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Broadway Treatment Center Offers the Latest in Addiction Treatment in Our Residential Treatment Program

Addiction is a profoundly, comprehensively destructive chronic relapsing disease that affects individuals from all walks of life and from all over the world. And just like no two addicts suffer from addiction in exactly the same way, there is no single cure-all treatment for drug and alcohol addiction that will work best for everyone. For this reason, there are a number of different types of addiction treatment that vary in approach and intensity, allowing addicts in need of recovery to select the form of treatment that best meets individual needs.

Generally speaking, treatment programs for addiction can be broken into two groups, Support Groupconsisting of those treatment programs in which the addict lives in the facility for the duration of the initial treatment and those programs in which the individual continues living at home while in treatment. These two types of treatment are referred to as residential treatment and outpatient treatment, respectively. While there are some individuals who may require the flexibility of an outpatient program due to familial obligations or employment, statistics have indicated that recovering addicts are more often successful at sustaining long-term sobriety upon completion of an inpatient or residential treatment program rather than an outpatient program.

Broadway Treatment Center’s Residential Addiction Treatment Program

As an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, the residential treatment program at Broadway Treatment Center is designed to help clients succeed in their recovery from addiction and chemical dependency by providing daily support and treatment. The ultimate goal of our residential treatment center is to prepare each individual for re-acclimation into the local community and society at large, which we do by providing a safe, comfortable environment in which our clients can recover while participating in personalized treatment curricula that are Support Groupindividually optimized so that the recovery process is a success for each and every client.

For individuals in need of a drug and alcohol rehab Orange County, California, offers none better than the residential addiction treatment program here at Broadway Treatment Center. Individuals in need of inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can choose from a comprehensive 30, 60, or 90-day residential treatment program; however, we understand that choosing an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is an incredibly personal process, which is why at Broadway Treatment Center we also offer a comprehensive 24-hour residential program.

What Does Our Orange County Drug Rehab Offer?

If you or a loved one is in need of an addiction treatment center, Orange County is a wonderful place in which to begin one’s journey to recovery and Broadway Treatment Center’s inpatient drug and alcohol rehab offers a live-in facility with all the treatments and tools a recovering addict needs to achieve long-term sobriety. The residential treatment program can be as short or as long-term as an individual needs, allowing clients to choose either a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day stay in our comprehensive residential treatment center.

While in the residential treatment program, clients will have 24-hour supervision and access to our recovery professionals who only want to make each individual’s time at Broadway Treatment Center more comfortable and productive. Having completed and graduated from the detox phase of treatment, clients entering the residential program can expect to participate in a variety of counseling and psychotherapy sessions that are intended to teach individuals about the disease of addiction as well as tools for managing the disease, skills-building that residential Therapy session with clientsallows our clients to continue thriving after graduating from our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, and to reinforce the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

The structured living environment offered as part of the Broadway Treatment Center residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment includes regular group counseling that helps our clients to foster a sense of community while in treatment. In addition to the daily groups, clients will participate in a number of other structured activities that enable individuals to learn a variety of tools to overcome chemical dependency and manage the disease of addiction in healthy ways.

Quality Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

At Broadway Treatment Center—located in Orange County, California—we recognize that each of our clients’ success in recovery begins by receiving high-quality treatment with a comprehensive, holistic and caring approach. However, despite being located in California, Broadway Treatment Center is a popular recovery destination for individuals from all over the country, and it’s easy to see why many choose to attend our Orange County drug and alcohol rehab. We truly care about the success of our clients, which is why our addiction treatment center offers 24-hour professional treatment in which each client is given personalized care that begins with detox, transitions through our inpatient residential addiction treatment, and continues through aftercare and beyond.Residential Therapy Session

We treat addiction as a disease because addiction is, in fact, a disease that affects the body, mind, and spirit. As such, our treatment modalities at Broadway Treatment Center are diverse and designed to address each of the core components of alcohol and drug addiction, which includes the various physical, psychological, social, and educational factors. What’s more, we believe that in order for an individual to be the most successful in recovery, we must help our clients to identify each of their individual barriers that might inhibit or jeopardize their long-term sobriety, which includes identifying and managing co-occuring diagnoses.

Find Recovery at Our Orange County Residential Treatment Program

We pride ourselves not just on preaching abstinence to our clients, but on providing and teaching crucial skills and tools that enable individuals to sustain recovery even beyond the completion of Broadway Treatment Center’s residential treatment program. Each client that graduates from one of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs has been given a highly personalized treatment experience that will promote a successful reentry into society as residential housingwell as a healthier lifestyle free from physical dependence on drugs and alcohol.

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs and is in need of a residential or inpatient treatment program, Broadway Treatment Center offers several types of addiction treatment that can meet many individuals’ needs. Addiction is a lonely disease, but no addict has to be alone in his or her recovery. Contact us today so that you can become a healthier you at Broadway Treatment Center.

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