A Step-by-Step Guide to Orange County Detox

Detox, short for detoxification, is the method of cleaning the body from toxic substances, such as drugs and alcohol, to break solid dependence on such substances. Depending on the level of substance abuse and the substances involved. Detoxification can range anywhere from  3 to 10 days. During detox, the body usually moves through a terminal stage, which often requires medical attention and care through medical detoxification.  

At Broadway Treatment Center, our Orange County detox facility is staffed with nurses 24/7 with 24-hour access to a doctor who has sufficient experience assisting clients through detox. Medical detox aid clients feel serene and allows the body to adjust in order to ease the process of reaching sobriety. Do not hesitate to contact us at (714) 400-2048 for more information. 

Understanding the Need for Medical Detox

Medical detox is usually the first step after the substance abuse treatment assessment, particularly for individuals struggling with intense signs from opioids, alcohol, and meth addiction. 

The detox method at Broadway Treatment center involves round-the-clock medical support and nursing assistance. Our trained addiction detox team is available to assist anyone suffering from an alcohol or drug dependency. Our addiction experts provide comfort and care, guiding clients through the process of personal detox.

This medically administered process ensures the safe removal of addictive substances from the body, while managing relapse risks. It is a necessary first step in rehab, vital for stabilizing a client’s physical and mental health and preparing for further substance abuse treatment. 

We understand you have real pain and need help. We can offer you help. Please contact us at (714) 400-2048.

What is the Detox process?

Detox from substances start with appraise by our physicians who are trained in addiction medicine. Detoxification of individuals with mild relapse symptoms from drugs like cocaine, marijuana, opioids, and methamphetamine is a method that does not need to be done in a rehab facility.

At Broadway Treatment Center, the detox process has three main components: evaluation, stabilization, and education.

  1. Detox Phase 1: Evaluation 

Every earliest analysis requires a physical and physiological screening. This will determine your treatment plans, dealing with the detox process and then looking toward a future free of drugs and alcohol. It is possible that your medical detox team will suggest further treatment post-detox.

  1. Detox Phase 2: Stabilization

During this phase of detox, you reach a substance-free state. Every patient at Broadway treatment Center receives customized individual care based on many elements, including the substance used, length of time used, age, health, and a number of other factors. The supportive staff will talk with you about your future in recovery and the next stage of treatment. Your support network will be called to involve in the method with guidance from our clinical team. 

  1. Detox Phase 3: Education

This stage includes preparing you for the next stages of treatment and setting you up for fruitfully completing all stages of the process. Detox alone is not ample. The care and compassion you take during the detox stage assist to nurture trust between you and our team. 

At this point, you will discuss your choices with the staff. This would include suggestions for continued rehabilitation in our residential or outpatient treatments or our aftercare.

What Happens During Detox?

Often, you can expect a detox program to include these basic things:

  • An intake test so the detox team can see what sort of support you will need. You may get  blood scanning, talk about your health and drinking history, and have exams to check your physical and mental state.
  • Help getting into treatment so you can learn to blow out your addiction.

Detox support, which may involve medicine for relapse signs and care for other problems that come up. The goal is to help you get mentally and physically stable. You may have your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing checked routinely during this process.

Benefits of Detoxification

Wholly, alcohol and drug detox can: 

  • Minimize discomfort and pain
  • Reduce stress levels 
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Boost the immune system
  • Permit the client to regain control of behavior
  • Manage all relapse symptoms
  • Alleviate temptations for drug or alcohol
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Promote healthy changes
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Clearer thinking

Our facility for substance abuse detox treatment in Orange County is ready to provide you or your loved one with a fresh start. Let us help you gain sobriety. Feel free to contact us at (714) 400-2048.

Why Choose Broadway Treatment Center for Medical Detox in Orange County?

Broadway Treatment Center of Orange County stands out as a leader in medical detoxification in Orange County. At the heart of our approach is an extensive apprehension  of the journey to recovery. Our dedication extends beyond the swift alcohol and drug detox program. We focus on lasting healing, assuring that our clients are not only treated but are actually guided towards a sustainable, sober life. For us, success is not gauge in financial terms but in thousands of lives transitioned through our rehab programs. It is a community of hope and healing in Orange County. Feel free to contact us at (714) 400-2048

What Our Detox Patient Says ?

I have completed detox from Broadway Treatment Center. The care and treatment I received from the staff was excellent. The therapies and treatment methods are organized to prevent withdrawal.

Do You Know?

According to addiction  help, Rehab success rates for those who enter detox before treatment is 68%. Orange County has the highest success rate in drug rehab, with roughly 70% of all those entering treatment programs successfully completing them.

Medical Detoxification FAQs 

Is Broadway Treatment Center licensed and accredited?

Yes, Broadway treatment Center is licensed and accredited to provide encompassing detoxification services.

What substances does Broadway Treatment Center detox help detox from?

Orange County Detox assists clients in detoxing from substances, including alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, and other addictive drugs.

Does Broadway Treatment Center offer customized treatment plans?

Yes, Broadway Treatment Center offers customized treatment plans designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client undergoing detoxification.

Recovery is never out of sight. Contact us at (714) 400-2048 to find out how to start the rest of your life.