When it comes to addiction, there is bad news and there is good news. The bad news: Addiction remains to be a powerful, chronic and progressive disease that affects the lives of millions every year.

The good news: Today we have more options for effective treatment than ever before. Research on addiction, the brain and new developments in the field have resulted in better programs, therapies and treatments for those afflicted with addiction. This is good news. We know that addiction is a treatable disease, and we know that those who receive quality treatment can recover and become productive members of society.

The Best Treatment Options For Addiction

In addition to inpatient treatment programs for addiction, there are plenty of other options that can be used in place of or in conjunction with this type of treatment. For example, many people choose to follow-up inpatient rehab with an intensive outpatient program. This offers additional support to help people transition from the protected environment of rehab to the outside world.

There are other options as well. Outpatient programs vary from program to program, and may be daily or weekly. But some people find that these outpatient programs don’t offer the level of one on one attention that they need. This is especially true of people who lead ultra-busy lives, find themselves on the go a lot, or work in professions that put them in high-risk situations.

For these individuals, sober coaching is a good fit.

What Is Sober Coaching?


Well, it is very much what it sounds like. A sober coach is generally a person who is also in recovery. There is a saying in 12 step literature that the “therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel” and this has proven itself true over and over again. A fellow recovering addict is able to offer insight, empathy, solutions and is also likely to see through things like denial and manipulation.

A sober coach is there for you and you alone, and can help you navigate the challenges that you may face in your early recovery. He or she can help offer suggestions and strategies for dealing with cravings, difficult emotions, sticky situations and more.

Whether you have previously attended an inpatient treatment center or not, or whether you are currently attending any other types of program or treatment facilities, sober coaching can enhance other services or stand on its own as a means to help guide you in your new sober lifestyle.

Ideally, you will be attending some type of outside support, though, such as groups or 12 step meetings. Your sober coach will be an integral part of your support group, but he or she should not be your only source of support.

Sober coaching can help you by providing hands-on support as you deal with the challenges of everyday life sober. For many people, it is the day to day challenges that life throws at us that makes staying sober difficult. After all, if drugs and alcohol were your main coping strategy, and you haven’t developed a strategy to replace it, then how are you going to stay sober?

This is where sober coaching comes in. Your sober coach knows that while it isn’t easy, it is possible, because he or she is doing it. Replacing negative, destructive habits with healthy ones, learning to build up the confidence to deal with confrontation without resorting to using, identifying triggers and developing strategies to deal with them are all things that a sober coach can help you with.

Sober Coaching Offers A Sounding Board


Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Maybe you are feeling like using, maybe you just had a bad day. Sober coaching gives you that person to talk to when things are getting rough, or when you need someone to bounce things off of.

Staying Accountable

Sober coaching keeps you accountable, and also helps you identify problem areas, set goals for yourself and learn to make healthy choices for yourself. For example, you may have a goal to learn how to be social and have fun in recovery. Or, perhaps you may want to work on your anger issues or being more honest. Your sober coach can help you discover ways of accomplishing these things and gives you someone to check in with and be accountable to.

Is Sober Coaching For Everyone?

One thing that has become evident in the world of addiction treatment is that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment that works for everyone. Some things simply work better for some than others.

Sober coaching can be a good solution for many people who are in early recovery. Even those who are resistant to being sober can benefit from sober coaching. For those who are motivated but unsure or insecure in their recovery, or who have relapsed in the past, sober coaching is a great way to get that extra support and encouragement they need.

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