Our very own Couples Rehab Program was featured on CNN’s LoveStory

A few months ago a crew from CNN contacted us with interest in learning more about our Couple’s addiction treatment program track. After talking with our CEO they decided that they would like to come to our facility and do a segment about one of our couples who was attending the program. Very cool! Broadway feels so honored that a national news network is interested in featuring our program that has helped so many couples successfully recover from addiction. The episode allows viewers to follow a young couple as they begin their journey of recovery. Both individuals were suffering from an opioid/opiate addiction, as so many Americans are today. Here is the most recent episode of CNN’s LoveStory featuring Broadway Treatment Center and the Graves family. Check it out:

Broadway believes Couples should recover together

Broadway Treatment Center is located in southern California. Our sunny skies and moderate climate make it desirable location for addiction treatment centers. Our increasingly popular Couples program track is setting us apart from the rest. In our couples program we allow couples to recover from addiction together. Many couples struggle with addiction and it has been found that recovering together actually betters their chance for lasting sobriety. This can be seen during the CNN LoveStory segment as viewers will get a chance to follow Kirt and Kathleen on their journey as they enter treatment for their addictions. They are seen attending classes, meetings, therapy sessions, and community events. It is apparent that their love and support for each other is unwavering and a crucial part of what makes their recovery successful. The feature wraps up with a beautiful scene where Kirt and Kathleen are shown spending time with their son Rowan who is five months old. The immense strength that is shown through their ability to maintain their relationship while recovering together for their family is a very admirable.

Opioid Addiction is at epidemic proportions

America is in the middle of an opiate epidemic which makes this episode of CNN’s LoveStory relatable to so many. People young and old are struggling with an addiction to some sort of opiate or opioid. Late last year our president officially declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency. Opioid use kills 100 Americans each and every day, which is more than motor vehicle accidents. The epidemic is spreading so rapidly it is likely these numbers have increased since the last report. Last year JAMA reported that overdoses have contributed to reducing life expectancy among non-Hispanic whites. They found that between 2000 and 2015 in the U.S., life expectancy increased overall, but from 2014 to 2015, we began to slide backward. The data places the blame squarely at the feet of painkiller and heroin overdoses.

Every part of our country is currently at war with the opioid epidemic in what seems like a losing battle. It is leaving no one untouched. Affluent neighborhood or not, is does not discriminate. There are likely many causes that have led to the problem. Two of the main ones being the overprescribing of opioid containing pain medications and pharmaceutical companies aggressively pushing their products. When the pain pill prescriptions run out many people are left with raging addictions and nowhere to turn except to street drugs. In comes heroin. On an average day, 580 people on the United States use heroin for the first time. Three out of four heroin users claim to have been abusing prescription opioid painkillers before they began abusing heroin.

How Couples Rehabilitation can help in the midst of the opioid epidemic

Many Americans are suddenly finding themselves struggling in the grips of a powerful opioid or heroin addiction. This includes many couple relationships where both partners are battling an active addiction. While there are many addiction treatment centers throughout the country, not all of them have a program where couples can come and recover together. It was previously advised that couples be separated and each person should recover at a different treatment facility. The industry’s view is shifting and we at Broadway Treatment Center are proud to provide a program that works for the couple as a whole and no separation is necessary.

Broadway offers addiction treatment for couples whose relationships have been tested and damaged by one or even both partners’ substance abuse. Our treatment program gives romantic partners the unique opportunity to overcome addiction together as a team as well as addressing each addict individually. Our programs are tailored to help each person recover and heal to a healthy individual, but also grow and heal together as a couple. It is important that both of these steps be taken during recovery and to not just work on the romantic relationship. An individual must be in a total healthy state; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, to be a member of a functional romantic relationship.

Broadway stands out among the crowd

Broadway Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Orange County, California. We were founded in 2012 and have quickly become one of the premier addiction treatment centers in Southern California. Broadway provides a multidimensional approach to addiction recovery. Our repertoire of services is constantly expanding with innovative therapies and improving technologies. Our goal is to be able to provide problem-specific treatment options to accommodate each one of our clients personally. For more information regarding Broadway Treatment Center or help with addiction call 1-714-443-8218.