As much as people may struggle in active addiction, it is a familiar struggle. You know what to expect, even if it isn’t anything good. Recovery, though, is a different story. If you are feeling a sense of uncertainty about what to expect in recovery, or if you are going through a tough time, take a look at these 8 reasons life is better in recovery.

1. Freedom


Freedom in recovery means many things. Sometimes it means literal, physical freedom. So many addicts spend years of their lives in and out of jails, prisons, and other institutions. While you may still have legal wreckage to contend with after getting into recovery, know that when you work a program and don’t pick up, you will experience this freedom.

2. Choices


Like freedom, a choice is a powerful thing. When using, your addiction determines how you spend your time, your money and your energy. Addiction chooses your friends for you and even your romantic relationships. Addiction makes the choices, not you.

In recovery, you can choose the people that you spend time with and how you spend your time and money. When you get up in the morning YOU plan your day, not your addiction.

3. Peace


Recovery means peace. Not to say that there won’t be stress or problems, but overall being in recovery means you get to enjoy the peace that comes when you don’t have to worry about getting caught.You don’t have to worry about the chaos or the consequences or the guilt or shame that comes with active addiction. You don’t have to worry about running out. You can put your head down at night feeling peaceful, and wake up the same way.

4. Support


Even “normies” don’t often find the level of support that recovering addicts enjoy. There is a sense of community and belonging in recovery that many addicts spend their lives trying to find. Arriving in recovery, many newcomers report finally feeling like they are “at home.”

5. Fellowship


Just as with the support factor, the fellowship that is available when you are in recovery is amazing. You will simply not find a better group of people to hang out with and do fun, crazy, challenging and meaningful things with.

Some people worry that once they stop using, the fun stops, too.

This fear proves to be unfounded time after time. Parties, concerts, coffee, dinners and special events are frequent and fun. Outdoor activities like camping, surfing, rock climbing and riding are done with an accepting, open-minded group of people who love you just the way you are. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

6. Opportunities


When people get into recovery, their hopes and dreams are often quite simple. A place to live. A job. Getting their families back. Being did with legal stuff. Being able to drive again, and having a vehicle to drive.

These are simple but powerful goals, and one of the many miracles of recovery is watching the newcomer achieve them, one after another, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.

But, these are just the tip of the iceberg. In recovery, you live a life of infinite possibilities. You will see through the experiences of others that anything is possible. Getting a master’s degree or owning your own home? Sure. Starting a successful business or traveling the world? Happens all the time. And, these are things that can happen to you.

7. Money


No one is guaranteed a certain level of financial success in recovery, of course. But, many members have found just that in recovery. Even if you don’t ever strike it rich, recovery does mean that you have choices when it comes to money, and it means that you can feel good about the money you have.

In active addiction, resources were squandered in order to maintain that addiction. In recovery, you can take the money that you earn and use it to help you build the kind of life that you want. A home, entertainment, saving for the future, even frivolous purchases. Whatever, it is your choice.

8. Second Chances


Many people arrive in recovery sure that they will never be able to restore the relationships that were damaged in their addiction.

Despite this fear, they continue on, one day at a time and do the next right thing in front of them. This is when miracles happen, especially in the area of relationships.

Second chances do happen. All the time. Relationships are repaired, often slowly over time. Relationships with siblings and parents and children and friends slowly come back into bloom as trust and forgiveness take root.

There are no guarantees, and some relationships, unfortunately, do not mend. But, very often they do, and this is one of the greatest of gifts in recovery.

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