So, you think you can run from your decaying brain
I don’t think so… Let’s reminisce the pain
They say the only constant is change
Well, the addiction evil I see in you… that’s to blame
You thought you could control my mind and soul…
While I gave you life, you took a toll
You came, you saw, you destroyed my name
You’re the only one I’ll ever blame
I forgot to mention, because of the shame
I’ve wanted to burn my body alive in flames
I fought for my life, my strength, my heart
Then life happened, you tore me apart
I died and lived and died again
Somehow you mistook me for a friend
You think you have won
Gained some fame
I’m smarter than you
I caught wind of your aim
I’ll never forget how you controlled my life
Filling me up with misery and strife
As a reminder
I stare
At this blank picture frame
A clear reminder of all I became
I get stronger by daylight
Smarter with night
I’ve realized without you
I can start my fight
I’ll fight for my life
Fight for others too
I will fight until no one believes in you
I can conquer the mountains
Calm my own storms
I’ve learned a lot since the day I was born
The little girl you remember fails to exist
She died a long time ago with slits on her wrist
The blood ran wild and finally dried
I will never forget how hard you tried
See I was thirteen
Still an innocent kid
I watched you lurk
Staying low on the grid
From then until now
I’ve taught myself how
To become okay with all the self-doubt
I may be lonely filled with regret
At least, I can say I’m not dead yet
Between the devil and you
I could never feel love
Unless it came from a powerful shove
I miss being small
Trying to believe
The true beauty within me couldn’t be seen
I thought for a while my goodness was gone
That I wasn’t worthy
I had to move on
I moved on from the world
The love I had found
I buried her deep
Deep into hollow ground
You ripped out my heart
Replaced it with stone
I was trying my hardest to be left all alone
I never felt wanted
You made that known
All the hurt you caused
You remained on a thrown
These are the things I never dreamed I could feel
There I was
Ever so real
I became your worst nightmare
I became something cold
If it wasn’t for you
I would never grow old
As much as I hate you
I need to thank you as well
Your demons, they showed me
What the world was with Hell
The surrounding hate is my chance to regain
The fate we’ve once lost
By the ones
The devil continues to detain
I might not be healed or even close to sane
I know my purpose
It starts with change
May your daughter never know
What death feels like
May your son never live
Without hope by his side
Drugs are compelling in so many ways
I still find it hard to escape the haze
In a world so full of sadness
I walked out alive
I faced the madness
I survived
The bad is a part of me
It compliments my good
My life in ways cannot be understood
I always remember
I never forget
How I battled the world’s evil
The strongest I’ve been yet
I can’t tell you if I will ever recover
That’s the risk I am taking
To see your bones shutter
I’ve bled and I’ve bruised from another’s hand
I will pull you down so that I may stand
Remember when you take this leap
It is possible to arise from the deep
Through the ill-conceived thoughts
To the mystery unknown
Remove the bondage that is so woven
Around your spirit
Around your freedom
This tangled web has become your demon
This is the chance to become someone new
Someone better
Someone we once knew
Start a new life
Strangers are welcome into
Feeling peace in your presence
Keep the faith
Keep pushing through
Because the next time death comes
It won’t be for you.