Sober coaching may sound like a new concept, or perhaps something that is just reserved for the rich and famous, but this isn’t the case. Sober coaches have been around for some time, and while it is true that plenty of high-profile celebs are known to have sober coaches, they are accessible for the rest of us.

A sober coach is someone who is available to you during your early recovery, or perhaps at times when you feel that your sobriety is shaky. A sober coach is not a sponsor, or a counselor, however he or she may pull from both of those roles.

A sober coach is nurturing and attentive, however, he or she will not hesitate to call you on your stuff and be honest and upfront with you, and will encourage you to get to a place where you are able to navigate your sobriety without their help.


A sober coach is great for anyone in early recovery, but may be especially helpful for those who travel, or who work or live in an environment where there may be a lot of triggers. Here are some benefits to working with a sober coach:

1. A Sober Coach Will Keep You From Isolating

This is probably the biggest benefit to a sober coach. Isolation is the enemy of the newly recovering addict. When addicts isolate they can put themselves at risk for relapse.

2. Help You Identify Addiction Triggers

You may not realize that certain situations, people and places trigger you. When you have a sober coach, he or she will see what types of situations trigger you. Knowing what your triggers are can help you either avoid them or develop better strategies for coping with them.

3. Give You Real-time Addiction Support

Having a sober coach gives you the opportunity to get feedback when things come up. You may not realize you are falling back into old behaviors like dishonesty, manipulation or using other bad behaviors to cope, but your sober coach will pick up on these things right away and let you know. This may not always be pleasant. It is important to remember that while a sober coach is friendly and supportive and is definitely there for you, they are not the same as a friend, and they may say things that you don’t want to here. This is a good thing!

4. Accompany You To High-Risk Addiction Temptations

Sometimes, you may find yourself in situations where there is drinking and using. Having your sober coach with you will not only help you get through the situation but can also teach you strategies to help you deal with similar situations in the future.

5. Offer Addiction Coping Tools And Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

Much of recovery comes down to learning tools to help you deal with life without resorting to drugs to cope. Whether you are going through a breakup, job loss, an argument with a parent or a really powerful craving, your sober coach can provide you with tools to help you get through real-life situations right while they are happening. This isn’t as easy in treatment, which is a protected environment.

6. Be A Sounding Board to talk about your Addiction

Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. You need to bounce ideas off someone, share your thoughts and fears or let someone know what is going on in your head. A sober coach can do this, and can offer you perspective if you’d like.

7. Have Your Back if you Relapse

Some days, it may feel like no one else cares about your sobriety. This is why it is helpful to cultivate friendships in recovery. In the meantime, a sober coach has your back! He or she cares about your sobriety and wants to see you succeed, not just in recovery, but in life as well. This support can make all the difference in early sobriety when things get hard.

8. Help You Through A Bad Relapse

There are times when everything seems to be going wrong. Maybe you have been through something tough like the death of a loved one, or perhaps you are ill or injured. Maybe, you are just struggling with staying clean and sober and you don’t know why. During times like these you need extra support. Friends and family are great (or not!) but a sober coach can give you the support you need without all the baggage that goes with it. They are there for you — that’s their job, and they can not only sit with you through rough times, they can offer you objective solutions to problems you may be having, and suggest next steps to help you move on.

How Long Does Sober Coaching Last?

The amount of time with a sober coach can vary. Some people might use the services of a sober coach for a week or two, and some might have a sober coach for months. A sober coach may be 24 hours a day, or maybe just on the weekends or evenings.

Sober coaching can be utilized right after completing a Treatment Program, or perhaps later in recovery when a person is struggling with their sobriety but doesn’t want to enter into treatment, or can’t.

Finding A Sober Coach

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