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Continue Your Journey of Recovery at Broadway Treatment Center's Intensive Outpatient Program

Just as addiction tends to affect each addict differently, there’s not a singular form of treatment that offers an ideal solution for every individual who is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. While it’s generally said that longer and more severe cases of addiction will require a more intensive form of treatment such as a residential or inpatient addiction treatment program, there are many addicts who have not sought treatment because of an inability to live in a facility for the duration of the initial treatment. This is often due to financial restraints as inpatient and residential programs tend to be more costly than outpatient treatments, but sometimes addicts cannot participate in residential programs due to having an inflexible employment schedule, having children or other dependents, or for many other reasons. In cases such as these, individuals will need a form of treatment that offers more than just once-a-week counseling, but doesn’t involve relocating to the facility during treatment.

Our Quality Intensive Outpatient Program in Orange County

In short, our Orange County intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers individuals who don’t Outpatient Drug Rehabrequire residential care inpatient-level addiction treatment. While continuing to live at home, clients in the Broadway Treatment Center intensive outpatient program will still receive treatment up to five days each week that consists of many of our inpatient and residential offers such as individual counseling and psychotherapy, group counseling, skills-building, and the opportunity to participate in a variety of constructive and recreational activities.

What You Can Expect from the Broadway Orange County IOP Program

The intensive outpatient program at Broadway Treatment Center is designed either for individuals who would benefit from the daily monitoring and treatment without needing residential care, or for those individuals who have completed our residential program and want to use our Anaheim intensive outpatient program as a stepping-stone between inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. As such, the IOP program serves as an intermediary between residential and outpatient treatments, offering daily counseling, therapy, group sessions, addiction education, and skills-building.

Our IOP program in Orange County is personalized for each client depending on his or her individual needs. As such, the Broadway Treatment Center intensive outpatient program can last between a few weeks to a couple months, beginning with the individual assessment and the development of a personalized curriculum and treatment plan. According to the client’s progress in treatment and the severity of his or her addiction, he or she will attend intensive outpatient treatments between three and five days each week. In addition to the counseling, therapy, group activities, and skills-building the program offers, our intensive outpatient program offers dual-diagnosis support for comorbid afflictions that require monitoring and stabilization, lessons in which individuals learn effective coping mechanisms as part of relapse prevention, and techniques for dealing with cravings and confronting addiction triggers.

Why Our Orange County Intensive Outpatient Program Can Help You Stay Sober

The Broadway Treatment Center intensive outpatient program was specially designed to be a structured program that allows an individual to live at home while participating in an intensive treatment schedule. As such, our Orange County IOP program is essentially a hybrid program that incorporates the treatment intensity of residential care into an outpatient program, being essentially the best of both worlds. Additionally, our intensive outpatient program offers more flexibility and personalization than the residential program, which is an ideal treatment option for those individuals who would otherwise be unable to participate in alcohol and drug addiction treatment.Patients encouraging a woman who is crying during group therapy session

Much like our residential program, our Orange County IOP program addresses the diverse needs of our clients while ensuring that each individual receives the treatment and support necessary to not only sustain recovery, but to thrive. We work with each and every one of our clients to tailor our intensive outpatient program to fit individual needs, personalities, communication styles, readiness and ability to change, as well as taking into consideration personal preferences and commitments. It’s our goal with the IOP program to make the highest-quality and most effective treatments available to those who, for one of several reasons, cannot participate in a residential program. However, for those who have completed the residential program at Broadway Treatment Center, our Orange County intensive outpatient program offers clients an ideal midpoint between inpatient treatment and being solely responsible for one’s sobriety.

Continue Your Sobriety at Our Anaheim IOP Program

Whether living out-of-state or right here in Orange County, intensive outpatient treatment can be an incredibly effective form of comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The Broadway Treatment Center IOP Program in Orange County has all the most essential components of an effective treatment program that provide the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to overcome chemical dependency. Although the intensive outpatient program lacks the structured residential care that’s a key part of our inpatient program, individuals who are rehabilitating while living in the community have had much success in recovery through the daily monitored treatments that Broadway Treatment Center provides. Our program teaches clients how to live free from dependence to alcohol and drugs, including the essential skills necessary to maintain sobriety while being an active, productive member of of adults holding hands

We are proud of the success our clients have achieved by participating in our addiction treatment programs and invite individuals who are currently suffering from addiction to join the Broadway Treatment Center family by enrolling in our intensive outpatient program today. Additionally, program alumni remain present and very active both in facility meetings and events as well as in the Anaheim community. We encourage those who are currently recovering in our intensive outpatient and other addiction treatment programs as well as those who have already graduated to continue networking and supporting one another through the continued journey of recovery.

If you or someone you love is currently suffering from the disease of addiction, Broadway Treatment Center has a number of programs that have proven to be effective by providing addicts with the knowledge and skills to achieve long-term sobriety. Don’t be another casualty of addiction. Call us so that we can make arrangements for your alcohol or drug addiction treatment today. To learn more about substance abuse treatment and the options that are available please call our helpline at 1-714-443-8218 

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