Broadway Treatment Center has the highest rated Intensive Outpatient Program in Orange County

Broadway Treatment Center is located in Huntington Beach, California, and is the leading provider of drug and alcohol treatmentand rehabilitation in Orange County. The Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) accredited Broadway in the area of behavioral health care services and its treatment programs achieved the Gold Seal of Approval® for high-quality services. The Joint Commission is a highly regarded non-profit that evaluates health care organizations to ensure they are providing safe and effective health care services.

Broadway’s esteemed outpatient program offers intensive services to individuals who require flexibility on their road to recovery. Here at Broadway we take an interest in you or your loved one’s recovery journey; our caring staff create a family atmosphere to assist you in successfully completing rehabilitation. In our program, you become a part of our treatment family and together we create a distinct treatment plan with services to meet your personal recovery needs while allowing for flexibility in your busy schedule.

What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Broadway Treatment Center’s intensive outpatient program is designed for individuals who will benefit from daily monitoring and treatment without requiring an inpatient stay. It is also intended to accommodate those who have completed our inpatient program and want to make use of the intensive program to smoothly transition between the inpatient and outpatient programs. We offer daily counseling, therapy, group sessions, addiction education, and skill-building techniques, among other activities. The program begins with an individualized assessment and the development of a personalized curriculum and treatment plan. Intensive treatment is designed to establish a baseline of accountability that assists intensive outpatient clients in building structure for lifelong sobriety.

What qualifies a good candidate for Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Intensive outpatient treatment is not appropriate for everyone. Clients generally enroll in the program after detox and the successful completion of our residential program24-hour supervised detox program.. However, there are some clients who cannot move to a residential facility. This is often due to financial constraints, but sometimes they cannot participate in a live-in program due to an inflexible employment schedule or they do not have a safe temporary living arrangement for their children. In cases such as these, Broadway’s intensive outpatient treatment does not involve relocating to a facility during treatment.

An Intensive Outpatient program may be right for you if…

  • You have a mild or relatively new addiction
  • You are in good health but still need occasional support or therapy
  • You cannot commit to residential treatment
  • Your sober living situation is conducive to recovery ( a stable home, sober living houses, etc.)

Intensive Outpatient services will likely NOT be suitable for you if…

  • Your addiction has been a long-term struggle
  • You need daily medical assistance with your addiction
  • You need support for a co-occurring disorder like depression or anxiety
  • You attempted but did not complete rehab care in the past
  • Your home life is unstable or not supportive of your recovery

Top Rated Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Support finding a sober living in Orange County

Finding a positive and sober living situation while you are participating in intensive outpatient treatment is a crucial step in recovery; it is also critical after you leave the intensive outpatient treatment program. If your current living arrangement is not supportive of your recovery, sober living may be the best option for you.

Sober living is a facility that provides a safe environment for recovering individuals; it removes you from the unhealthy environments that support your addiction. Broadway treatment does not currently provide sober living services; however, our caring case managers can assist you in finding sober living facility in Orange County.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outpatient Addiction Treatment

  • How long is the Intensive Outpatient Program?
    The length of each client’s program varies based on initial assessments, progress in recovery, and overall health. The personalized program may last between a few weeks to a few months. However, if you find that the program is either too long or too short, you and your case manager can make adjustments to your treatment plan.
  • Does Intensive Outpatient Program include a medical assessment?
    Clients entering the program are evaluated by a physician to determine his or her background with addiction and substance abuse. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the severity of an individual’s addiction; the physician also determines whether a detox program is initially necessary. Broadway Treatment Center also offers a 24-hour supervised detox program.
  • Can family members attend outpatient meetings?
    Broadway offers family counseling services when it is determined that family counseling will benefit the client. The case manager and the client can discuss whether the family relationship is supportive of the client’s rehabilitation and family counseling will be scheduled when appropriate.
  • How many hours per day is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?
    A client attends intensive outpatient treatments between three and five days each week depending on his or her progress in treatment and the severity of his or her addiction. A daily treatment session can last between four and eight hours per day. The hours per day are normally longer earlier in the treatment program and will taper off as appropriate, consistent with the individual’s treatment needs.
  • Does Broadway offer rides to Intensive Outpatient Treatment?
    Yes, Broadway has a driver who can shuttle people to and from treatment. We can also assist you or your loved one in making travel arrangements when needed.
  • What are the payment options for Intensive Outpatient Treatment?
    Broadway Treatment Center participates with most major insurance companies. Our intake coordinator can verify your insurance benefits. We occasionally take clients on a scholarship basis. Members of our local community have generously donated scholarships for people to attend treatment who otherwise could not afford it. Please contact us today to discuss your options.