Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in La Palma, CA

There is still a lot needed to be done in order to lift the stigma of seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction. In Orange County, that’s being helped by the several drug addiction treatment centers in La Palma CA that are spread across the East Region.

The drug rehab centers in La Palma CA and mental health clinics are overseen by the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) division of the Orange County Health Care Agency (OC HCA).

Substance Use Disorder in La Palma, CA

The state of California has a lower rate of alcoholism at 34% compared to Orange County, which includes La Palma. As for drug abuse, Orange County is at 34%, both current and past addicts. Around 6% of that number is prescription drug abuse, which is higher than 2% in 2012. Overdose deaths are at a staggering 51.5%.

These figures are according to the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) report by UC Midway City Medical Center. 

Treatment Programs in La Palma, CA

Around 5,500 hospitalizations and 700 deaths caused by drug and alcohol abuse occur in Orange County every year. Despite that, only 29% of admissions are from self-referrals, and the rest are from arrests, interventions, and so on. 

Drug and alcohol abuse are conditions that can be treated in one of the 14,500+ treatment centers in the United States, as listed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), including the best drug rehab in La Palma CA.


Upon arrival at the drug rehab center in La Palma CA, the patient is evaluated for health and type of addiction, stabilized with medical and psychological therapy, and weaned off the addictive substance. Detoxing addresses the physical addiction, which then opens the door to addressing the mental side of addiction.

Residential Treatment

The next step in the drug addiction recovery program in La Palma CA is residential treatment, where the patient gets used to living without addiction with 24-hour supervision, along with therapy and activities to help them with recovery.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Without substantial resident treatment, there’s IOP to serve as an alternative. It involves daily counseling, addiction education, and skill building exercises to help patients recover.

Aftercare Support

Beyond treatment in a drug addiction treatment in La Palma CA, there’s aftercare support to keep the patients on track with their continued recovery. Much of it is reinforcing new habits and behaviors to avoid relapse.


An intervention can help convince a rather stubborn addict to get help for their problem. If they’re able to be persuaded, they can then be referred to an addiction treatment center in La Palma CA.