At Broadway Treatment Center we take a comprehensive approach to recovery. We are committed to helping our residents achieve total recovery in all aspects of their life. We feel it is important for our residents to take an active role in the recovery community as well as participate in local community events. Participation in these events create a platform for a slow reintroduction back into society. Participation also keeps our residents active and engaged. In addition, we also feel it is important for our residents to bring awareness to addiction recovery, helping to end the stigma attached to it. Staying involved helps our clients see that they are not alone in their addiction, and that many other people face the same struggles throughout recovery.

2015 Walk For Recovery Team Photo


On November 14, 2015, Broadway Treatment Center ’s residents participated in the 5k Walk for Recovery, and took first and second place! We place a lot of value in having our clients participate in community events that bring awareness to addiction recovery. We also use total health, which includes exercise, as a significant part of our recovery program. During recovery it is important to learn how to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. We focus on physical exercise as a healthy way to relieve stress, decompress, and build a stronger self. Our clients have many opportunities to work on their fitness through yoga, strength training, and aerobic activity. What we eat has a huge impact on our mind and bodies. Our residents have the opportunity to work with a nutritionist and have access to healthy food options.

Celebrating Residents In Recovery

Most importantly, Broadway Treatment Center ’s participation in the 2015 Walk for Recovery is helping to celebrate those in recovery from addiction and working to end the stigma attached to drug and alcohol addiction. Our presence showed support for the addiction community and those who are currently recovering from drug and alcohol addiction disorders. Broadway Treatment Center ’s involvement in the 5k Walk for Recovery put a face and voice to the people in recovery from Huntington Beach, California. Recovering addicts are contributing members of the community just like everyone else, and these events bring awareness to that. Everyone knows someone who is in recovery, whether it be you, a family member, or a friend. Broadway Treatment Center ’s participation in the 5k Walk for Recovery is working towards the goal to eliminate the shame and embarrassment surrounding the disease of addiction. Bringing awareness, ending the stigma, and breaking the silence about addiction will help to save lives!!