An estimated 106,000 Americans lost their lives to drug-related overdoses in 2021. Even worse, just 13% of those in need of addiction treatment get it. Drug addiction is making the world a dark place, affecting people’s lives, health, relationships, and future. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Outpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County is a beacon of hope for many people who want a permanent escape from their addiction and want to live a healthy and meaningful life with their loved ones. Here is a complete guide to understanding everything and medication offered at outpatient drug rehab and what they do in addiction treatment.

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What Is an Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Outpatient drug rehab is a type of treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction. Patients must visit rehab for a few days throughout the week until treatment completion. The biggest perk of an Outpatient rehab is that patients can live in their homes, continue their work and other responsibilities, and just have to visit the rehab several times a week. Here are three reasons why people might choose an Outpatient drug rehab:

  1. Outpatient drug rehab is cost-effective, as it doesn’t demand 24/7 care and accommodation like residential programs.
  2. An Outpatient drug rehab offers comprehensive psychotherapies like CBT and DBT to help patients cope with addiction.
  3. Patients in outpatient care can immediately apply the coping strategies and abilities they have learned in treatment to everyday situations.

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How to Choose the Best Outpatient Drug Rehab?

As the drug and alcohol addiction problem becomes more common, the number of outpatient treatment centers is also increasing. Choosing the best among so many options can be overwhelming, but these are the factors one should consider while looking for the best one:

  1. The types of care they are offering
  2. Treatment and therapies they offer
  3. The qualification of the staff members
  4. Cost of the treatment 
  5. Insurance coverage 
  6. Reviews of the previous patients
  7. The best rehabs have the awards and accreditations to prove the quality of their work.

Medications Offered at an Outpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County

Medications are also crucial alongside the treatments during outpatient drug treatment.

Here is a list of medications used during addiction treatment:

  • Methadone

Methadone is used during the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Taking this medication reduces the cravings for drugs. It comes in tablet, syrup, and powder form. It should be used as prescribed by the doctor, as overdosing on methadone can lead to addiction or abuse.

  • Clonidine

Clonidine doesn’t help in reducing the cravings for drugs, but it helps with the anxiety and depression that patients experience during the detox process. 

  • Buprenorphine 

The FDA has authorized buprenorphine, sometimes referred to as Suboxone, as a medicine for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD). It is frequently used to lessen the intensity of symptoms before they occur at the beginning of the detoxification process. Suboxone can also be utilized in other situations to assist in a long-term strategy for treating OUD. When it comes to other opioids, such as fentanyl, heroin, and OxyContin, suboxone can be beneficial. This drug comes in a variety of forms and is frequently a part of long-term medication management plans in several treatment plans.

  • Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines are prescribed to treat anxiety and stress that patients experience during the withdrawal process.

  • Naltrexone

This medication also suppresses the cravings for drugs during the withdrawal process.

Utility is used by spraying in the nose of the patient or through injections. 

  • Suboxone

Suboxone helps opioid-addicted patients by reversing the opioid effects and easing withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and mood swings.

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Importance of Medication in Addiction Treatment in Orange County

In the process of treating addiction, medication is crucial. A combination of medication and psychosocial intervention together can be a successful rehabilitation strategy. In addition to lowering cravings and lowering the chance of relapse, medication offers the opportunity to treat underlying problems that may have aided in the disorder’s development. Here are 5 ways addiction medication helps to lower cravings:

  1. Addiction medications can interact with the brain’s neurotransmitter systems, restoring balance.
  2. They can alleviate withdrawal symptoms, making the detoxification process more manageable.
  3. Some addiction medications act as receptor antagonists, blocking the effects of addictive substances.
  4. Certain medications help stabilize mood and address underlying mental health issues, reducing emotional triggers that often lead to cravings.
  5. Medications can support the treatment process by providing a foundation for behavioral therapy and counseling.

Did you know that most addiction medications reduce the rewarding sensations that contribute to cravings, making it less appealing for individuals to use the addictive substance? Reach out to our professional addiction specialist at (714) 400-2048 and begin personalized drug addiction today! 

What Are the Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Outpatient drug rehabs offer several benefits, including:

  • Community Help and Support

The patient will meet many other patients with similar problems. This community support will keep the patient’s mind at peace, provide emotional support, and help them recover faster.

  • Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle 

Outpatient drug rehab encourages a healthy routine and lifestyle and helps break free from addiction.

  • Support from Family

Patients with drug addiction feel very lonely most of the time and have negative thoughts about everything in their lives. During outpatient drug rehab, patients can meet their family members alongside the treatment. It will provide emotional support to the patient and help in fast recovery.

  • Affordable 

Outpatient drug rehab doesn’t have a high cost of treatment. Everyone can have easy access to it because patients don’t have to live at the rehab, like inpatient drug rehab. 

  • Flexible schedule 

The schedule is not as tough as outpatient drug rehab as it is at inpatient drug rehab. They have a flexible schedule, which is very convenient for office-going people, especially those who can’t leave their families.

The ease with which an outpatient drug rehab in Orange County may provide treatment can ease the load on the patient as well as their loved ones. Reach us at (714) 400-2048 right now! 

You Should Not Delay Seeking Help from An Outpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County

Any drug addiction is harmful to one’s health and can be lethal in some situations. Outpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County can aid in addiction recovery. The following are the top 5 reasons you should start receiving treatment for your addiction in an outpatient addiction rehab right away:

  1. Postponing addiction treatment can raise the risk of a potentially lethal overdose. 
  2. Addiction is hard to overcome; it might be far more complex to do it on your own. It is simple to relapse to old habits and behaviors in the absence of appropriate support and therapy, which makes it harder to stop and maintain sobriety.
  3. Addiction can lead to unwanted behaviors and consequences, including marital problems, money problems, and legal issues. 
  4. Delaying drug addiction treatment may exacerbate these issues over time and make management more challenging.
  5. Addiction may rob people of opportunities for personal growth, career success, and education. 

Aftercare and Support at Outpatient Drug Rehab

Patients receive aftercare and support at outpatient drug rehab in Orange County after their treatment is complete and they leave the rehab. The aftercare and support they receive include counseling, personalized plans, and outpatient care. It is crucial for various reasons:

  • Help patients maintain sobriety.
  • Help patients live a happy and healthy life with a purpose.
  • Reduces the risk of relapse.

Medications Offered at an Outpatient Drug Rehab in Orange County- Bottom Line

Leaving addiction can be a very exhausting and challenging journey. Still, with proper support, care, medications, and treatment from outpatient drug rehab, everyone can find their way into a bright and happy future with their loved ones. Patients struggling with addiction recover best when addiction treatment is combined with FDA-approved medications. This is why our doctors prescribe medications at Broadway Treatment Center under their constant supervision. 

People struggling may be able to stop and improve their lives with an outpatient rehab. Give Broadway Treatment Center, an outpatient rehab, a call right away if you or someone you know needs assistance with substance misuse!