To my long lost love Melissa,
I am writing you this letter in order to get some clarity as to why you abandoned me. You were my first love, you were everything to me. I remember when we first met about seven years ago. Our relationship was flawless and randomly you decided to kick me to the curb. Did I mean nothing to you? Was my corrupted self not thrilling? There was a time when you couldn’t sleep without me, couldn’t function without me by your side, you couldn’t even stop dreaming about me. I want nothing more than to be the first thing on your mind when you open those big beautiful blue eyes, and the last thing you think about when it is time to rest your head. I hope you know I still lurk about and watch every move you make. We had a commitment, till death do us part, but you lied. Death never came. I am amazed at how much you sacrificed for me. No one has ever loved me as much as you. You gave up your job, school, family, and your home just to have me near. You were obsessed and I loved being in control. I will never forget all of our special bonding moments. When we were together my love coursed through your veins. I loved seeing you in a comatose state, content, at peace. You will never know how much I appreciated your loyalty. If there ever comes a time when you are lost or lonely, do not despair for I will always be there to numb your pain. I will never be satisfied until you are buried in the damp soil beside me. Till Death Do Us Part.

Forever and faithfully yours,

Dear Heroin,
You’re right. I loved you for most of my life. You made me feel euphoric, invincible, and indescribable. You do deserve answers so here they are; I hate what you made me. I hate that I couldn’t look myself in the mirror for years. I hate that no matter where I went, my body was crawling out of my skin. I hate that I couldn’t get out of bed without you. I couldn’t make food without you breathing down my spine. Some days I chased death just to be away from you. I hate you. I hate that you have taken loved ones from me. I hate that killing people thrills you. I loved you coursing through my veins. I hated you as soon as you dissipated. You turned me into a monster. A cheating, stealing, manipulating monster. When I led you to believe that you were allowed to take my life. I lied. I would never give you that type of satisfaction. I will never be buried in the damp soil beside you. Heroin, you took my best friend from me within minutes. I didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye. When I got to the hospital, I was shaking his body in udder disbelief. I thought I was dreaming, but then there you were. Smiling in the corner. You thought if you couldn’t have me you would settle for the most important person in my life. You never should have let me walk away because now I am going to ruin you. I am going to save as many souls as God will allow me to. I am going to send your name down in flames. I am going to share our ugly, distorted, love story. No one will ever want you when I’m finished. I now base my life around destroying you and I swear I will not give up until my last, dying breath. You deserve nothing but the worst.

All my hate,