8 Tips To Help Someone In Their First 30 Days Of Sobriety

The first thirty days of recovery are a roller coaster. While everyone’s experiences will be different, there are some similarities. You may find yourself having an easier or more difficult

road to recovery

7 Relapse Prevention Tips

Getting clean and sober and into recovery is an amazing accomplishment and the beginning of a wonderful journey. Of course, it doesn’t always feel like this. Sometimes staying clean is

Drug Addiction Recovery Story

Personal Story of Recovery at Broadway Treatment Center

Have you ever woken up in the morning not knowing who you were? Tracing your lips in the mirror as if they were once owned by a mysterious and foreign

Overdose Awareness

International Overdose Awareness Vigil

Compassion, integrity, bravery, clarity, and determination are the core values Broadway Treatment Center thrives off of. We are committed to our client’s well being around the clock. Unlike other facilities

Drug And Alcohol Detox

What To Look For In A Quality Drug And Alcohol Detox

If you have made the decision to get help and check in to a drug and alcohol detox, congratulations! You are making a decision to live and to take control

Sober Coaching

What Can Sober Coaching Do For You?

When it comes to addiction, there is bad news and there is good news. The bad news: Addiction remains to be a powerful, chronic and progressive disease that affects the

Recovery Assistance

5 Awesome Apps For Recovery Assistance

While technology sometimes has its drawbacks, there is no doubt that it is also a useful tool. Smartphones are not only great for calling people (like your sponsor) and playing

Drugs And Their Effects

Top Ten Most Used Drugs And Their Effects

What are the top ten most abused drugs right now? What are their effects, and how is addiction to these substances impacting people and the community at large? Finally, what

Art And Music Therapy

Recovering Creatively: How Art And Music Therapy Can Make A Difference

Addiction is a powerful disease that depletes your energy, your health, your emotional well-being and your cognitive ability. It also saps your creativity, your ability to solve problems and your

Matrix Model

What Is The Matrix Model In Addiction Treatment?

In the world of addiction treatment, there is a variety of modalities and strategies that are used. As more and more research into addiction occurs, more is learned about the