Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in Seal Beach, CA

If you happen to be a person in Seal Beach, CA with a substance abuse problem, you should seek help for your problem. The fortunate thing is that there are plenty of treatment centers in Orange County, along the East Region.

These treatment centers and mental health clinics here are overseen by the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) division of the Orange County Health Care Agency (OC HCA), so you know you’ll be in good hands.

Substance Use Disorder in Seal Beach, CA

Seal Beach and the rest of Orange County have a higher rate of people with alcoholism and drug abuse compared to the rest of the state of California, according to the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report, published by UC Midway City Medical Center in 2016. 

California has a state average of 34% in alcoholism, while Orange County itself is at 35.1%. As for drug abuse, 34% of Orange County residents admitted to it at some point in their lives, with 6% of them abusing prescription drugs. That increased from 2% in 2012. Around 51.5% of them resulting in overdose deaths.

Treatment Programs in Seal Beach, CA

Every year, over 5,500 hospital admissions and 700 deaths are caused by alcoholism and drug abuse in Orange County. Only 29% of those admissions are from self-referrals, with the rest being from criminal justice and other community referrals.

Alcoholism and drug abuse are treatable, as long as you willingly go to one of the 14,500+ treatment centers in the United States, as listed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).


Upon arriving at the drug rehab in Seal Beach CA, the first step the patient takes is detoxification. They’re assessed, stabilized, and weaned off the addictive substance to address the physical addiction. 

Residential Treatment

Transitional living programs in Seal Beach CA use residential treatment as a way to help the patient get used to living life without dependence on drugs or alcohol. They’re put in a comfortable environment with 24-hour supervision, given therapy, and helped with their recovery.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

If the patient is unable to remain in residential treatment, they are given IOP to help them with sober living in Seal Beach CA. It involves daily counseling, individual therapy, group sessions, addiction education, and skill building exercises to help them recover.

Aftercare Support

After the treatment program, they are still given aftercare support to further prepare them in living a sober life by learning new habits and behaviors to avoid relapse.


Individuals who are stubborn about getting help may need to be given interventions to convince them of the potential consequences of their ongoing addiction. They can then choose to receive treatment if convinced.