Going through addiction and recovery can be one of the most difficult things you will ever experience. Unfortunately, many people who start making the positive choice to work toward recovery will find that it causes intense feelings of fear and anxiety, and sometimes even depression as you enter into new walks of life. Many people are unsure of the links between anxiety and addiction, and how anxiety can sometimes worsen when you are going through the treatment needed to recover from your addiction.

The Link Between Anxiety and Addiction


Despite how common it is, there is little scientific research on the relationship between anxiety disorders and substance abuse. Even without this wealth of knowledge, there are some clear signals. Anxiety disorders can be reinforced by substance abuse and can worsen a variety of disorders such as PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder. Studies have shown that, in a panel of over 300 treatment patients, an astounding 48% were dealing with significant anxiety in addition to their recovery.

Additional research has been conducted that shows that anxiety and substance abuse are often intertwined. Anxiety causes many people to abuse substances like alcohol and drugs so that they can escape and manage their anxiety. For many people who deal with anxiety, they typically have a variety of personality factors that are more impulsive, which can make them more likely to abuse illegal substances.

When it comes to treatment, anxiety and recovery go hand-in-hand, because you can’t treat one thing and not the other. Whether it is during the early stages of detox or several days into residential treatment, anxiety can continue to play a large role in recovery and needs to be cared for to ensure long-term success.

Ways to Approach Anxiety in Times of Sobriety


When you are going through recovery and working toward a healthier life, there are many ways that you can work through the anxiety that you are feeling.

Talking to Someone: If you are experiencing anxiety as you go through recovery, you might feel alone. Anxiety tends to fester in those who have previously experienced it, and it is important that you have multiple people you can rely on and speak with while you are feeling its effects. You might find that it is easier to manage when you receive advice from a trusted friend or mentor.


Healthy Distractions: Distractions can be helpful as long as they are healthy ways to cope. If you have been abusing drugs for several years and you would turn to them when you were experiencing anxiety, you will now need new coping methods. Some options are going to the movies with a friend, cooking, writing, or reading, but the best coping method is whatever works for you.


Meditation and Peaceful Yoga: Some people might engage in meditation, yoga, and other exercises that are meant to relax your mind. Staying healthy is one of the best ways to manage anxiety and any other effects that come along.

Calm, Relaxing Addiction Treatment in Huntington Beach

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