Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in Las Flores, CA

Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse is not hard to find in Orange County as there are many detox centers in Las Flores CA throughout the East Region of Orange County.

They, as well as mental health clinics, are overseen by the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) division of the Orange County Health Care Agency (OC HCA).

Substance Use Disorder in Las Flores, CA

As part of Orange County, Las Flores has a surprising percentage of drug and alcohol abuse compared to the rest of California. This is according to the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report by UC Midway City Medical Center. 

California has a rate of 34% in alcoholism, while Orange County has 35.1%. There’s also 34% of Orange County admitting to drug abuse at some point, with 6% of them abusing prescription drugs. That is higher compared to 2% prescription drug abuse in 2012, with 51.5% of them resulting in overdose deaths.

Treatment Programs in Las Flores, CA

Each year, around 5,500 hospitalizations and 700 deaths are caused by substance use disorder in Orange County every year. Among those admissions to drug rehab in Las Flores CA, only 29% of them are from self-referrals, followed by arrests and other community referrals.

Drug and alcohol abuse can be addressed by one of the 14,500+ treatment centers in the United States that are listed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), including a good drug and alcohol treatment center in Las Flores CA.


Drug & alcohol rehab in Las Flores CA first puts you through detox. You’re assessed, stabilized with medical and psychological therapy, and weaned off the addictive substance.

Residential Treatment

The drug treatment center in Las Flores CA will provide residential treatment so you can get used to being sober again. You stay in a calm setting for 90 days, given therapy and activities to engage in while being supervised 24 hours to aid recovery.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

If you can’t stay in residential treatment for too long, you can opt for IOP. The drug and alcohol treatment center in Las Flores CA will provide you daily counseling, addiction education, and skill building to help you get sober.

Aftercare Support

Once you’re discharged from the alcohol rehab in Las Flores CA, you are provided aftercare support to keep tabs on your recovery. It can help you learn new behaviors and habits to prevent relapse and sustain sobriety.


If you’re stubborn and don’t want to go to rehab, you may have to be given an intervention. You’re to be shown the facts and potential consequences of your ongoing addiction. Upon being convinced to get help, you can then be referred to a treatment center.