Broadway provides our clients with a wide
variety of Recovery Resources

Broadway Treatment Center is a renowned drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Huntington Beach, California. Broadway has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by The Joint Commission (JCAHO) for their behavioral health services. Our addiction treatment programs have achieved this accreditation for meeting high quality standards. Broadway believes in the philosophy of treating individuals as a whole person. We want our clients to experience total body healing. This includes mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

We offer a variety of treatment programs that will meet the individualized needs of each one of our clients. Broadway’s compassionate and professional staff are the backbone of our success. Once you have attended treatment at Broadway you become part of our family. We provide a wide ranging online library of recovery resources to our alumni. This is so our clients can continue to learn about addiction even after they have graduated our program.

Learn More About Our Recovery Resources

Broadway’s Drug & Alcohol Addiction Resources

Broadway is pleased to offer a vast range of resources to members of the addiction recovery community. Our resources are up to date and based on current information. We are always seeking to expand our online library of recovery resources. Broadway is open to new ideas that may not be covered here, and would love to hear from writers who would like to contribute to our community page. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing.

Alumni Community & Recovery Events

Broadway has created a community that their graduating alumni can become a part of during recovery. We hold numerous recovery events for our past clients. There is regularly scheduled sober events that include picnics at the beach, surfing days, or grilling out at the park. We also invite alumni to attend guest speaker series, skill or job training seminars, and provide many volunteer opportunities throughout the local communities. Our alumni group will also receive our newsletter that contains relevant information pertaining to recovery news and events that are taking place at Broadway.

Addiction News & Recovery Blog

Broadway has an addiction news and recovery blog on our website. Our news portion remains current and up to date with the latest in addiction news. We also post current event and run educational series as well. Our recovery blog contains many personal stories of inspiration as well as relatable posts that many of our readers can identify with. Many of the talented contributors have successfully completed one of our addiction treatment programs and are members of our alumni group. They can share their stories and experiences they have had throughout their journey and give hope to others who may be navigating the same part of life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recovery

We hear a lot of questions from people looking to enter treatment or from their loved ones. These topics range from detox, interventions, to our unique programs such as couples rehab. These are among the most frequently asked questions that our admissions team hears:

  • How long does detox last?
  • Can my family visit me while I’m in residential treatment?
  • Are comfort medications available for severe withdrawal symptoms?

Orange County Sober Living Guide

Finding a quality sober living facility can be difficult. This is especially true if you are not from Orange County and you are not sure what to look for in determining if a facility is quality or not. Broadway has an orange county sober living guide that provides recommendations of high quality sober living facilities in the area. Our list includes the current standard and fair rental rates, addresses safety standards, room sizes, and roommate situations. Once our clients graduate from one of our addiction treatment programs we want to ensure they have a safe transitional home to move into. We want to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Relapse Prevention Planning

All of the staff members at Broadway are trained and have a lot of experience with a wide range of relapse prevention techniques. Each client will work with a counselor to develop a personalized relapse prevention plan. This plan will address the individual’s specific triggers, urges, cravings, and weaknesses to help them learn ways to overcome them. A quality relapse prevention plan will include learning strong coping skills, recognizing the warning signs, identifying and understanding personal triggers, learning sober time management and avoiding boredom, as well as healthy sleep patterns and overall self-care to prevent burn out. Having a strong relapse prevention plan in place is guaranteed to help ensure lasting recovery.

Life Skills Training

Broadway includes a life skills training program that is taught concurrently with their many addiction treatment programs. Life skills can be defined as tools that can be used to successfully navigate typical challenges that life presents. A well rounded addiction treatment program that is equipped with life skills education gives our clients the best chance at long lasting sobriety. Our comprehensive life skills training program is a key part of teaching our clients to develop healthy coping mechanisms to daily life stressors. Broadway focuses on these areas in their comprehensive life skills training: employment, education, family, housing, finance, friendship, physical health, and mental health.

Understanding Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol addiction is Broadway’s most frequently treated substance abuse disorder. There are unique challenges when it comes to detoxing from alcohol and it should not be attempted without the oversight of a professional. Alcohol is considered one of the most dangerous substances to detox from. Broadway’s alcohol rehab program begins with an individualized assessment and the development of a personalized treatment plan, which addresses the unique aspects of alcohol abuse. There are many factors that make sustaining sobriety from alcohol more difficult. Our counselors can help recovering individuals address issues such as social drinking and alcohol advertisements that could trigger relapse.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Resources

Broadway wants to make it easy for individuals to access drug and alcohol rehab resources. This page contains links to resources that will be helpful to those individuals leaving rehab or for families who are looking for more information. Broadway provides links to the SAMHSA website, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholic Anonymous and others. There are other resources that can be helpful when trying to find meetings, information on government assistance, housing information, and other topics.