Sober Living and the Benefits of a Sober Coach

Sober living is a process which offers you the chance to develop the healthy friendships and life-long relationships after suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. It is not easy to recover or breakaway from the destructive effects of alcohol addiction. Withdrawal symptoms make it hard to sustain healthy relationships much less lead a normal life.

However, that does not mean that there are no ways for recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. There are many sober living programs and people – sober coaches – that readily offer their services to help people with alcohol addition to become sober again. With sober living programs, they learn of different ways to deal with the issues that come with alcohol addiction.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living is a kind of lifestyle or program designed for people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. There are many rehabilitation centers that offer to help you get back to sobriety but only a handful of them were able to actually help. In Sober Living, the recovery treatment program is aimed at helping you develop healthy coping skills, find self-worth, set healthy boundaries, know the meaning of confidence and humility again, establish a strong foundation for your recovery and learn how to have fun without any kind of substances.

With Sober Living, your coach is your guide and your confidante, working together with you so you can start over again and lead a quality life without depending on substances. The process is not easy and will most certainly need your utmost cooperation. There’s the need for your complete dedication to living sober and never again taste alcohol again. Without your cooperation and determination to finally be free from the clutches of substance addiction, Sober Living will still not be able to help you get back in your feet.

There are sober living homes that allow pets, but they are difficult to locate. Broadway Treatment Center offer a pet friendly rehab California center for individuals that want to go through recovery with their dog or cat.

The Sober Coach

After living in a rehabilitation center, you are not to rejoin the outside world again. In the center, you have found sobriety but now that you are back in society, it proves that coping with daily life without revisiting your old habits is quite challenging. While you were in the rehabilitation facility, it was a little easy what with the multitude of coping skills you were taught along with treatment.

At the same time, there were people there that provide additional help if needed so that you stay on track. Outside, most of the time you will find yourself on your own without someone to guide you or remind you. Fortunately, you can find an ally against your fight with addiction through a sober living coach there to help you maintain sobriety as you live in the outside world.

A sober coach is the one who fills the space between indigenous recovering society and the residential recovery facilities. This professional is providing a level of accountability which the indigenous recovering society can’t provide and the connection to a client inside of their living setting that treatment programs cannot offer. He understands the different barriers which prevent an addict from defining, participating and staying in a healthy environment.

Such barriers might be internal to the patient which can be poor motivation, medical, emotional spiritual or mental issues. There might be also some external barriers which prevent an addict from securely meeting his or her needs associated with housing, nutrition, employment, transportation and socialization. Aside from individualized, specialized objective-setting and skill development, a sober coach may typically give invaluable service for a patient who is resistant to the remaining abstinent from alcohol or drugs, but who should do so because of medical, legal, contractual or family obligations.

Working together with some other professionals, a sober coach is here to determine the needs of a client, defines the boundaries, and then explores how family, community, and the business supports could be used to sustain ongoing recovery. A sober coach understands the connection between these barriers with the recovery of a client. This professional collaboratively develops a plan of action in order to address the barriers. A sober coach has the working experience and knowledge of the community resources which help in eliminating the barriers as well as the strong personal experience in having these barriers removed.

What is a Sober Living Coach?

Now, before we get on and tackle the benefits there is with having sober living coach, first we find out what exactly is a sober living coach. A sober living coach is a worker dedicated and focused on helping you continue your rehabilitation. The sober living coach can provide long-term care and help you adopt positive choices in life so you can prevent on relapsing.

Sober living coaches often enter this career path because of their passion to help. With their experience on helping people recover, they work industriously to improve the lives of their patients. In times of need, they are always willing and eager to support anyone.

Benefits of a Sober Living Coach

Having a sober living coach offers you companionship after your rehabilitation and assists you on establishing positive, healthy routines. Because of their high success rate, sober living coaches are widely sought after. The fact is that for many individuals with addiction, the outside world is just too strange. At the same time, for people that suffered from long-term addiction they may find themselves unable to adjust in the outside world yet again.

On that note, it proves that a coach to help you settle back in society again is a great help. Sober coach are people who have one-on-one experience when it comes to addiction and can offer professional assistance to get patients stay on the road to recovery. With them, patients can benefit from:

  • Provide Companionship

A sober living coach’s biggest benefit is companionship, preventing you from isolating yourself which is the worst enemy of a recovering addict. If you isolate yourself, you can put yourself in the risk of relapsing to your old habits.

  • Someone to Talk To

Sometimes, all you just need is someone to talk to and that’s what sober coaches are most of the time. When you need to share your thoughts and ideas and fears or just simply let someone know what it is going inside your head, the sober living coach is someone that can give you that perspective.

  • Identify Triggers

There are times when you don’t realize that some people, places and situations can be triggers to your condition. But a sober living coach is trained to identify these triggers and with that, they can help know which one you need to avoid and learn to cope up with.

  • Provide Strategies and Tools for Coping

Most of the time, recovery comes from the use of learning tools and strategies tested and proven to help addicted persons in dealing with life. They can offer tools and strategies that help patients to cope with breakup, relationships, job loss, etc. without having to resort to drugs.

  • Support You in High-Risk Situations

As you are now back in the outside world, there are times you will find yourself in situations that could be tempting. When in these situations, your sober living coach is always there to not only help you get through it. At the same time, they are there to offer you smart techniques to cope up with similar situations in the future.

  • Helps You Get Through You Troubles

There are times when you feel that everything just seems so wrong. During times like these, you need an even extra support to get through it. Apart from family and friends, a sober coach can give you extra support, offering solutions to your problems, suggesting steps to take and simply be there to help you move on.

A sober coach always has your back when it comes to sobriety. There are days when you feel like nobody really cares if you are sober or not. But your sober coach cares and understands the value of cultivating relationships. With that, they always encourage you as they want you to succeed not only in your recovery but in life as well.

The thing about sober coaches is that some of them are people who have recovered from addiction themselves. They recovered and have maintained sobriety for years thus serving as living proof that you can be free from the crippling effects of substance abuse. The fact that these people recovered from addiction gives hope for others in recovery, that there is a future where they can maintain sobriety.

With all these, it makes sober coaches most beneficial to people suffering from addiction especially those who had previously relapsed and those who needed extra help so they can stay sober. But it is not only the patient that can benefit from a sober coach as families can benefit from it too. It is not only the addicted individual who suffers from addiction but the families too.

Loved ones feel exhausted and helpless when they see the patient suffering. After rehabilitation, the family often also faces new challenges keeping their loved one from relapsing to old habits. They may experience difficulty on how to adapt to the current situation and how to effectively support the addicted person in their struggle with addiction.

But with a sober coach, they can find relief from someone who has plenty of experience on the matter and can offer valued assistance. Compared to families and friends, sober living coaches are better equipped in handling these situations. This way, families and friends can go back to their daily lives and provide a normal environment for the patient.

The sober living coach can provide quite valuable guidance for a person in recovery which they can use for leading quality life away from substance and in rebuilding strained relationships. With this, it makes sense that a sober coach is one of the most important members of a patient’s support system towards lasting recovery.


Why Sober Living

Getting back to sobriety is a long and challenging road not only for people with drug or alcohol addiction but as well as their families. There are many obstacles and struggles down the path of becoming sober and with that you will need all the support you can get. With Sober Living, you can certainly find all the help there is with tested and proven treatment programs, tools, strategies and coaches to guide you towards the path of wellness.

Additionally, sober living homes affordable and substance-free environments providing you with positive place for recovery. They promote individual recovery by allowing the residents to develop their own individual recovery programs and become self-supporting. With sober living network, sober living can achieve quality assurance for every one of the patients.

The patients in sober living are also strictly required to meet the high standards for health and safety. With that, families can rest assured that their loved ones are taken well care of and that they are well on the road to recovery. With tried and tested programs and people who are dedicated to support individuals suffering from addiction, there is a great possibility of truly being free from the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction.

Living in a sober living home is more like you are in your own community. There are people who are just like you, struggling to cope up with life and have fallen to drugs or alcohol. But like you as well, they wanted to get back up in their feet again.

If you are a couple who has completed and have recently completed a couples addiction treatment program you may be able to find a sober living home that accepts couples.


Recovery from addiction is not an easy feat and there is not one way that can provide a certain solution to this problem. What is important is there is enough support from families and friends as well as people who truly care of the patient’s well-being. Being people who have suffered from the same issues their whole lives, sober coaches truly are a great means for recovery.

Sober living coaches are a few of the people who can provide the necessary relief to help you keep addiction in check and at the same time boost your chances to a full rehabilitation. The important thing is to find the right person, the right sober coach, to assist you in your journey to recovery.

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