For years now, The States has had to deal with the epidemic of drug abuse. With the rate of substance abuse rising over time, this has become a matter of great concern for the Health Care System in the United States. In Orange County, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency, meth addiction treatment programs accounted for a whopping 44% of the total treatment admissions, and this is why you should choose addiction treatment in Orange County for Meth Abuse.  

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Here is what you need to know about addiction treatment in Orange County for Meth abuse:

Purpose of Meth Abuse Treatment- An Overview

Today, a lot of the youth in Orange County are struggling with substance abuse. In order to nip the problem in the bud, we need to gather enough information about how we can seek addiction treatment in Orange County. For drug abuse and what exactly drug abuse is. Drug treatment presents you with an opportunity to seek specialized and professional help in order to restrain yourself from taking drugs and help rebuild your life to achieve optimum productivity. Here are 4 things you should know before you start addiction treatment in orange county for Meth Abuse:

  1.       Drug abuse treatment helps the victims to get control of their lives and propels them into starting their recovery journey.
  2.       The professional help allows the victims to understand their problem and also will enable them to uncover the reasons due to why they started substance abuse.
  3.       The specialized help allows these victims to gather stronger will power in order to restrain from taking drugs, and lastly,
  4.       Helps them become more productive and allows them to use their time more vigilantly in order to achieve optimum productivity.

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Why Should One Consider Taking Addiction Treatment in Orange County?

Choosing where one can seek addiction treatment in orange county for Meth Abuse is very subjective and can vary depending on the needs of any individual. While some people can be severely affected by prolonged meth abuse, others could be pretty new in the game. Hence, seeking the kind of help can vary from person to person.

Taking addiction treatment in Orange County is very effective due to a multitude of reasons, including:

1.   High-Quality Treatment Centers

Orange County is home to many well-reputed and highly acclaimed specialized treatment centres including Broadway Treatment Center. High-quality treatment centres are pivotal to effective results because they have skilled and experienced staff, as well as a number of therapeutic modalities to address addiction. They also use evidence-based treatments using past and historical data.

2.   Scenic and Peaceful Environment

Access to a more reposeful and beautiful environment is imperative to achieve a more focused recovery. The serene atmosphere of Orange County can contribute to helping the victims of drug abuse achieve a more focused recovery. Being in such an environment can improve the overall well-being of those undergoing the treatment.

3.   Supportive Recovery Community

A supportive community is an essential aspect of the road to recovery from substance abuse. The recovery community in Orange County is strong and united, thereby providing a robust network for those undergoing the treatments.

4.   Access to Aftercare Services

Orange County may have a variety of aftercare services and support groups that individuals can engage with post-treatment, aiding in the transition to a sober lifestyle.

5.   Family Involvement

Family Involvement is crucial in the recovery of meth abusers. Many treatment centres in Orange County allow for family involvement in the recovery process. This allows the individual under treatment to feel supported and also will enable them to maintain long-term sobriety.

Did you know that meth addicts who try to quit may have withdrawal symptoms? Fatigue, heightened appetite, melancholy, increased sleep, and strong drug cravings are some of the signs of withdrawal.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatments in Orange County

There are a number of different types of drug addiction treatments available in Orange County. The kind of treatment offered depends on the facility and the patient’s medical history. The most readily available drug addiction treatments in Orange County include:

1.   Detox

The process of detoxification refers to the purification of the body from a particular substance while coping with the withdrawal symptoms. In relevance to substance abuse, detoxification is the first stage in the journey of recovery. It is a crucial step for patients who are physically dependent on meth or any illicit substance. The primary aim of this process is to safely manoeuvre the withdrawal symptoms of the patient under treatment while providing them with a steady and drug-free state.

2.   Residential Treatments Programs

Residential treatment refers to a structured program whereby the people under treatment live-in in a licensed treatment centre. Residential treatments are the best for people who struggle with daily abuse of substances. This type of treatment proves effective pmainlybecause it provides a supportive environment and a safe haven for patients and allows them to heal in a stable way.

3.   Partial hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs PHP’s are recovery programs. In PHPs, the patients are allowed to stay the night at home after the treatment, which offers a high level of care. These programs are also known as day treatment programs. PHPs are said to be less intensive than inpatient treatments.

4.   Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs IOPs are services that are rendered to clients who suffer from substance abuse while simultaneously suffering from mental health disorders. These types of programs are best suited for clients who do not require 24-hour supervision. In Intensive outpatient programs, the patient must not stay overnight in the hospital or facility.

5.   Aftercare

Aftercare is the stage of treatment that prevents relapse after a client has successfully undertaken their treatment.  Aftercare supports the client in the early recovery phase with periodic checkups and helps them lead a stable life. This stage happens when the client is discharged from various treatments and facilities.   

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Orange County Rehab Admission- A Simple Process

Any facility in any location around the globe has a certain admission process and evaluation in place. Similarly, admission for addiction treatment in Orange County also has its own process in place. This process includes:

  • Evaluation over the phone which typically includes a brief conversation about the intensity of drug abuse by the patient
  • Here forth, the client will decide how they want to pay. Sometimes, this treatment can be covered by insurance. Other times the patient will be asked to pay out-of-pocket. 
  • Lastly, a comprehensive treatment plan is set in place for the client. This is typically based on the initial evaluation, medical history, substance use, the co-occurring mental health disorders, and any other needs that are specific to the respective client.

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Why You Should Choose Addiction Treatment in Orange County for Meth Abuse- Bottom Line

With substance abuse on the rise, it is now more than ever to look into addiction treatment in Orange County. Broadway Treatment Center in Orange County offers a multitude of Addiction Treatment Programs in order to facilitate its citizens. The process of being able to admit one’s self into a substance abuse facility is relatively simple. Each person has unique needs that must be met to achieve a stable life post-treatment. It is, therefore, imperative, and the need of the hour, to properly asses and evaluate each patient and understand why they succumbed to substance abuse in the first place. Building a supportive community along with raising awareness is therefore pivotal to helping the patients undergoing treatment, and, at the same time, helping curb the epidemic of constantly rising substance abuse in Orange County.

Giving up Meth may be hard for some people. Nevertheless, for those seeking to kick their addiction, an inpatient meth treatment in Orange County could offer a safe and disciplined setting. Call our doctors now at (714) 400-2048