Celebrities In Recovery From Addiction

As most people know, Hollywood is famous the world over for its clubs, parties, paparazzi and excessive lifestyles. There tends to be a belief that addiction and showbiz seem to go hand in hand, and tabloids frequently feature stories and photos of celebs getting drunk and arrested or overdosing.

While this is certainly true, there are many celebrities who have made it through the horrors of active addiction and turned to recovery. They live their lives in the spotlight and go on making films and appearances, but they do it clean and sober. Some are more vocal than others about their recovery.

Addiction Doesn’t Care Who Your Are Or What You Have

Addiction can happen to anyone, and celebrities are no exception. Celebrities are often surrounded by people who enable them in their addiction to further their own agenda. They often have large incomes and can get pretty far into their addictions before they hit rock bottom. Fame and fortune is no guarantee of happiness, and many a star has burned out too soon as a result of the disease of addiction.

For those that make it into the rooms, life gets better. Sometimes careers that were in shambles are resurrected because the actor or actress is able to show up for their roles and display healthy behaviors. Some may decide to lay low and enjoy life out of the spotlight. Here are seven celebs in recovery you just may see one day at a meeting:

1. Bradley Cooper


The happy-go-lucky star of ‘The Hangover’ and the more serious role ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ has been clean and sober since 2005. Cooper stated in interviews that his life was out of control and that today he is grateful for his life and his recovery. He talks also about finding freedom in “being himself” and not trying to please everyone.

2. Kristin Davis


This Sex and the City star didn’t think she would live past 30, a sentiment many an addict and alcoholic can relate to. She explains that alcoholism runs in her family, and that when her acting career began to be a reality she realized she couldn’t have both. She also states that much of her drinking was an attempt to “fit in.” This goes to show that even celebrities have insecurities and worry about being accepted.

3. Demi Lovato


Children who grow up in the spotlight often struggle especially hard with the pressures, attention, scrutiny and fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle.

Aside from dealing with childhood fame and all that goes with it, Demi struggled with family issues, too. Her biological father had problems of his own, including bipolar disorder. Her mother struggled with an eating disorder. As Demi got older she experimented with substances, developed an eating disorder and was diagnosed with bipolar as well. She had to work hard to overcome her addiction and address her co-occurring disorders.

Now, she continues her performing career and is very outspoken about her addiction recovery, her mental illness and eating disorder and is committed to being an example for other young women who may be struggling.

4. Robert Downey, Jr.

Back in the mid-1980’s, Robert Downey Jr. was a member of the “brat pack”, starring in the successful film ‘Less than Zero” where he played a cocaine addict. A few years later, he would be arrested on drug and weapons charges. This began a pattern of drug use, arrests and other erratic behavior. No doubt there were many who thought Downey wouldn’t make it, that he would join the ranks of other young Hollywood stars who were gone before their time.

Instead he got clean and sober. The highly intelligent and creative actor pulled himself out and became more successful than ever. He is open about his recovery, the activities that help him stay clean and sober and healthy and also about his son, who he believes he passed his addiction on to.

5. Sir Anthony Hopkins


The Iconic legend and star of the thriller ‘Silence of the Lambs’ has decades of recovery behind him, has spoken at AA meetings and continues to contribute and be of service to recovery-oriented organizations including Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust. He is a talented, generous man and a great example that long-term recovery is possible.

6. Colin Farrell


After years of substance abuse, Colin Farrell finally had to admit he was “out of control” and after filming ‘Miami Vice’ was put on a plane and sent to rehab. He confesses that living clean and sober has been challenging at times but acknowledges that he is “one of the lucky ones.”

7. Eric Clapton

Another icon, Eric Clapton is one of the most famous rock musicians of all time. He is also a recovering addict. He openly acknowledges that he believes he would not be alive today if he had not gotten clean and sober back in 1987. He has also stated that at one time he feared he would not be able to make music without drugs and alcohol.

This is a common fear. Many addicts and alcoholics are creative types. Whether it be music, poetry, painting or acting, addicts have been responsible for many of the great works of art, music and film we continue to enjoy today. This fear that getting clean and sober would hamper creativity has often been a barrier to getting clean and sober for many in the music business.

These celebs in recovery all have inspirational stories. Unfortunately, many do not make it to the rooms. Addiction is a powerful disease, but with help, recovery is possible.

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