GHB Addiction

One of the biggest and hard to solve problems in our society today and even in the old days is drug addiction. People who use dangerous drugs think that they can solve their problems. Yes, they wanted to escape from the reality without knowing that they are just creating a new cycle of problems. On the other hand, one of the known drugs which people are increasingly abusing is GHB.

What is GHB?

Gamma hydroxybutyrate or GHB is a type of anti-depressant drug which slows down the transport of messages between your brain and your body. Commonly, it comes as a salty or bitter, colorless and odorless liquid and is popularly sold in vials or small bottles. Also, it can be in a bright blue liquid form known to be as “blue nitro” and this drug is less popular in a crystal powder form.

Moreover, GHB belongs to the drug category “club drugs” which is commonly used at raves, nightclubs and any other party events because of its intoxicating effects. Usually, this drug is mixed into alcoholic, nonalcoholic drinks and any other beverage in which within just 15 minutes, the effects can be felt and can last for three to six hours. Sadly, sometimes, without people’s knowledge, they are given GHB for sexual assaults. This drug is quite dangerous when overdosed for people can easily die from it and it is highly addictive. This is popular among actors, businessmen, bodybuilders and others who thinks that this is an aid for sleeping or working.

GHB is also known as the following:

  • G
  • GHB or Grievous Body Harm
  • Fantasy
  • Liquid E
  • Liquid X
  • Juice
  • Liquid Ecstasy
  • Cherry meth
  • Fishies
  • Soap
  • Scoop
  • Home Boy

How to use GHB

Usually, GBH is swallowed or mixed to any beverage and sometimes, it is consumed through injection or inserted anally.

What causes people to use GHB?

There is always a reason for everything even with the increasing abuse of GHB. By learning why people engage themselves in abusing this drug, there is a great possibility to reduce heartbreaking scenarios where people tend to waste their life instead of enjoying it and creating more dreams. In discovering the root cause of this problem, possible answers will be even real.

People abuse GHB for the following reasons:

  • Peer pressure. In order for some to fit themselves into the group, they tend to try what the group is interested of or worse, they are pressured to do so. Even though the use of this drug is against their will, still, they use it in order for them to feel that they are welcomed and that they belong to the group. The worst is, as they get used to liking the feeling brought by GHB, they became more eager to use it, resulting to addiction.
  • Feeling of emptiness. GHB addiction often starts when people feel lonely. They see GHB as their best solution to solve their problem for emptiness. By using this drug, they think that their feeling of emptiness will be filled but the truth is, they are just escaping, running and hiding from reality.
  • Inability to cope up with negativities. The anxiety that people experience makes them want to find a medium that will protect them from any possible harm they will feel from the real situation they are in and they consider GHB in helping them cope up with all the negativities in their environment.
  • Family issues. Individuals who belong to a family having conflicts is another reason why they use GHB. In order for them to get rid of the problems underlying inside their family, they look for a new network of comfort wherein this drug introduces them the feeling that everything seems to have an endless happiness when in fact, everything they feel is just the fruit of their sadness.
  • Frustrations. When people lack self-esteem, they cannot manage to go over with life’s possibility and when they were not able to get what they want, frustrations arise. So, the result it, they will search for an escape where in their world, no one will hurt or judge them. This kind of fulfilment they feel from using GHB makes them more hooked in it.

Yes, this is this is the sad truth about addicts. They wanted to free themselves from any form of harm or they wanted to belong in a group where they are fully accepted without being aware that it ruins their lives instead of solving the problems that they have in the first place.

What are the signs of GHB abuse?

There are distinct and noticeable effects of GHB as compared to the other drug effects, whether people are currently using this drug or are suffering from its aftereffects. So, it is important to take only what is prescribed by the physician in treating narcolepsy and any other illnesses because taking more than the prescribed dosage is considered to be an abuse of drugs and GHB be is known to be a highly addictive type of drug. So, to be fully aware in determining whether individuals are already abusing GHB, knowing the following sign swill help you:

  • Dizziness
  • Clumsiness
  • Memory lapse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Tremors
  • Lowered inhibitions
  • Feeling of Euphoria
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Lowered heart rate and temperature
  • Increased sex drive
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Agitation
  • Seizures
  • Unusual body language
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Slurred or incoherent speech
  • Vomiting
  • Breathing problems
  • Coma
  • Sweating
  • Dream-like feeling

Effects of GHB abuse varies differently according to some factors like the amount of drug taken, the user’s weight, size and health, strength of the drug, whether other drugs are being taken at the same time and whether an individual used to be taking it. So, it is important to learn the risks that GHB may bring for there will be no safe level when it is abused.


Consequences of GHB addiction

In every wrong decision you make, there would always be consequences awaiting you. So, the decision would always be yours, whether you choose the right or wrong one. The same thing with GHB addiction, there are lots of consequences that will adhere to people’s way if they choose this side.

  • Health and Physical Consequences. The compulsive cravings with the long term abuse of GHB can promptly lead to health consequences throughout the user’s body. Mostly, abuse to GHB can cause the organs as well as the respiratory and nervous system to restrain with prolonged use. Mental and emotional condition is also at risk, where the user can develop anxiety, depression, mood swings, psychosis, paranoia, aggression and memory loss. And with regards to the physical effects of this drug, organ damage, cancer, hormonal imbalance, prenatal or fertility issues, HIV or AIDS and gastrointestinal disease are the common consequences that an addict will face. Therefore, it is important not to abuse GHB in order for one not to experience these fearful health and physical risks.
  • Social consequences. People with GHB addiction are more aloof and are not able to socialize. They choose to stay away from the crowd as they think that other people will just harm or hurt them. Also, as people learn that an individual is a victim of drug abuse, the tendency is that they will avoid socializing with them for they know that he/she will be a danger to their lives as well as to the society. Individuals who abuse GHB are hard to control for they have already lost their sense of balanced judgment and as a result, conflict will arise. So, in order to avoid these unwanted conflicts, the best thing for people to do is to avoid the GHB addict, making them more isolated.
  • Career consequences. When people get hooked to GHB and feel the fulfillment it brings to them, they become more enthusiast to use it over and over again and as a result, they become unaware that they are losing their job because they are more focused in using the drugs. They now lack the interest in their career to the point that they do not even go to their workplace because they feel that they are already satisfied with GHB on their side. The pseudo fulfillment they get from this drug makes them believe that they will not need to have hope, goals or dreams in life.
  • Financial consequences. There is a domino effect if people will lose their job because of it for they will experience financial problems and when they realize the effect of losing their job, they become frustrated about the consequence they got. Moreover, they become more frustrated when they know that they do not have enough money to purchase GHB and from this situation, their next option is to commit crimes in order for them to support their needs for GHB. Yes, this is one of the worst scenarios that an addict may encounter if they continue to abuse this drug.

With the above consequences of drug addiction, everyone should be more aware of the fact that there is nothing good in abusing GHB and it does not even solve any problem for it only introduces another form problem. Unfortunately, some people are unaware or even if they are aware enough of the risks, problems or consequences that GHB addiction may bring, they still choose to continue abusing this drug. If they only knew what beautiful possibilities life can give them, they will not end up being GHB addicts. But, is it really too late?

Treatment Options for GHB Addiction

So again, is it really too late to solve the GHB addiction and treat the GHB addicts? Well, it will be never too late as long as the willingness to solve the problem is present. Also, if the GHB addict himself/herself is willing to bring back his/her normal life and fill it with new hopes and dreams with the help of his/her loved ones, there is a big possibility that everything will be on the right track again. There are two best treatment options known to help a GHB addict overcome their situation and with the help of these treatments, they will be able to regain the life they wish to live again.

GHB detoxification

In GHB detoxification programs, patients under this treatment will be provided with comprehensive attention in ensuring that the symptoms will be reduced and this treatment is recommended to be done in an inpatient facility for careful monitoring. Here, the patient is given anti-seizure medications, benzodiazepines and sedatives in order to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. Also, this detoxification is a great help in controlling the blood pressure due to extreme level of blood pressure that may occur. Another thing, using antipsychotic medications will be safer during the GH medication.

GHB rehabilitation centers

Basically, the GHB rehabilitation program in rehabilitation centers begins with a thorough medical evaluation of the patient, where professionals will be able to determine the potential risks to the patients in the early stage of drug abuse and know their overall health status better. After the evaluation of their medical condition, they will begin their recovery program wherein they will be staying there for 60 to 90 days according to their condition. Here, they will be provided with proper counselling about their real situation, where the patient will be educated about everything regarding GHB including its risks, consequences, how to deal with it, 12-step program and any other social activities inside the rehabilitation facility. Also, their family can do their part in helping the patients overcome their situation since family is the most effective support system that patients can have. Moreover, the patients are given the chance to socialize with other patients where they are able to share their experiences or perspectives in life that will help the both of them recover quickly. Also, to ensure that you will bring your loved ones in a rehabilitation facility that will surely provide them proper and effective treatment options for GHB addiction, it is important for you to choose Broadway Treatment Center . They will provide you the topmost solutions in treating GHB addiction. Send them a message or call today at 714-443-8218.