Over the last few years, there have been great strides in our understanding of addiction and the development of new treatments for it. These strides are only going to continue as we move forward and gain an even deeper understanding of the brain, how it works and how things like addiction, anxiety and depression can be treated with the help of these new discoveries.

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At the same time we are making this progress in treatments, we are also seeing a drastic increase in the instances of opiate abuse and dependence. More and more people are becoming addicted to prescription drugs, and heroin is also seeing an increase in use. There are a number of reasons for all this, but the focus here is the solution. What can be done to help those who are addicted?

What Is Nexalin Advanced Therapy?


One of the more impressive therapies that have resulted from this increased knowledge is Nexalin Therapy. This is a drug-free, FDA approved and effective approach to disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. In addition, it has been found that Nexalin can effectively assist people who are addicted to opiates to withdraw successfully and recover from opiates.

So what exactly is it? Nexalin is a device that emits a “gentle, electric current intended to stimulate structures deep within the brain.” These currents help to reset the hypothalamus, regulate neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. This treatment has been shown to very effectively reduce or eliminate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia and drug withdrawal.

It sounds like science fiction, and for some, the idea of electric currents to the brain may be alarming, however, this therapy is remarkably gentle, much more so than medication. It does not hurt, in fact, people who have had this treatment don’t really notice it happening at all, although they may report feeling relaxed or falling asleep. There are no side effects, and results are often noticed quickly.

Nexalin addiction therapy treatments are usually about 40 minutes long. There are generally 10 to 20 sessions in a two to four week period of time. Patients report high rates of success with an average rate of 80 to 97% sustained improvement in symptoms.

How Is Nexalin Done?

The process is simple. Three pads are placed on your forehead and behind each ear. This is not painful. You sit and relax in a comfortable chair. The session begins, and when it ends you go home.

What Does Nexalin Mean for Addicts?

This is exciting news for people who suffer from addiction, depression, anxiety and other disorders. Imagine not having to take daily medication to manage symptoms of these common and quite debilitating problems. Imagine not having to deal with side effects like fatigue and weight gain. For persons struggling with opiate addiction, this means relief without adding medications to the mix.

Nexalin addiction therapy is truly groundbreaking technology that is revolutionizing the way treatment for addiction is approached. Not only that, but for recovering addicts who want to address issues like anxiety and insomnia without resorting to medication, Nexalin treatment is an amazing alternative.

Nexalin Addiction therapy is approved by the FDA. It is safe. Medications can have side effects, and in some cases cause severe health problems, even when used as directed. This is not the case with Nexalin.

How To Find Out More About Nexalin Addiction Therapy

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