If you are going through the turmoil of drug addiction, you may have found that many people do not actually understand how addiction works or the impact that it can have on your body. It might be frustrating to hear people tell you that you can overcome it on your own or that you just need to be stronger even though you have been doing everything possible to get healthy.

However, needing help overcoming your addiction is never something to be ashamed of. Addiction alters your body on a fundamental level, making it extremely difficult to overcome. The science behind addiction is complicated, but understanding it can help you on your own path to sobriety.

Does it All Boil Down to Willpower?


Many people think that people who use drugs only do so because they do not have the willpower to overcome the addiction. However, what they fail to acknowledge is that drug addiction is a complex disease and stopping drug use is not as easy as it seems, even if your willpower is extremely strong. Researchers have been working for years to discover how drugs affect our brains, which has helped to develop addiction and rehab treatments that work for addicts when are at their lowest and need the extra boost and support.

Drug addiction is compulsive in nature and is difficult to control. If somebody continuously uses drugs, their brain can experience drastic changes. This is why many people will experience a relapse. Many addicts recover only to return to the drug even if they haven’t touched it in quite some time. If you are involved in treatment or looking to enter a treatment program, residential treatment is the best option as it provides the care you need around the clock.

The Truth Behind Addiction


Drugs impact the brain’s reward circuit, which makes them feel euphoric and peaceful when they continue to feed the drug into their system. When your reward circuit is activated through something addictive, you feel the need to engage in that activity again and again. Many people feel this way about normal, everyday activities such as spending time with loved ones, reading a good book, or going to watch a new movie. However, this urge to seek out this positive stimulus can become complicated and destructive when it centers around a drug it causes your body significant harm.

Long-term use of drugs can cause your brain to change, potentially damaging, destroying, or affecting certain functions. This includes parts of the brain that affect your ability to learn, make good decisions, and control behaviors. Drug addicts may feel more stressed and not be able to enjoy the activities they once did when drugs were not in control of their every thought and action.

Seeking Help When Addiction Take A Hold


When addiction has held a tight fist around your life, you might start to wonder where you can turn for the help that you deserve to live a happy and successful life. At Broadway Treatment Center, we understand that overcoming the disease of addiction is the hardest thing that anybody can do. You don’t want addiction to control your life, and a complete detoxification and treatment program can provide you with the help you need to recover. The road ahead might not be an easy journey, but it is also not an impossible one either.

At Broadway Treatment Center, we have a supportive environment for the major life-changing steps that you are about to take. We are committed to changing your life in a positive way through long-term recovery and helping you sustain a happy and healthy life. Call us for more information on how we can play a role in your life when you need us the most at (714)–443-8218 or contact us online We are standing by, waiting for your call for help.