If you are caught in the grips of addiction to drugs or alcohol, you just want relief. You want freedom from the daily chaos and devastation that the disease of addiction brings. Once you decide for yourself that you are ready to make a change, you want to make that change NOW.

For most, inpatient treatment is the effective solution for overcoming addiction. Treatment gives you the opportunity to heal and learn how to live life without relying on substances. This is a process that is challenging and immensely rewarding. The ideal treatment center partners with you and offers you support, education, and resources to help you create this change in your life.

Not All Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Are Created Equal

Once you decide that you are ready to seek treatment, it’s important that you take a little time to find the facility that will best meet your needs. Not all treatment centers are the same. Treatment centers can vary widely in important issues, such as:

  • Treatment philosophy and modality

The facility itself. Some are more homelike, and others are more “institutional.” Some treatment centers are small, serving only a handful of clients at a time, and others may house over 100 clients.

Services offered. One treatment center may be bare-bones, only offering a minimal amount of support in a structured environment. Others are more elaborate, with a variety of therapies, treatments and activities.

Population served. Some treatment centers cater to a specific population. Examples include Women, men, adolescents, LGBT, dual diagnosis and more.

While your own desire to get clean and sober, and your willingness to complete treatment is a determining factor in your individual outcome, the treatment center plays a big role as well. Choosing a treatment center that can meet your needs in a safe and supportive environment goes a long way toward your success. This is why it is important to ask yourself some questions before choosing a drug treatment center.

How Should You Choose A Substance Abuse Treatment Center?


What types of questions should you ask before choosing a treatment center? When you are searching for an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, it’s a good idea to grab a pen and notebook so you can jot down information, and write out some questions to ask, so you don’t forget. Here is a list you will find helpful:

1. What type of accreditation does this facility have? Is it licensed?

It’s important that you choose a treatment facility that is licensed, and that counselors and caseworkers have proper accreditation. Generally, you won’t run into one that isn’t, but if you do, don’t proceed any further.

2. What type of therapies and treatments does this program offer?

Will you receive individual counseling from qualified staff? What kinds of groups do they have? Does the center offer services for dual diagnosis client? Are there alternative therapies available, such as music or art therapy, yoga, and meditation? What about anger management or therapy for those suffering from trauma or PTSD? This sounds like several questions, but it really boils down to one: Does this treatment facility provide the therapies and treatments that will meet my needs?

It’s important that you feel your needs will be addressed in your treatment center. Each person seeking treatment for addiction is different, so programs that take a holistic approach have a higher success rate than those that don’t.

3. What type of facility/environment does the treatment center offer?

Does the treatment center offer all the amenities and comforts of home? Or, is it a hospital-like setting? Most people prefer the former. It is important that your treatment takes place in an environment that feels friendly, comfortable and welcoming.

What about recreation? It is a good idea to find out what, if any, recreational facilities that the center offers on-site, as well as access to off-site recreational activities. While some may not consider this important, access to these amenities makes a significant difference in the areas of overall health and well-being, as well as helps teach clients how to have fun and enjoy healthy activities in recovery.

4. What is the client-to-counselor ratio?

Will you receive personalized attention from your assigned counselor? Will you be able to sit down and talk one-on-one? Will you receive an individualized treatment plan? It is important to get a feel for how intimate the setting is. Will you get lost in the shuffle? Will you have access to staff who have time for you?

5. Does the treatment center offer ongoing support or aftercare?

Some treatment centers offer outpatient support programs and other aftercare services for clients who complete their inpatient program. This is a good question to ask.Will you simply be shown the door when your time in treatment is up? Or, will you have continued support to help you get through those first weeks and months post-treatment?

Finding A Treatment Center That Is Right For You

Taking a few moments to learn about the treatment center you choose is important. The right treatment center can help you build a solid foundation of recovery. Treatment is often looked back on as a pivotal moment in life. Many recovery addicts report that treatment had a profound impact on their lives, not just helping them overcome addiction, but helping them grow as individuals. A good treatment center doesn’t just see your drug or alcohol problem. A good treatment center sees you as an individual, with your own needs, values, and challenges.

At Broadway Treatment Center , we offer comprehensive addiction recovery services in a warm, supportive environment. We offer cutting-edge therapies, individual and group counseling, and a variety of activities throughout our inpatient and outpatient programs. To learn more about our award-winning program, contact us at 714-443-8218.