Sand Tray Therapy

The Unique Effectiveness Of Sand Tray Therapy

In recent years, addiction treatment has evolved as more and more research and studies have been carried out to understand this increasingly common, destructive and deadly disease. New types of

Early Sobriety

7 Ways To Stay Healthy In Early Sobriety

Addiction takes a huge toll on the body and the mind. It’s not just the drugs themselves that do damage, it’s the lifestyle. Stress, chaos, neglect and unhealthy habits build

Couples Addiction Counseling

How To Get Couples Addiction Counseling

Addicts have a way of finding each other in life. We hang out in the same circles and seek out each other’s company. We develop relationships around our using, and

Jason Mewes Drug Addiction

Celebrity Addiction Profile: Jason “Jay and Silent Bob” Mewes

Jason Mewes Drug Addiction Jason Mewes didn’t grow up in Hollywood. He grew up the way many of us grow up. In an economically depressed community with an addicted parent.

Do I Need Rehab

Do I Need Rehab?

Are you trying to decide if rehab is right for you? If you are struggling with substance abuse and trying to decide whether to check into a drug and alcohol

Recovery Tattoos

Seven Awesome Recovery Tattoos

  For many recovering addicts, being clean and sober is more than just being abstinent, it is a serious way of life. It is a way of viewing the world

Nexalin Advanced Therapy

Nexalin Advanced Therapy The Next Phase In Addiction Treatment

  Over the last few years, there have been great strides in our understanding of addiction and the development of new treatments for it. These strides are only going to

Celebrities In Recovery From Addiction

7 Celebrities You May Run Into In The Rooms Of SoCal

Celebrities In Recovery From Addiction As most people know, Hollywood is famous the world over for its clubs, parties, paparazzi and excessive lifestyles. There tends to be a belief that