Broadway Treatment Center is leading the way in Orange County Detox Programs

For those individuals who are struggling and feel caught in the grips of a powerful addiction, Broadway Treatment Center is here to help you through the detoxification process. We provide a clinically monitored program in which our staff provides support to our clients 24 hours a day. Our clients will detox in a secure environment where their safety and comfort is a priority. Broadway is a leader in the orange county addiction treatment and rehabilitation community. We are a JCAHO certified facility and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Broadway is home to one of the most successful and effective orange county detox programs in the area. We offer a variety of incredible detox programs. It is important to us that our clients feel comfortable and secure while going through detox. We provide a 24-hour, clinically-monitored drug and alcohol withdrawal detox program. The design and structure of this program allows the professionals at Broadway Treatment Center to closely monitor withdrawal symptoms in clients and to help them complete detoxification in a safe and secure environment.

Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Process

Broadway Treatment Center’s detox program is specially designed for clients who are just beginning their journey to recovery. Clients are nurtured in a safe environment and are supported along every step of the way. Our detox program is comprehensive and incorporates many simultaneous approaches to addiction recovery and rehabilitation. This includes the potential use of medical intervention, management techniques for those living with chronic pain, and healthy medication management training. Throughout the process, our clients are closely and carefully monitored for signs of relapse or potential risks that can occur during withdrawal. The professionals at Broadway Treatment Center are committed to a comprehensive, safe, and risk-free detoxification program. When a client enrolls in our Orange County Detox Program, he or she will begin with the first of three essential steps in the detoxification process: evaluation, which is followed by stabilization and guidance.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these steps:

Evaluation by a doctor specialized in addiction treatment

Evaluation is a critical first step to a safe recovery. During this step, clients are personally evaluated by a physician and a member of our clinical intake team. After discussion and a physical evaluation, a physician can determine the client’s background with addiction and substance abuse. This process will also help give the physician and other professionals on staff a sense of the scope and severity of the client’s addiction. Once this has taken place the client’s care team is able to create a personalized detox program that is specifically suited for our client’s unique and individual needs.

  • Initial Doctor Consultation
  • Special Needs Assessed
  • Medication Managed
  • Dual Diagnosis Accepted

Stabilization of drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms

The second step in our detoxification process is stabilization. The stabilization period involves laying the groundwork for recovery. This stage is the most difficult step in the detox process, as it requires a tremendous amount of physical and emotional energy. During this time the client will go through the physical process of withdrawal to whatever substance they were using. Our team is trained specifically to help with pain management techniques, medication management, and withdrawal symptom mitigation. Broadway’s team does provide comfort care in the form of medication if it has been deemed necessary or requested by the client. Our team is also equipped to handle dual-diagnosis.

  • Comfort Meds Provided
  • Private Accomodations
  • Comfortable & Safe
  • 24-Hour Staff Onsite

Guidance from our certified addiction counselors

The third and final step of the detoxification process is guidance. Clients will begin treatment for their drug and alcohol addiction. At this point in the process each client has already physically withdrawn from the substance they were using and is ready to discover complete recovery by entering an addiction treatment program. Broadway Treatment Center is known for their unique addiction treatment therapies. The diverse and multi-faceted approach that we have adopted means that our clients have access to a wide range of treatment programs and therapies that are often not available at other facilities. Our dedicated staff work with our clients to develop healthy habits and techniques for self-care and relapse prevention.

  • Consultation with a Therapist
  • Custom Treatment Planning
  • Workplace Release Forms

Choose a Quality Orange County Detox Program

Do We Offer a Medical Detox?

Broadway treatment center currently offers a medically assisted detox program. Many clients experience unpleasant symptoms that are often times very uncomfortable during the detoxification process. These side effects happen when the physical body is withdrawing from the substance it depends on. Many of the experienced withdrawal symptoms are grueling and can be quite painful.

There are certain substances that require medication for the withdrawal process because it is too dangerous to quit cold turkey. Our clinical staff is trained to monitor these types of medications. We take our client’s well-being very seriously at Broadway and provide any comfort measures necessary while they are going through withdrawal. Each client will be assessed by a physician upon arrival at our facility and will stay under their care throughout the detoxification process. Our physician will monitor our clients frequently to make sure their symptoms are kept at bay and under control.

Frequently Asked Questions about Detox

As one of California’s leading addiction recovery programs, Broadway Treatment Center is a wonderful, supportive, and safe place to detox and recover from addiction and substance abuse. With incredibly comfortable living environments, and an amazingly warm and professional staff, any client will feel at home and ready to begin their journey to recovery here. If you or a loved one are ready to make a change and win life back from addiction, contact us online or call (714) 443-8218 today.

  • How do I prepare for detox?
    Once the answers to these questions have been established a physician and a clinical staff member will make an individualized plan for each client.

    • Which chemical substance(s) is/are being regularly used?
    • How long has the client been using these substances?
    • How much of this substance does the client use?
    • How often is the client using this substance?
    • When is the last time the client used any substances?
  • How long does detox last?
    The length of withdrawal varies greatly between individuals and tends to depend on the severity of the addiction. Most people find the majority of their symptoms relieved in a week or less. Our detox programs last around three days. Full recovery from addiction will take participation in a comprehensive addiction treatment program.
  • What are the benefits of a clinically supervised rehabilitation program?
    Going through the detoxification process can be stressful on the body. Going through withdrawal alone can be physically painful and cause very unpleasant side effects. Medically supervised rehabilitation helps to take some pressure off the client. Physicians and clinical staff members can provide comfort medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms.
  • What are the stages of withdrawal?
    Understanding the physical mechanics of withdrawal is important to a healthy recovery. In our experience, patients who know what to expect are able to better prepare themselves mentally and physically for the difficulties of detox. Withdrawal tends to proceed through a set of definable stages. These stages generally begin at the 6, 24, and 48 hour intervals.
  • What happens after detox?
    After physical detox has occurred, it’s incredibly important for recovering clients to follow up with a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Broadway Treatment Center offers a number of different program tracks that work towards the goal of healing the underlying factors that contribute to addiction. It is important that newly sober individuals learn to replace their old behaviors with new healthy ones.
  • How do I protect my job and life during detox?
    If you have been with your employer for over a year you may be eligible for protection under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This law protects your job even if you have to take a significant amount of time off. You may also be eligible for short or long term disability as well.
  • What are the payment options for detox?
    Broadway Treatment Center participates with most major insurance companies. Our intake coordinator can verify your insurance benefits. We occasionally take clients on a scholarship basis. Members of our local community have generously donated scholarships for people to attend treatment that otherwise could not afford it. Please contact us today to discuss your options.