The Timeline of How Long it Takes for the Brain to Heal from Addiction

Many people wonder how long it will take for them to feel well again after the last time that they used. Perhaps you are only a few days or weeks into your treatment or you haven’t yet sought treatment and you wonder what you will be facing. Unfortunately, there is no set time limit for the amount of time it takes to recover. Of course, in the future, there will always be temptations as well, which poses the question, “Do we ever fully heal from the trauma of addiction or is it something we live with forever? Do we just learn healthy ways to cope with it?”

How the Brain Can Heal Over Time

Addiction recovery is an extremely individualized process, which means that how long it takes for you to truly recover depends on what you have been through in the past. Everyone has a different medical history, drug history, demographic, childhood, and many other aspects that separate us from one another. Another factor to consider is the fact that drug addiction changes the way that our brain is structured. A brain that is suffering from addiction varies greatly from a healthy brain, which means that you will have to work with professionals who can help ‘retrain’ your brain over time. Brain damage caused by drug use can hold many people back as they struggle to come to terms with addiction, but help is on your side.

Of course, there are some factors that can help you heal your brain as you also go through the process of recovery. These include having the right support system to keep you on the right path, engaging in healthy exercises, creating action plans for triggers to avoid relapse, changing social groups, and many other healthy factors.

Relapse and Its Setbacks

Unfortunately, one setback sometimes stands in the way of successful treatment, but it does not mean that you have failed at recovery. Many individuals go through the process of treatment again and again in the beginning of their recovery due to something known as relapse. Relapse is, simply put, the return to drug use after you have attempted to stop. Luckily, new treatments are always available to help individuals prevent the likelihood of relapse, which can get in the way of your recovery and hold you back from your healthy future.

There have been many types of treatment methods put into place for those going through recovery such as medications that can help you recover, treatment programs and counseling, in-patient programs that help guide you in the right direction, and many other aspects. However, even if these programs boast that you will be able to achieve recovery in twelve steps or the program lasts several months, addiction is something that many people balance and struggle with for years to come. This is why it is important to have professionals on your side who understand your personal case and what you have been through so that you can become involved in programs that will help your future!

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