Forgetting where we come from means forgetting our roots. A tree cannot grow without roots nor can it shade the world’s evil if it does not grow. We remember the bad but see what we can learn from it. We remember the hurt to show our children wounds can heal. We remember that our heads can fall but our bodies were designed to prevent that from happening involuntarily. We were made to represent strength like calcium rich bones, holding the ones in need together, showing that strength can be broken yet it can also be healed. We were made to be flexible to unusual circumstances, like muscles congruently moving in our arms, bouncing back even after being overworked. We were made to heal from the torment of our past’s like that resilient skin that once needed stitches. We were made to represent growth even when we decided to cut our hair. The growth never stops. We were made to correct hurtful words and to remember the mouth isn’t just to make others smile. Every body part holds reason. Our entire being holds reason. Beautiful reasons others fail to see. Do not misuse greatness, if we do, our usefulness will become dormant and one of our neglected body parts shall become cursed; leaving us with no importance, no meaning, and no reason to be alive. Don’t we want to use everything God has given us? At the end of our days we should not be weary because we will know we used all of God’s given gifts to the best of our ability. We did not sit back and let the World run us dry. Stand together and be proud that we are a part of something bigger, something meaningful, and something that will make a difference.

-Melissa J