If you have made the decision to get help and check in to a drug and alcohol detox, congratulations! You are making a decision to live and to take control of your life, your health and your future. It may feel like a big step, and it is, but it is a positive step — things can only get better from here.

But how do you choose a drug and alcohol detox? Opening the phone book may yield dozens of results, just adding to the confusion. If you have no previous experience with this, or don’t personally know someone who has been through detox, it is hard to just “ask around” for the best drug and alcohol detox.

With that in mind, here are some simple tips to help you choose a drug and alcohol detox that is qualified, safe, confidential and provides the best services to help you get through detox and get the help you need to change your life for the better.

Hospital Vs. Dedicated Drug And Alcohol Detox


If you go to your doctor to inquire about drug and alcohol detox, there is a good chance he or she may suggest you go to the hospital. A hospital may offer detox services, and may even have a medical detox or short-term inpatient rehab center onsite. The problem is that although you may receive competent care, a hospital isn’t dedicated to treating people who are detoxing, or helping addicts with their problems. You may encounter staff who have no experience with addiction, or who are not compassionate.

A freestanding detox clinic or rehab that is solely for the purpose of treating addicts and those who are dependent on drugs or alcohol will be better able to assess your needs, to provide answers to questions and to give you the support and understanding you need. Since this is all they do, you are more likely to get individualized, one-on-one care from someone who is understanding and knowledgeable about addiction and detox.

Do They Provide Additional Recovery Resources?

This is another important consideration. Does the drug and alcohol detox also provide things like counseling or resources? Just detoxing does not solve all your problems. Addiction is far more complex than just getting the drugs out of your system. Not only that, but you may need assistance with finding a safe place to stay, finding treatment or getting services for you and your family. A good drug and alcohol detox will be able to help you, or to point you in the right direction.

Do They Provide Comfort Medication to help get through withdrawal symptoms?


Some drug and alcohol detox centers provide medication that can help you detox more safely and comfortably. Going “cold turkey” doesn’t work for everyone. A detox center that offers medication to help you taper off drugs gradually may be more effective for you.

Does The Drug And Alcohol Detox Offer Outpatient Services?

While an inpatient drug and alcohol detox may be ideal, it isn’t always possible. Some people cannot get away from work or family obligations in order to withdraw and detox from drugs. This is often a big barrier to treatment for people, so they keep using. An outpatient medical drug and alcohol detox can provide detox services on an outpatient basis complete with counseling and referral services so that you can continue to work and care for responsibilities while still getting the help that you need to detox and get off of drugs.

Does The Clinic Offer Addiction Solutions?

Many people begin their drug use to solve a specific problem, such as pain management, or the management of depression, anxiety or other emotional problems. Drugs ultimately exacerbate these issues, but once you quit, the problems are still there and must be addressed. A drug and alcohol detox that can help you do more than just withdraw from drugs is ideal.

Getting help with chronic pain management, learning strategies for dealing with anxiety or panic attacks, and getting help for your depression are all things that should be addressed when detoxing from drugs. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you will find yourself back to square one.

A good drug and alcohol detox is professional, compassionate and offers additional services so that you can overcome your problem once and for all.

Finding A Drug And Alcohol Detox Near You

If you are in the Orange County area, Broadway Treatment Center can help. Our comprehensive drug and alcohol detox offers monitored detox services for its clients, as well as counseling and friendly, competent and compassionate staff who are there for you every step of the way. Call Broadway Treatment Center today at (714)443-8218 to learn more.