One of the hardest conclusions for an addict is to realize that they need treatment. They need to understand and accept the fact they need a treatment program that will help them recover. An addicted person cannot recognize their addiction, which can be extremely frustrating for the family especially if their loved one refuses to get professional help. Whether it is nicotine, alcohol or drugs, the consuming lifestyle and thoughts of an addicted person are never healthy and won’t produce any positive results. Their addiction can become life threatening as well.

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If a loved one struggles with addiction, getting professional help as soon as possible is the best thing to do. There are a lot of inpatient treatment facilities that provide a supportive and safe environment to those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. There are even couples addiction treatment for those seeking to go through recovery together. However, it is still important to keep in mind that making the decision to get professional help with an inpatient rehabilitation center requires the commitment of the addicted person or couple.

Drug rehabilitation pertains to the psychological and medical of a person who is dependent on various types of drugs and alcohol, whether over the counter ones or prescription or illegal or not. There are two kinds of residential rehabilitation programs – non-hospitalized and hospitalized. Residential treatment facilities have started providing a less hospital-like environment for patients.

There are also outpatient drug treatment programs that can differ in length and intensity. Some outpatient drug treatment programs last from several hours every day to a few days per week. Such programs usually allow patients to stay at home while getting the necessary care. This kind of treatment program can help those who have a regular work schedule or attending school.

The main disadvantage of outpatient care is that the patient may still encounter some problems that can trigger alcohol or drug abuse. Each of these treatment types has its own share of pros and pros, but inpatient drug and alcohol rehab has something special for those who want to change for the better.

Who Could Benefit from Drug Rehabilitation?


To determine whether a loved one needs drug and alcohol abuse rehab treatment, you need to know whether he or she is suffering from uncontrolled drug and alcohol abuse. Those who cannot control their use of illegal drugs or prescription medications may need drug rehab treatment. Most of the time, patients will do everything just to hide their addiction.

A person who is suffering from drug and alcohol abuse may have red or glassy eyes, runny nose and mood swings and show irritability, withdrawal from family and friends and carelessness when it comes to personal hygiene or grooming. Their behavior and sleeping patterns may change as well. They may sleep during the day and stay up at night as well as lack interest in their favorite activities.

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A patient going through an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program lives inside the treatment facility. Treatment usually lasts around 30 to 90 days. An addicted person can pick his desired type of treatment, but an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab offers more benefits compared to outpatient care and other treatment options. Entering into treatment for drugs or alcohol is an important step in the right direction, and viewing rehab reviews online will give you an idea on how former patients feel about the rehab and its program.

Treatment Method

Since rehab centers provide confidential treatment, you don’t need to worry about anyone finding out about your treatment. The centers ensure that your stay is as comfortable and private as possible. Some clinics may also require patients to have a roommate. This prevents patients from becoming isolated and promotes positive behavior during treatment.

Because pets have been proven to help with stress and anxiety, Broadway Treatment Center has a program that allows you to bring your pet to rehab. The treatment facility was one of the first pet friendly rehab California centers, and has seen many cats and dogs go through detox and treatment with their owners.

Treatment may last for thirty, sixty and ninety days. The minimum amount of time required for treatment is thirty days. Worse cases need to stay longer. However, those who want to get the full benefits of treatment may stay longer as well. Longer stay in the center provides patients with an environment that is free from any temptation and offers thorough treatment of the social issues caused by the addiction.

A psychological and medical evaluation is given during treatment. The patient should be honest about his drug use and drinking habits. The rehab center will use the information given by the patient to create a treatment program for them. The detox process begins after the patient is admitted. They are also given nutritious meals and medications as well as allowed to rest to help them withdraw.

Therapy will start after detox. One of the best treatment methods is group therapy as it allows the patient to open up about their addiction to others who are suffering from the same situation. Rehab centers also provide individual therapy where a professional will be assigned to the patient to help them get through their addiction.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

24-hour Supervision

One of the best benefits of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is that the patient will be supervised by medical professionals throughout the day. Recovery from addiction can be extremely hard particularly for patients taking outpatient treatment because once they go out of the facility, they may go back to drinking and drugs. Addiction has a physical factor that can make an addicted person feel uncomfortable, which can force them to go back to their addiction. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, on the other hand, helps patients through the hardest times of detoxification and prevents them from looking for and ingesting any addictive substance.

No Distraction

Another benefit of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is the fact that there are no distractions to the recovery process. Since the patient stays inside the treatment facility, they can avoid peer pressure and temptations. As they are confined in the facility, they are separated from places and people that trigger substance abuse. The main objective of a rehab program is to free the addicted person from the bondage of alcohol and drug abuse. This program helps them find new ways to live without using alcohol or drugs. As such, the patient can focus on their recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, getting into a inpatient rehab could save their life. Call to learn more about treatment options now 1-714-443-8218

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is always available in the treatment facility. The detoxification process can be extremely hard for some patients. Other problems and complications may also arise from the process of detoxification. As the patient is staying in the treatment facility, any complication or issue that may arise from the treatment can be handled right away. This makes the process of detoxification more effective.

Seeking professional assistance is not easy for those addicted to substances. Going to a treatment facility is another story. Some people are also not sure if they are already suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Consulting a good addiction treatment specialist for determining the right dual diagnosis program or rehab is a good idea. These professionals will assess your case and perform some tests to determine the right drug rehab program for you.

Depending on your case, your addiction treatment specialist will recommend the services that should be included in your rehab program. They would advise you to join either an inpatient treatment program or an outpatient program depending on the intensity of your dependency.

What Happens During Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

You will get a comprehensive physical and mental assessment to check if you’re suffering from any physical, medical or mental problems that could be contributing to your state of health and mind. Substance abuse disorders usually involve a lot of problems for the body like stroke, liver damage, seizures and cardiac arrhythmias. To get the right inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment for you, it is important that these issues are addressed properly. If these issues are not dealt with, you may not overcome your addition and even have a relapse later on. Here are the treatment options for those suffering from addiction.

Drug Rehab Programs in Orange County

Drug rehab programs involve medication treatment, a strong support system and psychotherapy. After being discharged from an inpatient rehab facility, you have to continue what you’ve started through outpatient care. Abstinence is necessary to continue developing strong coping skills and avoid relapse. Medications prescribed during your stay in the inpatient treatment facility needs to be reexamined as well after your discharge. If it’s not done, relapse or withdrawal symptoms may occur. You may also become dependent on a new substance like those prescribed by your doctor to alleviate pain or anxiety.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction for alcohol or drugs, entering into an inpatient rehabilitation center could save their life. Call to learn more about treatment options now 1-714-443-8218

Taking action is necessary when you see that a loved one needs help in overcoming their addiction alcohol or drugs. Getting help from a drug rehab facility may not sound like the best experience, but it is the best thing to do if someone in the family is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse. It will help you and your loved one overcome the problems brought by drug abuse in a safe manner. Don’t let you and your loved one’s life be taken away by substance abuse. There are drug rehab programs that can help you overcome addiction.

Orange County Residential Treatment Facilities

Residential treatment facilities are a type of inpatient treatment that usually requires the patient to stay for 6 to 12 months to complete the program. Their interactions with the outside world will be limited in order to allow the body and mind to heal from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Residential treatment facilities often limit off-site travels and use of electronic devices and set visitation times.

Boot Camp Programs

If your teen has just completed his drug addiction treatment, you’ll be glad to know that there are various programs that can help in the recovery of your child. There are teen boot camp programs that are designed to teach responsibility, respect for authority and discipline in a military-like manner. The concept was originally started as an alternative option to jail time for teens who committed misconducts. A great amount of time is spent marching, exercising and doing other physical activities. Parents who enroll their teen in boot camp programs hope that the difficult, disciplined environment will straighten their child.

Drug Rehab Centers

Orange County drug rehab centers usually serve as a liaison between the patient and drug rehab services. The case manager of a drug rehab center will help you learn more about the cost and estimated time frame of drug abuse treatment. If you are worried about the financial cost, you may be eligible for additional assistance. Just ask the case manager about your concerns and they will help you determine what options you have. To find out more about the top drug rehab Orange County center that offers detox and treatment please click on the link provided.

Some rehab facilities use coping skill classes and complementary and alternative medicinal practices to help patients overcome addiction. These practices include breathing exercises, acupuncture, massage therapy, relaxation methods and other exercises that teach discipline.

How to Find the Right Inpatient Treatment Facility

Looking for the right inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is important. An effective and supportive inpatient rehab center can help you successfully recover from your addiction. The inpatient center should be supportive of your unique lifestyle and needs. You will be evaluated and a treatment program will be specifically designed for your psychological and physical needs. Before choosing an inpatient center, you should ask some questions first.

It important to ask the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center is if they are licensed and offer 24-hour medical supervision with a competent medical professional. Don’t forget to ask if they provide specialty services or accommodations for different demographic variables such as female or male only. You should also know if they have private rooms or if the staff respects the individual needs of patients.

Of course, it is important to confirm that the rehab center provides a safe and secure treatment environment. Do they provide executive treatment or access to electronic gadgets? You also need to know if your insurance coverage will pay for treatment and how much. The distance of the rehab from your house should be considered as well. Reading reviews about the rehab center can help you determine whether it’s worth enrolling in their program or not.

If a loved one has experienced has a long period of alcohol or drug abuse, an inpatient alcohol rehab program might be recommended by the doctor. An inpatient program provides 24-hour support, making it very effective in helping one overcome addiction. If you or a loved one needs information on the best residential treatment center in Orange County, CA, then call Broadway Treatment Center at 1-714-443-8218.