At Broadway Treatment Center, we believe that effective addiction treatment means staying on top of cutting-edge treatments, incorporating holistic therapy into treatment and integrating traditional therapeutic addiction recovery methods with the latest in nutritional, psychological and cognitive therapy.

How Holistic Treatments Improve The Chances Of Lasting Sobriety

Addiction isn’t just about drug use, and it affects all areas of a person’s life. Physically, we know that it depletes the health of the user and weakens the immune system. Mentally, drug and alcohol use cause memory loss, cognitive deficits and addiction itself causes changes in brain chemistry and function. These neurological changes can cause symptoms of depression, anxiety and difficulty focusing.

People who suffer from addiction are also hurt emotionally. It is common for a person who has arrived in treatment to have suffered trauma and have PTSD. Guilt and shame are also common issues with those who struggle with addiction.

Addiction is a disease that affects body, mind and spirit. For this reason, body mind and spirit must all be addressed in order to recover. Holistic therapies help to do this. By incorporating treatments and activities that address physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health, there is a greater likelihood of long-term recovery.

Treatments such as IV Vitamin Therapy help address two important components of the recovering addict: Physical and mental.

The Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse On The Body

Depending on the length of time using, the type of drugs used and other factors, the degree of physical deterioration will vary from person to person. In some cases, a person may come to treatment in extremely poor physical health. They may be underweight, malnourished, weak and sick.

Addiction wreaks havoc with your body, and hair loss, skin problems, and bad teeth are all common symptoms of poor nutrition, toxicity and a lack of self-care. These are just some of the outward signs, of course.

Mentally, it is common for people to experience confusion and difficulty focusing.

The first month or so of recovery will often see dramatic changes in a person’s health and appearance. They put on weight, their skin may clear up and they will often be more focused and present. However, they may continue to feel physical weakness, chronic fatigue, depression, and cravings.

IV Vitamin therapy is an effective way to help speed the healing process not just for the body, but for the mind.

IV Vitamin therapy is an established, physician-supervised practice of giving essential nutrients in minerals via IV treatment. This method of dispensing vitamins ensures superior absorption into the system.


Recipients of this therapy report increased energy, improved mood, and reduced cravings. Of course, everyone’s experience will differ, but IV Vitamin therapy has a long, proven track record of helping to improve health, reduce symptoms and help the early recovery process along.

As mentioned above, the brain takes a serious beating during active addiction. The toxins found in many drugs cause damage, and the fluctuations of neurochemicals during use cause changes in brain function that leave people feeling depleted, exhausted and depressed. When drug use is stopped, these neurochemicals and brain function take time to replenish and heal. This process can take months or even years.

Proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation can be enormously helpful. IV Vitamin therapy can be especially helpful for the healing of brain function, which can help those in early recovery heal faster, experience fewer cravings and feel more energetic.

For people who are brand new to recovery, IV vitamin therapy can aid in the detox process.

What Is In IV Vitamin Therapy?

This vitamin therapy often includes Vitamins C, a powerful B complex, Magnesium, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other nutrients and minerals that are delivered efficiently into the body. Vitamins in pill form are better than nothing, but they aren’t always readily absorbed by the body, and much of the actual vitamin ends up being discarded by the body. In addition, there are filters and other components that are useless from a nutritional standpoint. With IV vitamin therapy, all of the nutrients are used by the body, and there is nothing extra added.

IV Vitamin Therapy At Broadway Treatment Center

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