Jason Mewes Drug Addiction

Jason Mewes didn’t grow up in Hollywood. He grew up the way many of us grow up. In an economically depressed community with an addicted parent. Life wasn’t easy for him, and his future didn’t look bright. Like many other addicts, he struggled in school and acted out. And, like a good many other addicts, he had a gift. It’s true, addicts are very often some of the most intelligent, creative and gifted people you will ever meet. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t able to realize our gifts because of active addiction.

In Jason Mewes’s case, his gift was comedic. He was a funny kid, and that gift was recognized by his friend, colleague and confidante, Kevin Smith. Smith wrote the part of “Jay” just for him and his unique brand of humor. Most people best know Mewes as part of the comedic duo that first appeared in the film Clerks, and remains a cult classic. They first met when Mewes was pretty much a street kid in New Jersey. He what one would consider an “at risk” youth, and he and Smith met at the Youth Center in Red Bank, New Jersey.

His Early Days Of Substance Abuse


During the filming of Clerks, he spent much of his on-camera time drunk. This was often to alleviate the intense level of self-consciousness and awkwardness he felt in front of the camera. In fact, he felt so self-conscious that he actually had people leave the set because he was so uncomfortable performing the material in front of people. Interestingly, the material was written based on the way that Jason behaved on a daily basis. However, when he read the material, he was somewhat shocked, not really recognizing himself. This is an example of a lack of awareness in his younger years.

He continued to use drugs and alcohol to alleviate anxiety, shyness and pain the way that many people do. Over time, things escalated and he began using cocaine and then heroin. During the filming of Dogma, he was frequently seen nodding off, and his use continued during the filming of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

His early exposure to his mother’s drug use and criminal activity initially turned him off to drugs, but once he started, he couldn’t stop. When his mother was diagnosed with AIDs, things got even worse. He did try to kick heroin on his own, first by drinking heavily to get through it, and then by using the Oxycontin his mother gave him to “help.” This, of course, resulted in his addiction to Oxy. Eventually, his mother died as a result of her illness.

His Addiction Got Worse Before It Got Better

Over time, his behavior escalated along with his drug use. Having heroin shipped to the location of an interview, stealing money and lying about his use resulted in his not being welcome on the set of films, and cost him both personal and professional relationships. Kevin Smith continued to support him, though, and even took him into his home for a brief period of time. Mewes reportedly did not remain sober, and stole money from him.

Legal trouble resulted in jail and probation, and eventually time in rehab. His first few stints in rehab were unsuccessful, and his career was at a standstill.

Finally Sober


Like many addicts, Jason Mewes tried several times to get sober, and had to suffer many consequences in order to achieve that goal. He recently celebrated his fortieth birthday, and there are many who knew him that not long ago would have doubted he would reach that age. When he finally reached his bottom, he was able to get help and stay sober.

He is thriving today, both personally and professionally. Getting sober did not mean he lost his edge, and he continues to deliver his own brand of comedy, along with his friend, Kevin Smith.

Accountability is a big part of Mewes’s program. He is open and candid about his years of drug use, and it is a frequent topic of the podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. He always makes sure to tell his audience how many days clean and sober he has.

He often runs into people who not only know him from his Clerks days, but also from his podcast. Because of his openness, he touches people who have had similar experiences, or who have family members who are addicted. The weekly podcast also helps him maintain his own sobriety.

Being open about his addiction and his recovery also helps bust the pervasive myth that performers lose something when they get sober. Jason Mewes has joined the ranks of many musicians, actors and comedians who overcame addiction and went on to continue growing their careers.

Mewes is married and has a child. He has several projects in the works and continues to make appearances. He has been sober since 2010.

Getting Help For Addiction

There is life after using. If you are struggling with addiction and don’t know where to turn, Broadway Treatment Center can help. Our cutting edge treatment program can help you get sober and turn your life around. Call 714-443-8218 today for more information.