Celebrity Addiction Recovery

Everyone knows when celebrities are having trouble with drugs or alcohol, because it is all over the news and the tabloids. Whether it is an actor getting arrested for possession or a DUI, or a musician being hospitalized for an overdose. This is the nature of the media and publicity.

The rich, famous and successful are not immune to the disease of addiction, they are just as vulnerable. In fact, their fame and fortune seem to only serve as a barrier to getting the help they need.

This is why it is so refreshing to hear about celebrities who have overcome their addiction by getting help and living a life of recovery. We may hear of their latest arrest or public scandal, but we don’t always hear about the success stories.

Some celebs are more public about their addiction and recovery than others. Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis is a good example of a recovering addict who has been very public about his recovery and appears to practice a program that involves attending and speaking at meetings and helping others. Matthew Perry, listed below, is another.

Not all stars are as outspoken, and with people being understandably private about their own affairs it is hard to say who is actively attending meetings and who isn’t. Either way, here are some celebs that you just might see in the rooms now and then.

Jack Osbourne


Growing up the child of legend and notorious addict Ozzy Osbourne no one was shocked to see Jack heading to rehab. However, there is something to be said for his early realization that he needed help and “didn’t want drugs controlling my life” as he stated in an interview.

Jack entered rehab at just 17 years of age to treat his addiction to opiate painkillers. He spoke in an interview about how he looked around and saw his peers sitting around doing heroin, painkillers and watching television. He had a moment of clarity and chose something different.

Now with over a decade clean and sober Jack Osbourne is the father of two daughters and is enjoying an active, sober lifestyle. He states that he loves being sober, and that he is having a ton of fun.

Matthew Perry


If you are one of the few people who has never seen an episode of friends, then you may not understand why some people are shocked to hear that Matthew Perry had a problem with drugs.

Of course, most addicts understand that there is no certain “type” of person who is an addict. An addict can easily be the girl or boy next door, and can be an executive, a lawyer, a kindergarten teacher or just about anyone else.

Matthew Perry struggled with prescription drugs, Alcohol and amphetamines to the point where he was risking his health. He went to rehab in 1997 but relapsed. In 2000, a bout with pancreatitis caused serious weight loss and other health issues, and he checked into rehab again in 2001.

Matthew immersed himself in recovery and thrived in his new clean and sober world. For him, giving back was important, and he became very active in lobbying for increased funding for drug court. He turned his Malibu mansion into a clean and sober living environment, and received a Champion of Recovery award from the White House for his efforts.

Tobey Maguire


Best known for his roles in Spiderman and The Great Gatsby, Maguire is a perfect example of an unlikely star.

Like many who have struggled with addiction, Tobey Maguire is intelligent, talented and well-spoken.

His childhood was also similar to many addicts. Lack of resources and young parents meant that life was often a struggle. He turned to drugs and alcohol at an early age. Even then, though, he knew that he was destined for something more.

He stopped using at 19 and hasn’t looked back.

Rob Lowe


Gen X addicts will recall Rob Lowe’s performances in “Brat Pack” films of the 1980’s, and also the excess that seemed to go along with that era. It is no secret that Rob Lowe had problems with addiction of all kinds of things, and spent years in the spotlight and years out of it as he struggled with his demons.

Controversy and scandal was a part of his story, and the media had their fun with it. There were serious consequences to his career as a result.

Despite years of addiction and the consequences of his actions, Rob Lowe is, at 51 years old, back in the spotlight — in a good way.

Not only did he recently celebrate 25 years sober, he continues to be enthusiastic and grateful for his recovery journey, and helps others who suffer to find hope.

James Hetfield


Front man for the band Metallica, James spent years drinking and partying like a rock star (literally) and causing lots of wreckage before finally getting clean and sober in 2002. James calls himself a “reborn straight edge” and seems very content in his sobriety. He spoke in an interview about how he had done “horrible things” in the years before getting sober, and no doubt the guilt and shame was something that fueled his addiction. This is, of course, common for many addicts.

You may or may not ever see these celebrities in the rooms, but it is always nice to know that even in Hollywood a person can find recovery. With all the parties and pressure and media scrutiny it can’t be easy.

Getting Help For Addiction

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