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Our 24 Hour Monitored Withdrawal Detox Program at Broadway Treatment Center Provides Excellence in Patient Care

Chemical dependence and the disease of addiction are dangerous and oftentimes life-threatening afflictions that affect individuals from all walks of life, all over the world. Most individuals who suffer from addiction will have to imbibe alcohol or drugs several times throughout the course of the day in order to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. This results in addicts having to maintain what can become a very expensive substance abuse habit, which Orange County Detoxcommonly leads these individuals to committing crimes in order to obtain the money required to sustain addiction.

Alcohol and drug detoxification—frequently shortened to just “detox”—refers to a period in which an individual suffering from a chemical addiction is cleansed via the removal of various toxins from the body. Through a variety of methods, detox occurs primarily in internal organs such as the intestines, kidneys, liver, and even the skin. By ridding the body of chemical intoxicants and other undesirable substances, the individual will experience an overall enhancement of the senses, strengthening of the body, revitalization, and improved absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Program in Orange County

For individuals who suffer from addiction and want to begin recovery in Orange County, California, Broadway Treatment Center offers a drug and alcohol detox program that offers those who have been suffering from severe and long-term chemical dependence a means of ridding their bodies from harmful substances that are prohibitive of health and sobriety. What’s more, our detox program allows us to closely monitor withdrawal symptoms and assist clients when necessary to achieve complete detoxification.

When alcohol or drugs are introduced into the human body, there are a number of effects throughout the body that will occur as a result, but some of the most important changes occur in the brain. Most intoxicants will cause spikes, or sudden unexpected increases, in the production of naturally occurring chemicals called dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. As users increase the amount of alcohol and drugs they consume, the body responds to these spikes by producing less of these chemicals on its own. This means that when the effects of the Doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patientalcohol and drugs wear off, the body’s natural chemical levels are in a deficit, causing withdrawal symptoms to which the brain responds by triggering cravings for alcohol and drugs. In short, instead of producing these chemicals on its own as it does naturally, the brain begins relying on the spikes caused by alcohol and drugs. As a result, users will continually require more of the drug administered more and more frequently, which is referred to as building a tolerance.

When an addict abruptly ceases consumption of alcohol or drugs in order to detox, the brain immediately recognizes that there’s a chemical imbalance, which can cause feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, paranoia, and so on. There are also individuals who became addicted to substances to which they were prescribed for legitimate conditions such as treating chronic pain; for these individuals, ceasing administration of their opiate painkillers will cause what’s called a rebound effect where the pain will return worse than ever. Additionally, those addicts who have become chemically dependent on more than one drug may experience a larger list of withdrawal symptoms than those who are addicted to only one substance. For these and other cases, managing withdrawal symptoms through the detox phase of our program is vital to achieving total recovery of the mind, body and spirit.

The monitored withdrawal detox program at Broadway Treatment Center offers those who are just beginning their recovery,  a safe environment in which to detox from alcohol and drugs. In our detox program, individuals will be closely monitored by a knowledgeable professional, who is trained to help addicts through the process of detox. This includes identifying if medicinal intervention is necessary as well as assisting and monitoring medication, teaching pain management techniques to those who suffer from chronic pain, assisting with the management and treatment of individuals with a dual diagnosis, monitoring vital signs in order to identify any potential risks throughout the withdrawal management process, and so on. In short, it’s our goal at Broadway Treatment Center to make clients’ experience in our drug & alcohol detox program as successful and risk-free as possible.

What You Can Expect at Our Monitored Withdrawal Orange County Detox Program

Appointment at the doctorWhen an individual enrolls in the detox program at Broadway Treatment Center, he or she will begin the first of three steps involved in the detoxification process. The first step is the evaluation. During the evaluation step, individuals will be evaluated by a physician in order to determine his or her background with addiction and substance abuse. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the severity of an individual’s addiction so that the physician can construct a detox program to fit the needs of each individual. When entering our monitored withdrawal detox program, clients can expect to be asked a variety of questions, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • What chemical substance(s) is/are abused on a daily/regular basis?
  • How long have these substances been abused?
  • How much of each substance is administered each time?
  • How often is each substance administered?

After evaluation, the second step of the process is stabilization, which involves guiding the patient through detoxification. One of the benefits to detoxing in our withdrawal managed detox program is a highly personalized experience in which clients are supervised and monitored by our withdrawal management staff through their detox. Depending on individual needs, this might include teaching clients pain management techniques, understanding the effects of prescribed medication that may be used to mitigate withdrawal symptoms if necessary, dual-diagnosis support, and so on.

The third and final phase of the detox process is guidance. In this phase, we offer individual guidance to each client, helping them to find and enroll in the next step of the recovery process, which is to begin actual drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Broadway Treatment Center focuses on comprehensive residential detox and treatment for individuals with chemical dependency and behavioral modification issues.

Begin Your Journey to Recovery at Our Orange County Drug & Alcohol Detox Program

For those in need of drug and alcohol detox, Orange County offers none better than the monitored withdrawal detox program here at Broadway Treatment Center. Beginning with detoxification in our residential facility, continuing through intensive addiction treatment, and lastly setting up aftercare services, Broadway Treatment Center seeks to address the many components of addiction, which include various factors of physical, psychological, and social from addiction

The detox and recovery treatment at Broadway Treatment Center accommodates both men and women addicts with our ultimate goal being to build an individual and highly personalized treatment program to meet the needs of each and every patient. Our drug & alcohol program is here to provide only the highest quality of treatment and care. Upon completion of the withdrawal management program at Broadway Treatment Center, clients will progress to the alcohol and drug addiction treatment part of our curriculum.

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