Relapse Prevention Plan

Treatment is a great start to living a clean, sober and healthy lifestyle, but it is just the beginning. For many people, the first few weeks out of treatment can be challenging, and it is when relapse is most likely to happen. For this reason, we offer a free relapse prevention program for those who qualify and complete our 90 day program.Relapse Prevention Plan

Relapse prevention focuses on the skills and tools needed to navigate daily life outside of treatment and staying clean and sober while doing it. In life, circumstances may arise that test your resolve, and the more practice and support you have in making the right choices, the more likely you are to make the right choices.

Why Relapse Prevention is Necessary for Lasting Recovery?

There are certain issues that tend to come up frequently for people who are new in recovery. These things can include problems in relationships with spouses or significant others, stress in familial relationships, financial concerns and lack of support for their recovery by friends and family.

Another problem for newly recovering addicts is confronting scenarios where their resolve to stay clean and sober may be tested. Ideally, anyone in recovery should avoid environments where drugs or alcohol may be present, but there will be times where you will be faced with a situation where you will need to say no and remove yourself from the people, places and things that are not healthy for you.Teacher teaching

Relapse prevention can also help you identify potential triggers that may cause relapse, and devise strategies for dealing with those triggers. For some, it may be strong emotions or loss, for others, it may be feeling vulnerable, or it could be outside circumstances such as job loss or stress over children. Whatever the potential trigger is, identifying it can be enormously helpful, and brainstorming solutions and practicing these solutions can help the client feel more confident and prepared for any challenges that lie ahead.

Other aspects of relapse prevention may include learning new ways for coping with stress, encouraging the development of a support group and giving feedback to help identify any weaknesses that may be present in the client’s program. Clients may also get support and tips from their peers on what tools are working for them.

Utilize Relapse Prevention Techniques at Broadway Treatment Center

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Relapse doesn’t have to be part of that journey. Our Relapse Prevention Program can help clients build an even stronger foundation of recovery surrounded by plenty of support, encouragement and inspiration.Young woman outstretched arms enjoys the freedom and fresh air

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