Every year, a variety of factors combine to lead an astonishing number of people to drug addiction. Various things they experienced when they were younger, the environment they were subjected to, and the social relationships they had with others can all contribute to an individual’s drug use.

Research shows that there are many risk factors such as witnessing aggressive behavior, suffering a lack of parental supervision, and having easy access to drugs that may lead to addiction. The more risks that a child is exposed to, the more likely it is that they will endure drug addiction at some point in their lives.

Drug addiction doesn’t always start with what you experience as a child. It can also be caused by many experiences that you endure as an adult. By focusing on and identifying these risk factors, you can better understand why many people become addicted and why they might feel as if they can’t control this dangerous desire.

Factors That Might Influence Addiction

Genetics: Due to the makeup of your DNA, you could be more inclined toward addiction. Because of this, you will find that family members sometimes follow the same pattern. Genetics can make you more likely to become predisposed to experiencing addiction and can lead to an entire family suffering through its consequences, one generation after the other.

Environment: Genetics alone, however, are not enough to lead to addiction. If you and your siblings grew up in a home where drugs were easily accessible, there is a higher likelihood that you will experience addiction yourself.

Several other environmental factors can increase your likelihood of addictions such as divorce, frequently arguing parents, mental illness, or drug abuse by other family members in your household. Many people will grow up to mimic the behaviors of those that they have watched growing up.

Trauma: Traumatic events can wreak havoc on victims who will then turn to drug addiction in the future to help manage the pain. Some of these events include neglect, verbal abuse, physical abuse, physical altercations, accidents, and terrorist incidents. When the real cause of this trauma is not addressed, some people use drugs to drown out or overwhelm their internal pain.

Peer Pressure from Others: Peer pressure doesn’t just affect teenagers. It can also play a role in addiction that arises in your adult life. Some people start abusing drugs because their partner does. They might find that using with your significant other is a way to bond or that it is a solution to the negative aspects of your relationship. However, this addiction is often not sustainable and can leave the user vulnerable and addicted should the relationship fall apart.

Mental Illness: More than half of all users of illegal substances are also battling a mental illness. Sometimes, people believe that abusing a drug will relieve their stress and the often-mixed emotions created by their mental illness. They may use it to feel normal and maintain their social life, but this method does not address the root cause and doesn’t help the person genuinely understand themselves and the needs of their illness.

Getting to the root of the issue and the reasons why you became addicted in the first place is essential to moving forward and away from an addiction. At Broadway Treatment Center, our recovery resources can be beneficial tools to help you move forward when you have been struggling in the grips of addiction.

Huntington Beach Addiction Treatment Resources

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