Do you know that approximately 95,000 deaths in the US are caused by alcohol each year? Even with more improved addiction treatment, alcoholism can still have fatal consequences due to a lack of knowledge and appropriate intervention. If alcohol addiction is becoming a problem for you, you should get medical attention ASAP. It is best to be well-informed about Alcohol Detox in Orange County so that you can choose not to use it when necessary. Continue reading to find out more!

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What is Alcohol Detox?

Quitting drinking might reveal indicators of a body’s biological and psychological dependence on alcohol. These withdrawal symptoms are treated therapeutically through a process known as alcohol detoxification. This entails removing alcohol toxication from the body and relieving rapid withdrawal symptoms. The goals of alcohol detox include:

  1. Body free of alcohol
  2. Relieve immediate symptoms
  3. Treating co-morbidity

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Stages of Alcohol Detox in Orange County

While observing the patient’s state, alcohol detox in Orange County may be divided into four stages. Alcohol detox can be tailored to the intensity of addiction, duration of alcohol consumption, and co-occurring conditions.

  • The Initial Stage

Detox can begin within 2 hours of the last drink, but often takes 6-24 hours for individuals to experience symptoms. The patients will suffer moderate withdrawal symptoms that typically do not require treatment at this stage, such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea 
  • Insomnia
  • The Middle Stage

As the early stage fades, the midstage begins with greater intensity and may necessitate continual monitoring by doctors and psychologists. Medication and psychotherapy are very important in this context. During this stage, withdrawal symptoms may be reduced, such as:

  • Fever
  • High blood pressure 
  • Hallucinations 
  • The Final Stage

During this stage, the body adjusts to life without alcohol, while drugs and psychotherapies continue to alleviate symptoms. Supplements, salts, and a food plan can also help to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Levels of Care for Alcohol Detox in Orange County

To get better and achieve the best results, it is extremely important to select the appropriate setup, based on a person’s requirements. This may include; scheduling flexibility, and financial situation. Options for alcohol detox include: 

  1. Outpatient
  2. Intensive Outpatient
  3. Partial Hospitalization
  4. Inpatient

However, data shows that inpatient alcohol detox is superior in terms of safety, professional treatment, and efficacy. Nevertheless, people looking for Outpatient may also benefit from proper guidance from medical healthcare providers. 

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How Do You Get Alcohol Out of Your Body?

Remember, the first step in getting rid of alcohol is to quit drinking for good! Then attend an Alcohol Detox in Orange County where a person will be treated according to their health status. Here are some of the points to consider while going through the process:

  • Medications Used for Alcohol Detox in Orange County

FDA-approved medications for alcohol detox include 

  • Vivitrol®
  • Librium®
  • Valium®

Note: Many different drugs are offered, but most of them require inpatient detox owing to associated dangers, thus it is recommended that you choose inpatient alcohol detox while making your decision.

  • Supplements to Support Alcohol Detox

Excessive drinking may cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. To address this issue, doctors offer supplements like vitamins for alcohol detox, including: 

  • B vitamins include folate (B12)
  • Thiamine (B1).

A calcium and magnesium-rich diet is also offered to restore the salt balance that had previously been disrupted by excessive alcohol use.

Therapies Used During Alcohol Detox in Orange County

Detoxing from alcohol requires a well-balanced combination of medical and psychological care. Patients commonly get the following therapies:

  • Nutritional Therapy

Alcohol depletes critical nutrients, thus IV fluids and vitamin supplements are used to restore chemical balance. A proper diet also reduces withdrawal symptoms.

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT detects erroneous cognitive patterns that contribute to alcohol misuse. You will learn coping tactics, thought pattern interventions, and relapse prevention techniques.

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program (DBT)

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program teaches individuals how to control emotions, strengthen relationships, and cope with stress.

  • Individual and Group Counseling

Therapists employ individual and group psychotherapy sessions to help people understand the underlying causes of addiction. This aids in the development of more effective treatment plans for patients.

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Eligibility Criteria at Alcohol Detox in Orange County

Eligibility for alcohol detox in Orange County depends on individual criteria such as 

  1. The patient’s overall health
  2. the severity of their alcohol dependence 
  3. the appropriateness of outpatient or inpatient care for their specific situation

Common eligibility criteria may also include:

  • A health evaluation is performed to examine overall physical health and detect any medical issues that may affect the detox procedure.
  • A psychological evaluation assesses an individual’s mental health and determines whether the care meets their emotional and psychological needs.
  • Individuals who have a strong commitment to actively participating in the alcohol detox program. This involves attending regular sessions and adhering to the treatment plan.

A Brief Timeline of Alcohol Detoxification

Look at the timeline of alcohol detoxification.

  1. 6-24 hours: Initial symptoms such as anxiety and nausea may occur.
  2. 24-72 hours: Severe symptoms, including hallucinations, may emerge.
  3. 72 Hours to Seven Days: Acute withdrawal peaks, necessitating medical attention.
  4. 7 Days Later: Symptoms progressively improve, but continued treatment is essential for long-term healing.

Did you know that once alcohol exits the body, a person’s symptoms should subside? Most people experience a decrease in symptoms within 5-7 days. Get in touch with our doctor at Broadway Treatment Center and begin Alcohol Detox in Orange County now! 

Is Alcohol Outpatient Detox in Orange County Right For Me?

Outpatient alcohol detox in Orange County may be your best opportunity to rebuild your life. Here are the top six reasons why: 

  1. If you have a mild to severe alcohol addiction then outpatient detox is a great option.
  2. You will be provided with a safe environment under the continual supervision of a doctor, as well as a strong sober support network.
  3. Outpatient alcohol detox rehabs give proper medical supervision for withdrawal while allowing you to keep your job and family responsibilities.
  4. Furthermore, flexibility reduces costs.
  5. Healing takes time, and merely reaching out is courageous.
  6. You can do anything if you are willing to accept assistance, regardless of the path that takes you there. 

Support After Detoxing From Alcohol in Orange County

Completing the process of alcohol detoxification is an important first step toward overcoming alcohol addiction. However, staying sober takes constant help. It is not possible without aftercare treatment. This is why our doctors provide ongoing care. The aftercare helps patients as they gradually return to normal habits. Support after alcohol detox may include: 

  1. Identifying triggers
  2. Developing healthy coping strategies
  3. Processing the underlying issues
  4. Developing a community of support

Will My Insurance be Accepted at an Alcohol Detox in Orange County?

Yes! Most addiction rehabs in Orange County accept all state-funded and private Insurance. However, you must verify with your provider or at the rehab before you begin addiction treatment. 

Alcohol Detox in Orange County: The First Step in Alcohol Recovery- The Bottom Line

It’s frightening to consider what a seemingly innocent single drink can lead to. Alcoholism is destructive, both emotionally and physically. Alcohol detox programs in Orange County make recovery more attainable by removing the stigma of unattainable recovery.

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