Addiction is a widespread disease that impacts the lives of individuals, families and communities. Addiction in the home has devastating effects, and takes a huge toll on finances, physical and emotional well-being and relationships.

Couples are often in their addiction together. People who use tend to attract other people who use. What’s more, when a couple abuses substances together, addiction often escalates. Fortunately, there is help available in couple’s treatment.

How Addiction Impacts The Relationship

No matter how much two people love each other, addiction takes a toll. Substance abuse hinders intimacy, erodes trust, takes priority over the relationship and puts a strain on finances and physical well-being, which in turn strains the relationship. As addiction progresses, the costs become greater. While each individual will react to the situation differently, there are some common characteristics that using couples often share. While things may not start out badly, addiction is a progressive disease. It gets worse the longer it’s left untreated. Even the most loving couples will experience the negative consequences of addiction.

Drug and alcohol abuse leads to negative and destructive behaviors. For the couple, these behaviors are magnified as each person’s behavior not only affects them as individuals, but also as a unit. Some examples are infidelity, emotional and physical abuse and abandonment.

Addiction costs money to maintain. When you are trying to support two addictions, financial troubles are inevitable. Couples often struggle to meet basic needs, and one or both of the couples may turn to crime.

If children are involved, things get even more out of hand. The couple may wish desperately to provide a safe, loving home for their children, but addiction is greedy, and will take everything from the family with no regard for anyone, not even the kids. It isn’t uncommon for one parent, or sometimes even both, to be incarcerated or to lose custody of their children.

Why Is It So Hard To Quit?

Addiction is a powerful disease, and overcoming it isn’t always easy. For the couple, it can be even more challenging. This is because there is a lot of fear involved. When one person wants to quit using, the other may see it as a threat to their lifestyle, or fear abandonment. The person who does want to quit may choose to continue using, for fear that getting sober will cost them the relationship. This may go back and forth numerous times, often with the couple switching roles in this scenario. The reality is that a couple who uses together has an addiction that is twice as strong. This is why serious help is needed.


Can A Couple Recover Together?

There will often come a time when the couple both wants to change their lives and get clean and sober. When this happens, the two of you must be prepared to take action. When it comes to beating addiction, a drug treatment center is the answer. Removing yourself from the using environment and immersing yourself in recovery can begin the healing process and allow you to develop the tools and skills that you need to recover.

A couple can get clean together. It takes work, but it is possible. Getting clean and sober as a couple is much easier with support. Couple’s addiction treatment is one way to achieve sobriety and a new, healthy life for the both of you.

It’s important to realize that the problems you have, right now, aren’t just because of your using. During the course of addiction, anger and miscommunication can develop, as well as a variety of bad relationship habits. Each person will come into treatment with their own wounds that need healing. Each person has their own individual story, as well as their story together. Treatment for couples should focus on both. Healing the relationship is possible.

Addiction treatment offers you a fresh start. Getting clean and sober is a great way to begin. Each day you stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol you are changing your life for the better. Addiction treatment will introduce you to new ways of behaving and thinking that will help you in all areas of your life.

Couple’s Treatment At Broadway Treatment Center

Broadway Treatment Center offers a unique opportunity to get treatment as a couple. Most treatment centers don’t offer this. In addition to individual therapy and treatment, you will also participate in couple’s therapy that can help you rebuild and heal your relationship. Rarely do couples counseling therapists have the skills and knowledge to address the addiction and understand the dynamics of the addicted couple. At Broadway Treatment Center , you will have access to therapists and staff members who know what you are going through, and are committed to helping you get well. If you are ready to change your life and heal your family, call Broadway Treatment Center at 714-443-8218 to schedule a confidential consultation.