Jobs For Recovering Addicts

The early days and weeks of recovery are spent learning how to live life sober. This is really a full-time job, and especially in the beginning, it deserves your full attention. At some point, it will be time to find a paying job.

When this happens depends on the individual, but even if you aren’t there yet, you can start doing things to prepare yourself for the hunt.

If you have been searching for some time with no luck, it’s time to step back and see if you need to try a different approach.

Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Many people in recovery either have a poor work history, or no work history. Some have criminal records. In today’s often tough job market, this can lead to a frustrating string of rejections. This is especially difficult is you are in a high-pressure situation and you need to find work now.

Tips To Make The Job Search Easier
Before you give up in frustration, take a step back and evaluate the situation objectively. Don’t let your head run away with negative, all or nothing or worst case scenario thinking. This won’t help you get a job.

Identify Your Barriers
What’s holding you back? Is it lack of work history or good references? Is it lack of skills, or is it a record? Take a look at what is standing in your way.

After you have identified one or more barriers, it’s time to look for solutions. The first solution is the most important: Ask for help.

This doesn’t mean asking for someone to give you a job (although it doesn’t hurt to spread the word that you’re looking) it simply means finding those people who have been where you are right now, and asking them how they got through it.

Aside from that, here are some more tips to help you find work in early recovery.

Prepare For Success
If you want to be taken seriously, you have to get serious. Start preparing. Put together interview clothes, create a resume and set aside time each day for job searching. Make sure a prospective employer can contact you.

Sign Up With A Work Program
There are agencies that can help. Places like the EDD regularly hold job fairs, resume writing workshops and job coaching. There are other agencies with similar services, free of charge.

If a criminal record is holding you back, it’s time to start finding employers who will hire people with a record. If you have enlisted the help of an agency, ask them. If you have a probation or parole officer, they may be able to refer you to potential employers.

In the future, you can start looking at your options for cleaning up your record.

Building A Resume


This is tricky if you don’t have much history. Get some help with it, and remember to list your skills, any training you have had, and any volunteer or community work you have done. Don’t forget to start putting together references.

  • Gain New Skills
  • If you are struggling to find work, consider taking some courses to build skills or learn a trade. You may need to take a lower- paying position or start at the bottom before you can get where you want to be.
  • Do Some Volunteer Work
  • This is a good way to help your community, learn new skills and beef up your resume.
  • Have Faith And Don’t Give Up

It’s frustrating when you are struggling to find work. This is where you can really use the tools you are learning in recovery and apply them to your job search. In addition to the above tips, make sure you are:

  1. Doing the footwork.
  2. Being honest.
  3. Being willing.
  4. Staying in faith.
  5. Practicing gratitude.
  6. Letting go of the outcome.

Keep Putting Your Recovery First
Yes, you need a job, but if you aren’t able to stay clean, all your efforts will be in vain. Always remember to put your recovery first and you will see miracles happen in your life.

Getting Help For Addiction
If you are having trouble quitting drugs and alcohol, and are tired of addiction running your life, Broadway Treatment Center can help.

We don’t just treat the addiction, we treat the person. Our services include life skills training, jail diversion and help with things like obtaining employment and training. Call 714-443-8218 today.