation to overcome all odds. Family members must provide the patients the assurance that they will be on their side all throughout the process of recovery. They must feel that they are not alone and they are being provided with the love and concern they are expecting.


Signs and symptom of cocaine addiction

Mood symptoms. The common symptom associated with the mood symptoms are restlessness, anxiety, euphoria, panic, feelings of superiority, irritation and fearfulness.

Behavioral symptoms. Increased energy, violence, extremely talkative, borrowing or stealing money, bizarre or erratic behavior, risky or reckless behaviors and abandoning activities once enjoyed are behavioral symptoms for cocaine addiction.

Physical symptoms. Some of the common physical symptoms are muscle twitches, headaches, decreased need for sleep or increased need for sleep after the usage, malnutrition, nosebleeds, nasal perforation, abnormal heart rhythms, runny nose, hoarseness, increased body temperature, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, dilated pupils, decreased appetite, gangrene of the bowel, sexual dysfunction cravings, tremors and high risk of acquiring Hepatitis, HIV and any other blood borne pathogens.

Psychological symptoms. Psychosis, hallucination, lack of motivation, violent mood swings, reality break, inability for good judgment and drug use rationalization are some of it’s psychological symptoms.

What are the possible effects of cocaine abuse?

Users can never escape the bad effects or health risks brought by abusing cocaine and here are the common side effects that the user can experience.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Heart rhythm changes
  • Psychosis
  • Legal problems
  • Heart attack
  • Family or marriage problems
  • Stroke
  • Coma
  • Death

What are the common effects of cocaine withdrawal?

Though cocaine withdrawal will give the user less serious side effects, still, it can produce several unpleasant effects to one’s life and these symptoms basically only lasts for about one up to two weeks.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chills
  • Pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Bode aches
  • Lack of ability to feel pleasure
  • Challenge to concentrate
  • Shakiness and tremors
  • More cravings for cocaine

So, after knowing the risks that cocaine can brought to one’s life, it is quite important for everyone to be more aware about it. Abusing cocaine greatly puts risk not only your life but also to the lives of the people around you. It is necessary for you to control yourself for you may just ruin your life and if you have a family member that needs a full support in order to recover from the negative effects of cocaine addiction, you must show to them that you will help them with all your best. You must make them feel that everything will be possible if they will take everything seriously.

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem that everyone must be aware of and everyone must contribute in solving this type of problem that can affect the whole community. Everyone must take this seriously in order to help the patients realize that there is still a hope and new life awaiting them after they have recovered. It will not always be not too late as long as there are people willing to stop cocaine addiction and if patients put their all effort to get their lives back. If you or someone you know is struggling with cocaine addiction please call 714-443-8218 today.